#93: Case Study: 4-Step Facebook Ads Strategy for Local Business Growth

Today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic is a solo episode where I take you through the exact strategies I would use to grow a local fly fishing guide business with Facebook ads.

You see, I recently went fly fishing in Montana with a guide from Swallowtail Fly Fishing in Bozeman.

As we drove out to the river on the first morning, Ty, my guide, asked what I do for a living.

And, as often happens when I tell people I’m a Facebook ads guy, he naturally asked me how I would recommend he use Facebook ads to grow his guide business.

For the next 20 minutes I shared the exact strategies that I would use to grow his business.  I love breaking people’s business down like this.

It was so fun, that I decided to share these strategies with you here on the podcast.

This episode is the start of a mini-series on AOPT focusing on how local brick & mortar businesses can use Facebook ads to grow their business.

Even if you’re not a local business owner — maybe you have an online business — don’t skip these next few episodes because everything we’re talking about is still super relevant to online businesses.

On today’s episode, I share the exact 4-step strategy I would use to grow Swallowtail Fly Fishing with Facebook ads:

  • the Game Plan
  • Targeting
  • the Launch
  • Follow-Up

I also discuss what you MUST have in place before you even consider starting a campaign like this.

This episode is a step-by-step walkthrough of what’s working right now to grow your business with Facebook ads — whether you’re a local business or not.

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