#3: What’s Working Right Now with Facebook Ads

Today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic is a solo one where we’ll be continuing our mini-series on what’s working right now with Facebook ads.

Here’s a hint…Website Custom Audiences.

If you’re not familiar with Website Custom Audiences (or WCAs as the cool kids call them), it’s Facebook’s version of retargeting.  Using this type of targeting allows you to show ads to people on Facebook who have visited your website or landing page.

It’s definitely my favorite feature when it comes to targeting Facebook ads because it’s so powerful.

In today’s episode, I share some strategies and ideas for how avoid leaving big money on the table using Facebook’s WCAs so you can maximize leads and sales.

First things first…start by brainstorming.  Make a list of all the different types of audiences that you might want to target your ads to.  Get creative!

Here are some other suggestions:

1. Target anybody who visits your website.

2. Create an audience of people who visit a particular page on your website or landing page.

3. Track those who land on your opt-in, sales and ‘Thank You’ for opting-in/buying pages.

4. Target those who visit a particular category of pages/posts on your website.

5. Build an audience from people who haven’t visited your website in a certain length of time.


Ahh pixels.  I’ve heard a lot of confusion when it comes to pixels — conversion tracking pixels, website custom audience pixels…

In today’s episode you’ll learn everything you need to know about pixels like the differences between the two, where they go on your site, how to create them, etc…

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4 Responses to #3: What’s Working Right Now with Facebook Ads

  1. Setting up WCAs. I want to know people that have visited my landing page but didn’t sign up (didn’t get to “Thank You” page). You talk about this being a great idea, and I agree, but how would I set this up? Is it possible to put the WCA pixel on both pages and then determine which users did not reach the Thank You page and only target them?

    • As Rick mentions a few times, the custom audience pixel is only used once throughout your site (this is not to be confused with the conversion tracking pixel, of which there can be multiple depending upon which conversion(s) you’re tracking).

      You’d simply place the (one and only) WCA pixel on your site within the tags, then go into Power Editor>Audiences>Create Audience>Custom and select the “Website Traffic” audience type.

      Set the “Website traffic” type to “People visiting specific web pages but not others” and include your landing page URL and exclude your Thank You page URL.

      Hope this helps.

    • Hey Adam,

      If you’ve setup the tracking pixel in your website (globally) just before the tag like Rich suggested, you can now go into the Audiences backend of Facebook Ads Manager (or Business Manager) and do these steps:

      1) Click on the green “Create Audience”

      2) Click “Custom Audience”

      3) “Website Traffic”

      4) Click on the first dropdown and choose “People who visit specific web pages but not others”

      5) Fill out the first box with your landing page (for ex. /landing-page/)

      6) Fill out the second box with your thank you page (/thank-you/)

      7) Complete the rest and begin targeting!

      Let me know if you need help with any of the above, including the pixel installing.

  2. Hey Rick. Just wanted to say well done. I listen to every single one of your podcasts. I’ve just sent one of my clients a link to this episode so they can start benefiting from it too. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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