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#179: How a Stock Market Trader Used an Unconventional Strategy to Grow His Online Business to $500K+ with Jason Brown

For today’s episode, you’re in for a real treat, as this interview has become one my favorite ones to date (and we’ve done a lot here on the show)! I’m joined by my friend Jason Brown, a stock and options trader who teaches people how to do stock and options through his website, I… Continue Reading

#178: How to Use Google’s Ad Offerings to Diversify Your Online Marketing with Mike Rhodes

Today I’m welcoming the owner of WebSavvy, Mike Rhodes, to The Art of Paid Traffic. WebSavvy provides services that drive performance on the channels that most directly impact digital ROI, such as Google AdWords. We’ve talked about Google AdWords on the show before and awhile back I began asking around for the go-to person when… Continue Reading

#176: 5 Simple Steps to a High-Converting “Challenge” Funnel with Tammy Cannon

On the show today I’m joined by one of my students, Tammy Cannon. Tammy owns a business called Cannon Social Media, and she creates online courses and manages Facebook ads for creative businesses. In this episode, Tammy is going to break down a simple automated sales funnel that she created which allowed her to grow… Continue Reading

#173: How to Ethically Use Subconscious Selling to Improve your Marketing and Increase Sales with Jim Fortin

For today’s show, we’re going deep and talking about how to ethically use subconscious selling to improve your marketing and increase your sales. Joining me to talk about this is my friend Jim Fortin. Jim is an expert on this stuff and he has over 20 years experience in subconscious selling and high performance using… Continue Reading

#171: Strategy Sessions: Improving + Scaling Your Webinar Funnel with Denise Schmeichler

For today’s show, we have another Facebook ads strategy session, this time with Denise Schmeichler. Denise has created a content marketing course that’s in Spanish, and she’s looking to scale her Facebook ads for her future campaigns – without increasing conversion costs. We’re going to break down her webinar sales funnels to see where we… Continue Reading

#170: Strategy Sessions: Optimizing Your Sales Funnel & Facebook Ads with Food Blogger Christine McMichael

Today on the show we’re diving into a Facebook ads strategy sessions with a food blogger named Christine McMichael, who runs a site called We break down her sales funnel and what her current objectives are for the business. I also pull up her webpage during the conversation to talk about her customer’s journey,… Continue Reading