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#158: Gmail Ads! How to Get Targeted, Cost-Effective Traffic with this Little Known Strategy with Charles Kirkland

We’ve been talking a lot about Facebook ads on the podcast lately, so we’re going to change things up today and talk about another interesting traffic strategy: Gmail ads. And joining me to share his knowledge is Charles Kirkland who was a guest here on The Art of Paid Traffic way back on episode 21.… Continue Reading

#154: [Case Study] How a CrossFit Gym Owner is Getting 6000% ROI on His Facebook Ads with Sam Payne

On today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, I’m joined by Sam Payne, a CrossFit gym owner in the United Kingdom. For the past several years, Sam has been trying to grow his business using Facebook ads, and in the last year and a half or so, has seen amazing success. Sam’s been doing… Continue Reading

#152: How to Create Affiliate Revenue by Amplifying Content on Facebook with Deacon Hayes

On today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, I’m joined by Deacon Hayes from talking all about how he generates affiliate income by using Facebook ads to amplify helpful content on his website. We dive into all of his strategies and specifically we break down a recent campaign where he spent $8,500 on… Continue Reading