How Jimmy Fallon Sucked Me Into U2’s Sales Funnel

On Saturday, a friend of mine shared a video on Facebook of a recent “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” segment. The video shows the band U2 dressing up in disguises and playing a short impromptu concert in New York’s Grand Central subway station last week. People just walked by, oblivious to the fact that oneContinue Reading

How to Create a Facebook Video Ads Sales Funnel that Converts

I have a hard time being still. I call it my monkey-mind. If I have idle time, like standing in line at the store or waiting at a red light, I gotta be doing something. Most of the time I grab my phone to check messages or pull up a podcast, but most often it’sContinue Reading

How We Made More in January Than In All of 2014

My bookkeeper reached out to me recently and asked me if the revenue numbers she was seeing for January were really accurate (in a good way). Ha! Why yes, Diana, they are! She had to ask because in January alone we surpassed all of last year’s revenue. That’s right, in one month we blew pastContinue Reading

ISM 053: Introducing The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast

In this episode of Inside Social Media, I introduce my brand new podcast called The Art of Paid Traffic! I’m so excited to be bringing you this new podcast as it’s something that’s been in the works for a while now. In this first episode you’re going to hear what The Art of Paid Traffic podcastContinue Reading

How to Lessen the Chances of Getting Your Facebook Ads Account Shut Down

You might have heard (or unfortunately experienced yourself) that Facebook is going through a big ol’ clean-up of its ads accounts lately. They’re slapping the hands of advertisers who aren’t compliant with their ads guidelines and taking no prisoners in the process. Accounts are getting shut down, sometimes without any warning, and if you’re luckyContinue Reading

$33K in Sales From FB Ads Without Selling My Own Product

You’ve heard the saying that if you want to move forward, to grow in life or in business, that you have to get uncomfortable? That you have to do things that take you outside your comfort zone? Ever since high school I’ve pretty much embraced this way of thinking, but I’ve really taken action onContinue Reading

How I Made Six-Figures In My Business This Year (And How You Can Do the Same)

I recently did something I’ve never done before. I planned out the upcoming year in my business. Not just the first quarter, but the whole year. That’s right, I scheduled every month of 2015 on a big ‘ol dry-erase wall calendar. Here’s a picture of it: All my launches, events, podcast work and time offContinue Reading

How to Create Facebook Ads 10x Faster

One of my big goals for 2015 is to get more accomplished while doing less. More results by working smarter. Yea, it sounds all utopian, I realize, but a lot of really successful people do this really well.  I just haven’t figured it out quite yet. So I’ve been listening to podcasts around this topic,Continue Reading

Big Changes to How You Set Up Your Facebook Ads

I don’t know if it’s finally getting some Fall weather here in San Diego (meaning it drops down to a chilly 70 degrees…brrr!) or what but this time of year always cranks up my productivity. As a result, there’s a T-O-N of change going on here at Rick Mulready headquarters. Lots of behind-the-scenes systems stuff that I decided to do allContinue Reading

Why the Facebook “Boost Post” Option Is A Waste of Money

I’ve got a bit of a rant for you today. As I write this, I’m on a flight on my way back to San Diego. This glorious time with few distractions has allowed me to get through a bunch of emails and answer people’s questions that have built up over the past couple of weeks.Continue Reading