AOPT 009: Tricks for Getting Massive ROI from YouTube Ads with Eric Siu

Today I’ve got Eric Siu, CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain, on the show as we continue our mini-series on YouTube ads.  This is actually the last episode in this series before moving on to some other paid traffic strategies.  Don’t worry, though, we’ll be talking A LOT of YouTube ads on the podcast.Continue Reading

AOPT 008: How to Get Free Traffic from YouTube Ads with Jake Larsen

  Today I’m talking YouTube ads with Jake Larsen. According to a lot of people I’ve talked to, Jake’s one of the foremost experts in the world when it comes to YouTube ads. And after you hear him today, I’m sure you’ll agree. In fact, when I was planning out this first mini-series on YouTube adsContinue Reading

$33K in Sales From FB Ads Without Selling My Own Product

You’ve heard the saying that if you want to move forward, to grow in life or in business, that you have to get uncomfortable? That you have to do things that take you outside your comfort zone? Ever since high school I’ve pretty much embraced this way of thinking, but I’ve really taken action onContinue Reading

AOPT 007: Best Practices for Setting up Highly Performing YouTube Ads with Gideon Shalwick

  In today’s episode, I’m excited to talk YouTube ads with Gideon Shalwick. Gideon’s one of those guys who has been doing YouTube ads forever and he’s pretty much synonymous when it comes to YouTube ads.  He’s also the founder of Veeroll which is a platform that makes it super easy to create and run YouTubeContinue Reading

AOPT 006: YouTube Ads for Small Businesses with Tom Breeze

  In this episode, YouTube ads expert Tom Breeze is my guest sharing insights for how small businesses can crush it with YouTube ads.  Tom is the UK-based founder of the digital advertising agency Viewability. Today Tom shares the 4 most critical things you need to have right if you want to succeed with YouTubeContinue Reading

AOPT 005: How Laura Roeder Turned $20K Into $350K With One FB Ads Strategy

In today’s episode, Laura Roeder, founder of LKR Social Media, shares how she generated $325,000 in revenue from a $20,000 spend on Facebook ads. To do this, she used a 2-step Facebook ads strategy that you’ll learn today. We’ll break down the exact strategy she used, what she means by building “two lists” and how itContinue Reading

AOPT 004: How Joey Kissimmee is Crushing it With Facebook Ads Retargeting

Joey Kissimmee is crushing it with Facebook’s retargeting and in today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, you’re gonna learn exactly how he’s doing it. Joey, by the way, is an online entrepreneur, podcaster, and a software developer who does iPhone apps and premium WordPress themes.  He’s the real deal. I invited Joey onContinue Reading

AOPT 003: What’s Working Right Now with Facebook Ads

Today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic is a solo one where we’ll be continuing our mini-series on what’s working right now with Facebook ads. Here’s a hint…Website Custom Audiences. If you’re not familiar with Website Custom Audiences (or WCAs as the cool kids call them), it’s Facebook’s version of retargeting.  Using this typeContinue Reading

AOPT 002: How to Set Up Your Facebook Ads For Success

Today’s episode is a solo episode where you’ll learn all the latest changes in how you set up your Facebook ads in Power Editor. Facebook’s made a lot of changes over the last little while with how you set up your ads in Power Editor.  And depending on where you are in the world, you’ve veryContinue Reading

AOPT 001: Introduction to The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast

Welcome to episode #1 of my brand new show The Art of Paid Traffic! I’m so excited to be bringing you this new podcast as it’s something that’s been in the works for a while now.  In this first episode you’re going to hear what this podcast is all about, why I’m doing it andContinue Reading