Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were great. My wife Amy and I were in Northern California visiting her family over Christmas. On Christmas eve morning, we went to her grandparents’ favorite local restaurant to buy them a gift certificate for Christmas. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, I know. The restaurant technically wasn’t… Continue Reading

Is Your Business Organized Chaos?

Ever try to solve a problem that’s been nagging you forever but never been able to kick it? If so, I hear ya. That’s been me with my skin. I’ve struggled with eczema my entire life. The constant redness and itching drives me nut balls. But it doesn’t stop there. It goes deeper, affecting my… Continue Reading

The Complete Guide to the Facebook Ads Pixel

NOTE: This article was updated in May 2017.  Since Facebook changes so freakin’ quickly, I’ll be regularly updating this article.  Enjoy… Want to know the secret to high-converting Facebook ads? Taking advantage of the Facebook ads pixel. If you’re serious about using Facebook ads to grow your business these days, you need to be using… Continue Reading