Facebook Video Ads Contest

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The good thing about video advertising is that it increases the trust factor because people can see you are an actual person behind this campaign, they can relate to you, see your gestures, hear your voice.

We recently wrote the plan for an experiment we will be running at Moneydiver where we plan on creating two ad campaigns; one with a video and one with an image, both campaigns will be retargeting website visitors and both campaigns will be driving traffic to our latest affiliate marketing article. The idea is to measure the difference in conversion rates and if our hypothesis is right, the video should convert more people.

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Participation Guidelines

Now, to participate for a chance to win a Web Personalization WordPress Theme by Smartduu and be able to display different versions of your website to different types of visitors to increase your conversions then here’s what you need to do:

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2. Answer to this question: “How would you grab the attention of viewers in te first 3 seconds of your video?”

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