The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast (AOPT)

#94: Case Study: How A Local Wine & Art Party Shop Is Using Facebook Video Ads to 10X ROI

Today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic is part 2 in our mini-series on how local businesses can use Facebook ads to grow their business. Even if you’re not a local business owner, I know you’ll take away some awesome insights from today’s episode with local business owner (and FB ADvantage student) David Brandt.Continue Reading

#93: Case Study: 4-Step Facebook Ads Strategy for Local Business Growth

Today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic is a solo episode where I take you through the exact strategies I would use to grow a local fly fishing guide business with Facebook ads. You see, I recently went fly fishing in Montana with a guide from Swallowtail Fly Fishing in Bozeman. As we droveContinue Reading

#92: Case Study: How Owen Video Increased His Facebook Video Ad Results By Over 3X.

I met Owen Video at Social Media Day San Diego last week. He walked up to me and told me he attended my Facebook video ads presentation at Social Media Marketing World a few months ago and he said, “man, I gotta be honest with you… …during that presentation, when you told us to justContinue Reading

#91: Facebook Ads Q&A – The New Facebook Pixel, Ad Approval, Custom Audiences & More…

I’m back this week on The Art of Paid Traffic with another awesome Facebook Ads Q&A episode. These Q&A’s are becoming a pretty regular thing on the podcast because I’ve been getting such great feedback from all of you. After having countless conversations with listeners and students, I know that one of the biggest challengesContinue ReadingContinue Reading

#90: Case Study: Profitable Affiliate Marketing (Even With a Small List) with Rachel Luna

Do you ever feel like there are almost too many ways to succeed when it comes to entrepreneurship and online marketing? With all the content out there telling you to grow a massive list, build courses, promote on this social platform and that one over there during a launch and….Continue Reading

#89: How to Create a Killer Facebook Ads Management Business with Kerry Swetmon

Have you taken any time lately to consider why you do the work you do? And maybe even think about the bigger picture of why and how you’re leveraging paid traffic to accomplish big things?Continue Reading

#88: How to Double Your ROI With Facebook Video Ads

If you’re advertising your business on Facebook (which I’m willing to bet you’re doing), then you should be testing video ads in your marketing strategy. Long time subscribers to The Art of Paid Traffic probably know that I am a huge fan of using Facebook video ads. That’s why I am excited to give youContinue Reading

#87: How to Avoid 3 Sales Funnel Mistakes That are Killing Your Profits

Do you know the specific metrics you should be tracking in your sales funnels? And if you’re aware of your numbers, are you using them to gain actionable insights about your business? In this episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, FunnelDash founder Zach Johnson joins me to talk about how to avoid 3 salesContinue Reading

#86: How to Make High Ticket Sales from Cold Traffic with Chris Evans

This episode is jam-packed with actionable insights and strategies from a returning paid traffic expert here on AOPT. In this interview with Chris Evans, you’ll learn exactly how he launched his new company and went from, as he says, “0 to 60” in a matter of days. In just a few months, his business isContinue Reading

#85: How to Maximize Your ROI with a Segmented Sales Funnel

Today we’re talking about a topic that I know can make a big impact for anyone using paid traffic to build a long term, loyal customer base. This show is all about ‘Segmenting your sales funnels’. Jeremy Reeves, Copywriter and CEO of Kaizen Marketing Inc., is joining me on the show today to share hisContinue Reading