The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast (AOPT)

#133: Case Study: How a Veterinarian Has Created a Thriving Online Business with FB Ads

If you’ve ever wondered how you can create a thriving online business while having a full-time job… Or, if you’ve wanted to take an in-person business that “relies on you” and scale it online… This episode is for you. On the show today, veterinarian Dr. Brett Beckman, who specializes in veterinary dentistry, joins me toContinue Reading

#132: What to Do When Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working (+ Other Q&A)

If you’re running Facebook ads at all, you’ve likely considered how to get BIGGER results from your campaigns. On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m answering your Facebook ads questions — many of which were submitted over on my Facebook page. We talk about topics around targeting, how to get bigger results from your FacebookContinue Reading

#131: How to Scale Your Facebook Ads (Without Ruining Your Results)

Ever tried scaling your Facebook ads only to see your costs increase? If so, I feel you on this.  It can be one of the more frustrating aspects of Facebook ads. And, unfortunately, it’s all too common because most people approach it the wrong way. That’s why on today’s episode of The Art of PaidContinue Reading

#130: Facebook Messenger Ads (Case Study + How To)

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about Facebook Messenger Ads, and in today’s episode of the podcast, I’m sharing my recent experiences with them. A few episodes back I shared the behind-the-scenes of our most recent launch of our new program The FB ADmanager and within that, talked about how we tested FacebookContinue Reading

#129: Biggest Landing Page Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

On today’s show we’re talking about landing pages, specifically, the biggest landing page mistakes that people make (and how to avoid them). And, joining me to share these mistakes and best practices is Jeff Wenberg.  I was recently introduced to Jeff and learned that he was the Group Coaching Manager at LeadPages, where over theContinue Reading

#128: Facebook Ads Case Study: Behind-the-Scenes of A 6-Figure Product Launch

In this episode of The Art of Paid Traffic podcast, I take you behind-the-scenes and break down our latest Facebook ads launch. We just wrapped up the launch of my brand new program, The FB ADmanager, and it blew away my expectations on every front. So today on the podcast today I thought I’d shareContinue Reading

#127: How to Ensure Your Paid Traffic & Business is Protected Legally

Today we’re talking about a topic that doesn’t get discussed a whole lot but is UBER important to get a handle on… …the importance of the legal side of paid traffic and running your business. And to share her expertise on the topic is my friend Annette Stepanian, an attorney who specializes in working withContinue Reading

#126: (Encore Episode) How To Niche Down For Success As A Facebook Ads Manager

On the podcast today, I’m trying something I’ve not done yet on the show… This is an encore of one of the most requested episodes we’ve done yet on the show.   Episode 126 is an interview with my friend and former student, Robb Bailey, who has built a very successful Facebook ads agency forContinue Reading

#125: How to Create Your Ideal Facebook Ads Business with Amanda Bond

If you have a Facebook ads business or want to start one at some point, you’re going to love this episode of The Art of Paid Traffic. Joining me on today’s episode is my friend Amanda Bond (aka – “Bond”), who is a Facebook ads strategist and owner of an extremely successful business managing FacebookContinue Reading

#124: Maximizing Your Facebook Ads Results & More Q&A

It’s been awhile since I’ve answered your Facebook ads questions, so on today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, we’re doing a Q&A that focuses on maximizing your Facebook ads results… You’ll also learn things like: Facebook ads strategy for a webinar launch, including simple yet effective Retargeting strategies What Facebook is now crackingContinue Reading