The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast (AOPT)

#88: How to Double Your ROI With Facebook Video Ads

If you’re advertising your business on Facebook (which I’m willing to bet you’re doing), then you should be testing video ads in your marketing strategy. Long time subscribers to The Art of Paid Traffic probably know that I am a huge fan of using Facebook video ads. That’s why I am excited to give youContinue Reading

#87: How to Avoid 3 Sales Funnel Mistakes That are Killing Your Profits

Do you know the specific metrics you should be tracking in your sales funnels? And if you’re aware of your numbers, are you using them to gain actionable insights about your business? In this episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, FunnelDash founder Zach Johnson joins me to talk about how to avoid 3 salesContinue Reading

#86: How to Make High Ticket Sales from Cold Traffic with Chris Evans

This episode is jam-packed with actionable insights and strategies from a returning paid traffic expert here on AOPT. In this interview with Chris Evans, you’ll learn exactly how he launched his new company and went from, as he says, “0 to 60” in a matter of days. In just a few months, his business isContinue Reading

#85: How to Maximize Your ROI with a Segmented Sales Funnel

Today we’re talking about a topic that I know can make a big impact for anyone using paid traffic to build a long term, loyal customer base. This show is all about ‘Segmenting your sales funnels’. Jeremy Reeves, Copywriter and CEO of Kaizen Marketing Inc., is joining me on the show today to share hisContinue Reading

#84: How Local Businesses Can See Massive Results with Facebook Ads

Today we’re covering a topic I get asked a lot about, and that’s ‘Do Facebook ads work for brick and mortar businesses?’ Joining me on the show today to share her experience with using Facebook ads for her brick and mortar businesses is Lisa Kuecker. Lisa is a multi-million dollar business owner who owns fitness businesses inContinue Reading

#83: How to Create High Converting Instagram Ads

On the show today we’re talking about a topic everyone’s been asking about — Instagram Ads.  And joining me to talk some IG ads is Ethan Sigmon from Social Insight. I ran a bunch of Instagram ads during my recent re-launch for The FB ADvantage and they actually performed well for me. One thing I found interestingContinue Reading

#82: What’s the Best Facebook Ads Objective? (and Other Q&A)

On today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic podcast, we’ve got a rapid fire Facebook ads Q&A. I recently held 3 live online Facebook ads trainings and each went for a couple of hours due to all the great questions, but there were some I wasn’t able to get to. So, I decided to do a rapid fireContinue Reading

#81: The #1 Factor In Successful Facebook Ads

Welcome to episode #81 where today I’m talking all about THE most important factor in successful Facebook ads and really, in any paid advertising. It’s this factor that differentiates those who are successful with their ads and those who aren’t, and the cool thing is anyone can do this. Included in today’s episode are storiesContinue Reading

#80: How a Natural Health Practitioner Got a 10x Return On Her Facebook Ads

Thanks so much for joining me today for episode #80 where today I’ve got another great Facebook ads case study for you about a natural health practitioner named Becky Mauldin. Becky is using Facebook ads to scale her in-person clinic and she’s selling a training course for holistic health practitioners that certifies them to beContinue Reading

#79: How Accurate Is The New Facebook Pixel and Other FB Ads Q&A

Welcome back to the Art of Paid Traffic Podcast!  Today’s episode is a Facebook ads Q&A show where I’m answering a bunch of questions that you’ve submitted. In This Episode, You’ll Learn About: Changing to the new Faceobok pixel vs the custom audience pixel and conversion tracking pixel My thoughts on Qwaya Adding a Standard EventContinue Reading