The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast (AOPT)

#111: How To Niche Down For Success As A Facebook Ads Manager

“The riches are in the niches…” If you’ve been in the online marketing or entrepreneurship space for any length of time, then you’re probably pretty familiar with this phrase. Or at least some variation of it. By now most of us have heard industry leaders suggest that “niching down” (or focusing on solving a specificContinue Reading

#110: Choosing the “Right” Facebook Ads Objective

When you want to create a successful Facebook ads campaign, what do you do? Well, hopefully you map your game plan and identify your exact target before doing anything… (we covered this in episode 109) Once you finish the prep work, you open up Power Editor or Ads Manager to start creating your campaign… It’sContinue Reading

#109: The Critical Work Needed for Successful Facebook Ads

Hard work is, well, just that — hard work. It’s stuff we don’t always like doing yet the reward on the other side is often the greatest.  We all wish we had a magic button we could push, or a pill we could pop, to miraculously start seeing results from our efforts. I get it,Continue Reading

#108: How to Write Better Copy by Hacking Your Ideal Customer

We all have that one thing, one skill or ability, that we’d really love to learn or improve so we can be more efficient marketers and business owners. For some people it’s systems… For others it’s strategy… For me, it’s copywriting. If you’ve been a long-time listener to The Art of Paid Traffic, then youContinue Reading

#107: How to Allocate Your Local Marketing Budget + Other Q&A

A couple weeks ago I hosted a live online training all about using Facebook Ads for local businesses. I hold these types of trainings from time to time, some of them for local businesses and some for online businesses, since things are always changing on Facebook. Heck…the whole world of online marketing, in general, isContinue Reading

#106: How to Strategically Attract Your Ideal Facebook Ads Audience with Jasmine Star

Alright AOPT listeners, I’ve got a question for you: When you’re scrolling on Facebook, what is it about an ad that makes you stop scrolling? Do the the colors catch your attention? Or maybe it’s the image? Are you someone who mostly looks at videos? The point is, we all know that the visual aspectContinue Reading

#105: 7 Funnel Campaigns Every Online Business Needs with Greg Hickman

On the podcast, we talk a whole lot about sales funnels. How to set them up… How to use them to automate leads & sales… How to track and optimize them… But if you’ve been selling a product or service online for any length of time, then you know a lot needs to happen betweenContinue Reading

#104: Facebook Ad Critique (Improve Your Facebook Ads Now)

We all want to create and run killer Facebook Ads. But if you’re using Facebook Ads as part of a marketing funnel to drive measurable leads and sales for your business (which I hope you are!),  there can be quite a few elements to strategize and optimize. For your Ad to perform successfully, you shouldContinue Reading

#103: How An Attorney is Selling Her High-Ticket Live Event with Facebook Ads

As entrepreneurs and online marketers, taking risks is simply the nature of the beast when you want to be successful. Sometimes you have to shake things up a bit, see what works…and then keep doing more of what works. Today on The Art of Paid Traffic, I talk with one of my students who isContinue Reading

#102: How Much Should You Spend On Facebook Ads To Have A Successful Webinar?

We’re switching things up on The Art of Paid Traffic this week! On today’s show, you’re going to hear an episode I recorded a little over a month ago with my good friend Amy Porterfield on her podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. As soon as you get into it, you’ll understand why I just hadContinue Reading