The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast (AOPT)

#169: Lessons from Managing $500M in Media Spend and How to Apply them to Your Business with Babak Azad

On the show today I’m joined by Babak Azad, who is the former Senior Vice President of Media & Customer Acquisition at Beachbody. During his time there, Babak helped grow the company from $100 million to over a billion dollar in sales, while overseeing more than $500 million in media spend. Now he is the… Continue Reading

#168: How to Use Quizzes + Facebook Ads to Get Quality Leads with Chanti Zakariasen

My friend Chanti Zak is a conversion copywriter and she appears on the podcast today to look at something we haven’t covered a whole lot on this show – quizzes! Chanti reveals how using quizzes, along with Facebook ads, can generate lots of high-quality leads for your business. She shares her specific process for creating… Continue Reading

#167: The Million Dollar Facebook Ads Tweak with Jarrod Bentley & Ethan Sigmon

Today I’m doing something a bit different as I’m joined by not one, but two guests on the podcast. You may recognize Ethan Sigmon’s name from a past episode where he talked about how to create high-converting Instagram ads. This time Jarrod Bentley, who hired Ethan to run his Facebook ads, is also here and… Continue Reading

#164: (Case Study) How a Non-Profit Cooking School for Kids is Growing with Facebook Ads

For today’s episode, I’ve got another great conversation with a student of mine. Her name is Tiffany Cavegn, and she’s the founder of The Kids Cooking School, which is a non-profit cooking school for kids based in Minnesota. Earlier this year, Tiffany was brand new to Facebook ads, and she’s been learning how to use… Continue Reading

#163: Creating Your Ideal Facebook Ads Business from Scratch with Salome Schillack

I’m excited today to welcome one of my students to the podcast. Her name is Salome Schillack and her website and business is called Salome lives down in Australia and she’s quickly created an awesome Facebook ads business for herself, while being one of the most positive and passionate people I know who’s trying… Continue Reading