#147: 3 Facebook Ads Updates You Should Know About

On today’s show I’m sharing three Facebook ads updates that you need to know about, and I’ll be revealing how to solve two big challenges that local businesses are facing with their Facebook ads. Even if you’re not a local business, you’ll want to check out what I have to say about these challenges, asContinue Reading

#146: How a Local Weight Loss Franchise Turned a $300 Facebook Ad Spend Into $15,000

I talk a lot here on the show about how if you want to be successful with Facebook ads or any paid traffic, you’ve gotta have the right mindset…   The willingness to test things out and keep at it even if what you’re doing isn’t working. That’s what we’re talking about on today’s episodeContinue Reading

#145: [Case Study] How a Local Golf Course Uses Facebook Ads to Slice Their Marketing Budget by 10s of Thousands of Dollars

On today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, I’m joined by a student of mine, Allison George, to talk about how she markets her family’s golf course with Facebook ads. In 2015, Allison was voted as the “8th Most Innovative Person in the Golf Industry” by Golf, Inc. Magazine. Allison’s golf course is outsideContinue Reading

#144: How to Create An Effective Sales Follow-Up Sequence with James Wedmore

Joining me today on the podcast is my good friend, James Wedmore. This episode marks James’ third time as a guest on The Art of Paid Traffic, and today we’re talking all about how to create an effective follow-up sequence with your target audience. I’ve always respected how James approaches business and he shares hisContinue Reading

#143: How to Setup Your Facebook Ads for Success (June 2017 Edition)

On today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic podcast, I dive into: How to Set Up Your Facebook Ads For Success — June 2017 edition. My goal with this episode is to give you a roadmap for navigating your Facebook ads setup in Power Editor so that you’re giving yourself as much chance asContinue Reading

Facebook Ads Now Allows You to Optimize for ‘Landing Page Views’

If you like to use Facebook ads to send traffic to landing pages, your website, blog posts, etc… so that you can retarget them later, you’re going to like the new “Metric & Optimization” feature that Facebook is rolling out. It’s called Landing Page Views and the goal of this new feature is to helpContinue Reading

#142: [Case Study] How to Scale An Automated Webinar Sales Funnel with Grant Baldwin

On today’s show, we’re talking about evergreen webinar sales funnels with professional speaker and course creator, Grant Baldwin. Grant is the founder of and through his online course, teaches people how to find and book paid speaking engagements. Today he shares how he sells his program through webinars — both live and automated —Continue Reading

#141: How to Hack Facebook Ads Social Proof to Show More Likes, Comments, etc. (+ Other Q&A)

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Q&A here on the podcast, so today’s show is a big ‘ol Facebook ads Q&A. I’m going to be discussing and answering questions about: How to hack Facebook ads social proof (likes, comments, shares, etc..) that you’re getting on an ad and use that same ad (with allContinue Reading

#140: Facebook Ads Strategy for e-Commerce & Physical Products with Steve Chou

On today’s show we’re talking about e-commerce and marketing physical products online, and joining me to share his insight and experience is Steve Chew from  Steve runs an e-commerce site called which he started with his wife back in 2007.   I’ve known of Steve for a few years now, and whenever I’veContinue Reading

New Facebook Ads Feature That Could Improve Your Conversions

Facebook is gradually rolling out a brand new feature to improve the performance of your “Conversion” campaigns… You know how when you launch a Facebook ad campaign with the ‘Conversions’ Objective and you’ve selected the conversion you want to optimize for at the Ad Set level? Well, if your Ad Set isn’t getting many conversionsContinue Reading