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How to Create An Automated Sales Machine with An Online Course

Before we dive into the article here, as you might gather from the headline, I talk a lot about online courses being a key in your automated sales machine. Whether you have an online course already and just want to sell more or you’re thinking about creating one, I’m hosting a live webinar on November 17thContinue Reading

Website Custom Audiences: A NatureBox Case Study

I was at my favorite coffee shop in Pacific Beach the other day waiting for my coffee to come up. While waiting, I did what most smartphone-wielding person does and whipped out my phone to start flipping through my Facebook News Feed. It’s what we all do when we’re waiting in line these days, right?Continue Reading

ISM 051: Facebook Marketing: What’s Working Right Now with Amy Porterfield

ISM 051: Facebook Marketing: What’s Working Right Now with Amy Porterfield

In this episode of the Inside Social Media podcast, I welcome Facebook and social media marketer Amy Porterfield. For those one or two of you who don’t know Amy (everyone seems to know Amy!), she’s co-author of a Facebook For Dummies book, she’s affectionately known as the Facebook marketing queen (which embarrasses the heck outContinue Reading

How to Create High-Converting Facebook Ads Landing Pages

I hosted a Google Hangout recently where a bunch of people joined me live for an informal Q&A about Facebook ads. If you were one of those who jumped on, thanks again for joining! I originally scheduled it for 30 minutes, thinking it would be enough time to chat, answer questions and teach some new ad strategies.Continue Reading

Case Study: How to Generate Leads on Facebook without Breaking the Bank

A client of mine recently asked me how to generate leads on Facebook. As you know from the free email course I just launched, this is one of the most common challenges small businesses face. Stacey had tried to make Facebook ads work in the past but had zero success. And, she was convinced theyContinue Reading

Facebook Conversion Tracking Tool: Is It A Game-Changer for Your Business?

If you’ve ever spent money on marketing your business you know how important it is to be able to track your success. You need a system in place that allows you to clearly see the return on your efforts and money spent. Otherwise, why would you go through the trouble in the first place? Let’sContinue Reading

Tracking Your Facebook Lead Generation (Strategy #1)

I tend to hear the same frustrations when I first start working with small businesses and online entrepreneurs. They’ve tried using Facebook to generate leads for their business and sell their products/services, but it was a waste of money.  It “didn’t work.” After asking them what strategies they used, my next question is how theyContinue Reading

Facebook Promoted Posts: Lead Generation through Status Updates is an Art (Strategy #7)

Posting specific types of status updates on your Facebook page can be a gold mine for generating leads! That is, if you know how to properly position and promote them. Most businesses don’t, though, which means after learning my 7th strategy here in this article you’ll have a leg up on your competition. Let’s diveContinue Reading

Without This You Wont Be Able to Generate Leads With Facebook (Strategy #2)

The second step in my system for generating massive leads with Facebook marketing within the next 30 days is critical. It’s THE central idea that needs to be in place before you begin adding people to your list. Without it, you’re going to have a hard time getting anyone to part with their email address.Continue Reading

Facebook Page Post Ads: Targeted Lead Generation (Strategy #4)

Now that you have your value-packed giveaway and a great landing page that makes it easy for people to give you their email address, it’s time to let a targeted audience know about your free product and get them to your landing page. The first traffic driving strategy I want to show you is usingContinue Reading