Facebook Ads: Are You Making this Mistake with Your Engagement Ads?

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  1. Hi Rick! If you haven’t done so already, would you consider posting a step-by-step tutorial on how to make one of those nice Facebook landing pages with iFrames? I’ve found some online, but it appears that Facebook has updated their system again and the steps aren’t the same as they were last year :-/

  2. Hey Rick –

    For my current test, I am just going for likes. I have that welcome landing page but I am testing the clicks in general per the image/wording. For this specific test, whether they went to my actual page or clicked like wasn’t to crucial.

    If you disagree with this logic, definitely put me in my place and explain why this does matter.

    As an aside, the FB welcome page is about all thats at the fan page because the product is still under development.

    Thanks for your brilliance sir!!!

    David Damron

    • Hey David,

      Yea, essentially it sounds like you’re doing market research — testing to see if there is interest “out there” for your product. Right on. All you really care about at this point is if people click on your ad to measure some level of interest.

      You could take it a step further, too, and start to collect email addresses on your landing tab, where people basically “opt-in” for more info about your product. If you end up driving to an external site, though, make sure you atleast have a basic site set up. Facebook requires there to be an actual site where you’re sending people. 🙂

      I worked with Scott Dinsmore on something very similar and it worked like a charm.

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