Facebook Ads – Secrets of Headlines & Ad Copy That Get People to Click

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  1. Wow, Rick this is extremely helpful.

    I ran an very unsuccessful $100 campaign a couple of months ago.
    Naturally that really turned me off to Facebook ads. Your report and content is motivating me to make a new campaign now… so I’m going to try not to do everything wrong. 😉

    Thanks for the tips,


    • Glad you like it, Austin! It’s not about doing things “wrong”, let’s refer to it as “testing”. 🙂 Let me know if there’s anything specifically I can answer for you as you dive back in.

  2. Great video! Two things I’d add from recent personal experience:

    1) Leading with a free offer that the person must either give their email address or like your page to get, rather than pushing for a sale in the ad. If you’re a small startup and making “first contact” with your target audience, they may not want to buy from you right away… but if you develop a relationship with them through some quality content on your Facebook page or e-newsletter, that can warm them up (so to speak) for a sale later on.

    2) Sending them to your FB fan page rather than your website. This depends somewhat on the exact purpose and goal of your campaign – some campaigns may indeed be better off going to the website. But if you’re looking to build your future customer base, it’s a lot easier to get them to “Like” a FB page – which then keeps them engaged with your company.

    I learned these lessons from two campaigns:

    The “blah” campaign – I ran ads directing people to my website, which offered an online English pronunciation course ($39). People clicked on the ad… but no one signed up for the course, for my newsletter, or “liked” my Facebook page.

    The sweet campaign – After two weeks of “blah” I changed my strategy and started to run ads directing people to “like” my FB page, which has links to the free English lessons on my website. This has exploded into 1500+ “likes” and several hundred newsletter sign-ups! Now I plan to repackage and relaunch the paid course to my audience (“If you like the free lessons, you’ll LOVE this course…”) now that I’ve gotten their attention 🙂

    • Awesome advice, Shayna! You are absolutely right with what you said — it’s all about testing to see what works best. In fact, you beat me to it as this is the topic of an upcoming video. 🙂

      Congrats on the success with your “sweet” campaign! I love hearing that.

  3. I’ve also had the same dilemma – whether to send traffic to my squeeze page on the website or to my FB fan page. As you said, it is only testing that will give the correct answer of what works for me.

    Although I have a feeling that sending on the FB fan page amounts to “least resistance” for the person viewing the ad.

    I had run a campaign sometime back with $50 and sent my traffic to the squeeze page on my website. I’ve had reasonable success with it in terms of sign-ups but unfortunately no sales. I guess it is harder to convert FB traffic to sales.

    • Hey Sammy, have you thought about creating a custom “Like-gate” tab for when a new person lands on your FB page? You can get people to Like your page as well as offer them your opt-in for your product. I just started testing one of these on our Facebook page (facebook.com/irockpaidtraffic).

      You are right, though. When people are on Facebook, they tend to prefer to be directed to somewhere within Facebook. That doesn’t mean that directing them to an external site doesn’t work. It’s just worth testing, as you mention.

  4. Hey Rick,

    I finally made time to watch your video and just wanted to say “thanks” for it.

    I really enjoy other marketer’s commentary on the “good and the bad”.

    I have found the same with all of my marketing campaigns:

    1. headlines with questions work well
    2. create curiosity
    3. strong CTA

    Thanks again! Keep the videos coming 🙂


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