Why the Facebook “Boost Post” Option Is A Waste of Money

I’ve got a bit of a rant for you today.

As I write this, I’m on a flight on my way back to San Diego.

This glorious time with few distractions has allowed me to get through a bunch of emails and answer people’s questions that have built up over the past couple of weeks.

One frustration I keep hearing from people is that Facebook ads don’t work.  They’re shaking their virtual fist in the air saying that they’ve tried ads before, gotten zero results and lost money in the process.

They then give up, swear off Facebook ads and tell anyone who will listen that Facebook ads are a waste and don’t work.

Bloody Facebook!

But when I dig a little deeper, I learn that what they really mean when they say they’ve “tried Facebook ads” is they’ve boosted some posts.

Ahh, the ol’ Facebook boost post button.  You know, that not-so-easy-to-ignore button that’s at the bottom of where you post your updates on Facebook?


Ever since Facebook reduced the reach of how many people see our posts, the boost button has become the go-to option for far too many people wanting to get their content seen by their target customers.

I say far too many because it’s not the most effective or cost efficient way to market to your ideal audience on Facebook.

Is using the Facebook boost post button a form of advertising?

Sure it is, but its limitations far outnumber the benefits to your wallet in my book.

In this short video, I’l share with you why I think boosting your posts is a waste of your time (and money) and what you should absolutely be doing instead if you’re serious about growing your business:

16 Responses to Why the Facebook “Boost Post” Option Is A Waste of Money

  1. Thanks for the video on Facebook Boosted posts. It is definitely easier to just hit the boost, but definitely has limitations. I notice my organic facebook posts get shown to a very limited amount of people, much less than it used to be shown to.

    • Hey Patty! (that’s my sister’s name too). Well, for one, you don’t spam your FB fans with multiple posts when doing an unpublished page post ad. It’s far easier to split test multiple ads when using unpublished page post ads. HIGHLY recommend them!

  2. Gotta give you props for demonstrating the differences between boosted posts and doing a more targeted Facebook ads in less than 10 minutes!

    Yes, with reach being reduced dramatically, that “boost post” option is just bait! Power Editor is a great tool, but I find more often than not, many find it a tad intimidating. But once it’s learned, it’s the best way to really get the best reach of your content on Facebook.

    Thanks for the great video!

  3. Facebook=bait and switch crooks 🙂 I spent 3K on building my FB fans and, lo and behold, they no longer are receiving my posts unless I pay for them. (In the old pre-pay days, a post cold garner over 1,000 likes, now I’m lucky to get 50!) I know many musicians and bands in the same boat – thousands of fans that they can no longer reach without paying.

    • BTW FB ads work if you listen to Rick – my business has quadrupled since I’ve started running ads according to his course, and I’ve pulled the plug on my Google ads.

    • Don! Good to hear from you. If you want to be on Facebook, you gotta play their game. And yep, for businesses, it’s pay to play. Great thing is you can be really effective without paying much.

  4. Hi Rick,
    Surely for the reason that you State: –
    “Facebook reduced the reach of how many
    people see our posts, the boost button”

    Then isn’t using the FB Boost Post, to ensure
    that your precisely targeted FB Page Fans see it
    is useful?

    Floyd UK

    • Hey Floyd, true, but turning the post into a page post ad gives you SO much more flexibility in the targeting. Thus, you’re more likely to see an ROI on your spend. Good question!

  5. Rick,

    I won’t claim that FB post are a complete waste, but the reality is 1/4 to 1/2 of the ‘1 Billion’ FB users are click farms. We don’t boost posts, we are in a very niche market (weddings) perfect for targeting, we only go for U.S., Canada, and UK, use Power Editor, and don’t boost.

    The reality is 50% of the clicks on any ad are easily fake. We have software which records visitors and can watch the difference of visits from FB ads. 50% of them land on the page and don’t even scroll. Obviously fake. This makes the CPC FB presents as completely understated.

    We do track some orders come from FB ads, but the results are getting worse and worse (exacerbated by FB rules always changing to increase their revenue).

    I get that you are cheerleader for FB ads and it’s easy to dismiss people who say FB ads are a waste, otherwise you’d be out of business. But facts are facts and you’d be a much more valuable resource if you admit the deficiencies in FB ads and how to properly understand the ROI associated.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Mike. I’ve never not seen an ROI on my Facebook ads. So, I’m a fan of them because they work. How would I be more valuable if I admit some deficiencies that you state?

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