The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Image Sizes

Updated 12/1/14

If there’s one thing for certain when it comes to Facebook, it’s that change is inevitable.

You log-in one day to catch up with your friends and whoa! all of a sudden your page looks different.  Or, how you post a status update is different from how you did it the day before.

And one area that frequently changes is the size of images on Facebook — especially when it comes to Facebook ads.

It can be frustrating to keep up with all the image dimensions!


The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Image Sizes

This resource will be updated when Facebook makes changes so you don’t have to keep up with it all.  I’m doing the work for you.

Simply bookmark this page and check back for all the up-to-date Facebook image sizes.

Click the below links and enjoy!

Standard Facebook Image Sizes

(Updated 12/1/14)

Standard Facebook Image sizes