#130: Facebook Messenger Ads (Case Study + How To)

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about Facebook Messenger Ads, and in today’s episode of the podcast, I’m sharing my recent experiences with them.

A few episodes back I shared the behind-the-scenes of our most recent launch of our new program The FB ADmanager and within that, talked about how we tested Facebook Messenger Ads during the launch.

We spent just $105 on Messenger ads and we directly attributed more than $9,000 in sales to them. #boomshakalaka

Needless to say, I’m sold on the effectiveness of Messenger ads.  With over 1 BILLION people actively using Facebook Messenger, this medium isn’t going away anytime soon.  In fact, it’s only growing.

They’re easy to setup and use and with the results I saw, they’ll without a doubt be part of our strategy going forward.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:  

  • Our strategy behind how we used Messenger ads including who we targeted and why
  • Where Messenger ads fit in your funnel and how to strategically use them to move people closer to a sale
  • How we leveraged the questions we were getting as a result of the ads to make “on-the-fly” changes to our email sequences
  • The two types of Messenger ads, and who you can (and can’t) target with them  
  • What the #1 thing (IMO) you need to consider when running Messenger ads
  • What ManyChat is and how it can be strategically used as a next-level messaging platform to communicate with potential customers  
  • And much more…

Messenger Ad Screenshots From The FB ADmanager Launch

Example FB Messenger Ad


Screenshots of Actual Conversations

Screenshots of how to setup FB Messenger Ads

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2 Responses to #130: Facebook Messenger Ads (Case Study + How To)

  1. Rick,

    How do you respond? Are these messages coming into your business page and can all admins see and respond?

    Thanks, great podcast!

  2. Great episode Rick, thank you! This is the clearest explanation I’ve had around the best use of Messenger ads…..and I’ve taken your lead to try one out right now! Awesome tips as always.

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