Facebook’s “Interest List” – A Complete Tutorial

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  1. Hi Rick,

    OK, so their might be some value in this. The value I see is in creating a list as your business page persona (not your personal profile). Add your business page into the list along with a few other choice FB pages, and you now have a ready-to-share promotional tool with high quality tightly related niche pages (yours included) and your business page as the creator. Magic.

    So I did that. In usual Facebook fashion, it’s broken. It lets me create the list, but then it vanishes. If I go to https://www.facebook.com/bookmarks/interests it shows no lists, but allows me to “add interests” and create it again. It doesn’t show up in my personal profile either, so that’s not it.

    Either the list has been created and is “out there” somewhere and I can’t find it, or it lets me create something that I can’t actually create as my business page. It appears as though I’m forced to create the list as my personal profile.

    I see no little to no marketing value in creating a list as my personal profile. It’s my business page that I want to promote, not me. Instead of being able to share a list that could market my business page, I’m forced to ask others to create or add to a list that contains my page (or hope it happens organically). That’s going to compete with all the other actions I want people to take and seems counterproductive. What am I missing?

    • Hey Kurt, you bring up a great point and you’re not missing anything. You’re correct in this. I am able to create a List with my brand Page but it doesn’t show up on my Home page. I think there’s some value in the way they’ve rolled this out if people have some crossover between their personal and brand pages.

      Hopefully Facebook revises this functionality soon and allows Page use. In the meantime, I do think it’s a great opportunity (and a reminder) to continue providing great content and engagement within a niche. You’ll be more likely to be included in a List within that niche, thus getting your message into more people’s News Feeds.

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