How To: Learn Why the Image is THE Most Important Aspect of Facebook Ads

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  1. Rick,

    Thanks for this great instructional video!

    My buddy and I, both physicians, are experimenting with Facebook ads in promoting our ebook on epidurals.

    Your tutorial here regarding images has been very beneficial.

    A couple questions for you (we are very new to ads & FB ads):

    1. Can an image border be added somewhere within Facebook, or do I have to do that before uploading the image?

    2. I’m still trying to figure out how to split test ads (the actual process of implementing a split test and where to go within FB to accomplish this). Is this done only with the power editor feature, or can I do this within the “manage my campaign” area of the FB ads section?

    Thanks so much for your insights.


    • Hi David, glad I can help. This should answer your questions:
      – Adding a border to an image is done prior to your submitting it on Facebook. I use a site called It’s sort of a PhotoShop for dummies, which is good because I don’t know how to use PhotoShop. You can also use picmonkey to change the colors of the image, the contrast, make it black & white, etc. It’s pretty cool. You can use any image editing tools, though, to add a border.

      – There isn’t a setting in Facebook for split testing specifically. Split testing, as it sounds like you already know, is simply multiple versions of an ad and seeing which one performs best. Remember to change only one aspect of your ad at a time so you know what is actually causing the better (or poorer) performance. For example, if you are split testing an ad, make a duplicate of it and only change the headline or the image or the ad copy.

      You can do this either in Power Editor (simply by making a duplicate of the ad and then making the change to the duplicate ad) or in your Ads Manager. In Ads Manager, after you’ve created an ad, you can click on the “Create a Similar Ad” link which is just below the ad you’ve just created. This will then create another identical ad which you can make a change to.

      I hope this helps. Feel free to let me know if you encounter any other questions.


      • Thanks for your quick reply, Rick.

        I just added a border to my ad image with picmonkey. Very easy to use. I’ve uploaded the bordered image to my campaign and am curious to see what, if any difference, it will make.

        I was under the impression I was missing some more sophisticated split testing options. I was imagining uploading several photos, for example, then being able to set time intervals for when the images would rotate within the ad. And then FB offering metrics on which image performed best.

        But I guess I just have to manually switch one thing at a time, measure. Rinse and repeat.

        Thanks again,


        PS What is a good click through rate for Facebook ads?

        • You bet, David. Glad to help.

          Split testing like you described is available on 3rd party platforms but not so easy within Facebook’s tools. You SHOULD be running several ads at a time, though, to give yourself a greater chance at higher performance. Facebook quickly identifies the highest performing ads and shifts its focus towards those ads. You’ll notice this rather quickly when running multiple ads.

          As for CTRs for FB ads, the average is about 0.04%. But that’s just the average. The more targeted and relevant your ad is, the higher CTR you should see (and thus paying a lower CPC).

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