ISM Episode 9: Morgan Johnston and the JetBlue Social Media Strategy


Inside Social Media PodcastMorgan Johnston, JetBlue’s Manager of Corporate Communications and Social Media is my guest this week on The Inside Social Media Podcast.

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Morgan is one of the more respected people in social media marketing and he’s regularly recommended by other guests of the show.

In my chat with Morgan, we’re talking about the JetBlue social media strategy and you’ll learn: 

  • How JetBlue leverages social media and what you can do to model their success.
  • I ask him how he and his team deal with all of the people who tweet them seemingly whining about every little thing while traveling.
  • As with each of my guests, Morgan gives his top 3 JetBlue social media strategy tips he would give to a small business trying to grow their business using social media.
  • And we talk about a ton of other cool actionable things that JetBlue is doing that you can implement into your business.

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2 Responses to ISM Episode 9: Morgan Johnston and the JetBlue Social Media Strategy

  1. Rick,
    I’m catching up on older episodes. Learned about you via the shoutout by Stelzner at Social Media Marketing. Really enjoying your shows. Thanks for really pressing hard for how these apply to small business. I think you are in a unique position. You have some great social media minds “captive” while on the show. It’s an opportunity that most of us small business owners will never get. Please continue to “leverage” that and get practical applications for us to use. Press hard, don’t let them escape without giving us real value. No fluff!


    • Hey David, welcome! Thanks so much for your kind words. Mike’s a great guy I really appreciated his shout out. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. I have some more great guests on the horizon.

      Would you be willing to leave this positive feedback as a quick rating/review on iTunes? It really helps out the rankings there.

      Also, let me know if there are any brands you haven’t heard from yet that you’d like to. Will do my best to get them on the show.


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