#84: How Local Businesses Can See Massive Results with Facebook Ads

Today we’re covering a topic I get asked a lot about, and that’s ‘Do Facebook ads work for brick and mortar businesses?’

Joining me on the show today to share her experience with using Facebook ads for her brick and mortar businesses is Lisa Kuecker.

Lisa is a multi-million dollar business owner who owns fitness businesses in small markets around the US.  NOTE: Even if you’re not a brick and mortar business owner, you’re going to get a ton out of this interview with Lisa!

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why Lisa puts 80% of her marketing budget in Facebook ads
  • About a case study of one of Lisa’s Facebook ads campaign where she spent $250 in ads and got $45,000 in revenue
  • The best Facebook ads tool for a brick and mortar business
  • Why segmenting your market can be the difference between making money and losing money
  • Lisa’s #1 strategy for successful ads for her local businesses
  • How to craft the right offer for your target audience

This has quickly become one of my favorite episodes to date…and I bet you’ll agree!

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One Response to #84: How Local Businesses Can See Massive Results with Facebook Ads

  1. Wow! I have so much to say about this episode! I think there is a huge opportunity here for you Rick to develop an online course that is custom made for brick and mortar businesses owners. Just to give you an idea, I have 4 locations in my small community. I have built the second largest facebook fan page with 30,000 fans which in and of itself is pretty amazing. I purchased your course 2 years ago FB ads for newbies and started running very simple page post engagement ads. I recently purchased FB advantage and started running simple video ads. The fact is I have never ventured off of Ads Manager into power editor and still consider myself a newbie, yet in my hometown I am considered the best FB advertiser in the community. I have local business owners coming to my home office on a regular bases to help them get started. I have yet to scratch the surface. I think you should take me and another 10 or 20 brick and mortar business owners under your wing so to speak and use us as a beta group for a future course targeted to brick and mortar business owners. Just a thought. I am so excited to meet you, James and Amy in San Diego in a couple of weeks. Thanks for everything!
    David Brandt

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