#122: Case Study: Creating Local Business Offers that Convert with Mike Barnet

As a listener of The Art of Paid Traffic, you might know that one of my favorite things to do is case study my students and to highlight the successes they are getting.  

On today’s show, I talk with Mike Barnet, who’s up to big things in the local business marketing space.

Mike has effectively used his skills as a videographer (honed through years in the television industry) and his knowledge of Facebook ad strategies to get amazing results for his local clients.

Today we dive head first into two campaigns he’s recently done for a local pizza restaurant…

The first campaign gave them one of their best weeks in sales ever and in the second campaign, Mike spent just $130 on ads which generated over $500 in revenue.,

As you’ll hear, Mike proves that the myth that you need large budgets for your Facebook ad spends to see results is simply just that… a myth.

A big part of what we discuss is why the offer is so important. Often business owners think that their ideal client is just going to magically appear, but without an offer that can attract your ideal audience, this just isn’t going to happen.

And since he’s building his own Facebook ads business, Mike also shares details about his pricing strategy and how he gets his clients.  

Whether you’re managing ads for other business or not, you’re gonna get a ton out of this episode.

In Today’s Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The types of campaigns Mike ran for the local pizza restaurant that got him such great results
  • The offers that that generated these results
  • How Mike gets his clients and the pricing strategy he’s currently using
  • The realization that Mike made that led to him create a business that serves others
  • Why a strong call to action isn’t just nice to have, it’s a necessity…
  • Do you need hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to execute a successful Facebook ads campaign?
  • How going too high-end when it comes to video quality can actually hurt your campaign, especially if the business is local
  • How Mike’s strategy for targeting birthdays via Facebook helped one of his clients boost sales – while growing their email list
  • And more…

To accompany this episode, I’ve put together a free PDF checklist for you…

The Ideal Client Checklist lists everything you need to consider BEFORE bringing someone on as a client.  

This checklist will make sure you’re setting yourself up for success right from the start when working with clients.

To download your Ideal Client Checklist, simply click the image below:

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Check out the special case study page that Mike put together just for AOPT listeners here: www.iheartkitsap.biz/aopt

Listen to one of the more popular AOPT episodes on building a Facebook ads business: Robb Bailey episode: rickmulready.com/111

Pat Flynn’s site: smartpassiveincome.com

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