The Steps I Used to Make $30K In 45 Days

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s email. If you didn’t catch it…

you can read it here.

In that email, I opened up and shared the huge struggle I had while trying to get my online business going.

(Thank you, by the way, for all the awesome emails I’ve gotten since.  It seems I should open up and share personal stuff more often).

In January 2014, 14 months after leaving my cushy corporate gig to start my own business, I was spinning my wheels not making any progress.  I was going nowhere fast and it was ruining me.

I was frustrated, super stressed out and overwhelmed…

And it was taking a big toll on my relationship with my (new at the time) wife because I unfairly took it out on her.

You know how Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results?

Yea, that was me, until I started working with a coach.

Even without an idea, a product to sell or an email list to speak of the help of a coach allowed me to break everything down into small pieces.

It THAT’s when it all began to make sense.

When we break a seemingly big scary thing down into small steps, that’s when we start to make progress.

Take for example Facebook ads pixels…

I’ve gotten so many emails from people who are confused and overwhelmed by the whole pixel thing that I broke it down into a simple step-by-step tutorial called The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Pixels.

And the feedback I get about that article is awesome.  People love how it’s broken down into small “doable” pieces.

With the help of my coach, I put together a list of “doable” steps that we thought would get me some momentum in my business.

And man did momentum ever get rolling…

I started at the beginning of January last year (again, without an idea, product to sell or an email list to speak of) and by the middle of February I’d made $30K.

45 days to $30K — boom!

Here are steps I took:

1. Find your niche.

For me, I…

    • Looked for what I was I good at
    • Was I currently providing value to people?  Yes, I knew Facebook ads and was managing ad campaigns for people.

2. Determine what your goal is and work backwards from it (what do you need to do to get to your goal?)

For me, I…

    • Was tired of not having a “real” business
    • Wanted to build an email list
    • Wanted to start making consistent money each month (my goal at the time was $5K/month)

3. Determine an email list building strategy (you gotta have people to sell to!)

For me, I…

    • Chose to do webinars where I taught people how to profit from Facebook ads.
    • As people registered for my webinars, I grew my email list.
      • If you don’t have a product to sell on your webinar you can build your email list by sharing and teaching your expertise for free — no pitch!
    • Don’t want do do webinars?
      • Send people to the content on your website and offer an opt-in there
      • Give away a PDF, video series, ebook, free coaching sessions, discount codes, coupons, etc…  Tons of opportunities to build your email list!

4. Come up with an offer to sell within your niche

For me, I…

    • Decided to create a training course to teach people how to simply create automated Facebook ads.
    • Outlined what I would include in the course but DID NOT create it.  I pre-sold it on the webinar first before ever creating it.

5. Create your list building offer (webinar slides/content/giveaway…) 

For me, I…

    • Outlined in Evernote what I would cover in the webinar
    • Used simple Powerpoint slides
    • For the webinar:
      • Intro: made a promise, qualified my experience
      • Content: taught great content
      • Pitch: offered my training course

6. Run Facebook ads to get people to the webinar or to your free content/giveaway

For me, I…

    • Created a landing page (webinar registration page) and thank you page with LeadPages
    • Integrated the registration page with aweber (I now use Infusionsoft)
    • Used GoToWebinar (tons of options for webinars: Google hangouts, Easy Webinar, Webinar Ninja, Webinar Jam…)

7. Sell your offer

For me, I… 

    • Sold my training course on the webinars
    • If you’re sending people to a free giveaway or content where they can opt-in to your email list, email them after they downloaded your stuff so you can build a relationship with them.  

Offer helpful content and value, build the relationship with your audience and THEN offer your product or service.

These are the exact steps I used to generate my first $30K in my business and it took 45 days.

I’m not saying you’re going to have the exact same results…

…I mean, you can, but what I AM saying is that when you break things down in to small step-by-step “wins” you can quickly build momentum and make progress.

It’s all about momentum. 

Talk soon,

Rick Mulready

P.S. – Tomorrow I’m going to take you behind the scenes of how I hired the coach who helped me get all this momentum (I think he finally said yes because he was tired of me asking) and then how as soon as I wrote the check to get this help, the little voice inside my head kicked in and said holy s#*& what did you just do?!