#64: Dealing With A ​Banned Ads​ Account (and how to sell more products with paid traffic) - Rick Mulready

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#64: Dealing With A ​Banned Ads​ Account (and how to sell more products with paid traffic)

November 23, 2015

It’s the worst nightmare when you buy website traffic:

Ending up with a banned ads account.

These days, the biggest paid traffic sources have to go through extra lengths in order to insure quality to play by strict FTC laws.

But, even when you’re playing by the rules, you (and your trusty source of paid traffic) are still at the mercy of the Googles, Facebooks, and Twitters of the world.

Today’s Art of Paid Traffic guest learned that the hard way…

And he’s here today to help you avoid getting a banned ads account from Google.

Charles Kirland is the founder of Media Buyer Association.

He’s is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how – forged by years of experience of failures, testing, tweaking, and succeeding.

Here are just a few things you’re going to get out of today’s episode:

  • The effect that a $9 SSL certificate can have on not only your paid traffic and conversions but also being found by Google and email delivery
  • Why proving that you’re valuable is the future of paid advertising (and how to leverage this to get quality leads when you buy website traffic)
  • How to avoid losing valuable paid traffic sources from day 1 (while strategically increasing the quality of your opt-ins)
  • What KEY things Google dislikes to see when you’re running ads (that puts you at risk of losing Google as a paid traffic source all together)
  • The HUGE mistake you MUST avoid when submitting your landing pages to Google
  • How to ‘inspire confidence’ in your website copy (and what you might want to remove in order to be on good terms with your paid traffic sources)
  • The strategy that will help you continue getting leads and sales when you have a banned ads account (especially if you have multiple businesses)
  • How to setup an opt-in sequence that attracts high-quality email subscribers (and being seen as a credible website in the eyes of the biggest search engines)
  • One of the most powerful kinds of content you offer on your site (that sets you apart from other websites and scammers all over the world)

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