Episode #240:

How to Ensure your Ad Campaign is Profitable (Everytime) with Tom Breeze

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A little about Rick...

A quick “blurb” about me, so you have some context about this cheat sheet…

I’m known by many as the go-to guy for Facebook ads, which I find both very cool and also humbling.

I’ve been in the online advertising space a LONG time -- 18 years to be exact.

After leaving the corporate world in 2012, where I worked for the likes of AOL, Yahoo!, and Funny or Die, I started my own online business teaching Facebook ads to businesses.

If I carried business cards in my pocket, which I don’t…

...my title would say something professional like, “Online Marketing Strategist & Host of The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast”...

I’ve been told I’m kind of awesome at breaking complex topics (like Facebook™ ads) into bite-sized Reeses pieces you can digest easily—E.T. style.

And my #1 goal is to teach you how to scale your business through consistent leads, income and freedom in your own business through Facebook ads, simply and in less time.

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