3 Business Lessons I’ve Learned from My 3 Year Old Daughter

rick mulready

3 Business Lessons I’ve Learned from My 3 Year Old Daughter

April 15, 2022


I am back with another quick tip episode. These episodes have tips or strategies you can use to help you grow your online business so you can have a bigger impact and increase your revenue in the process. 

Being a dad to a 3-year-old is no easy task. My daughter Maya teaches me new things every day, and I still am not sure I know what I am doing as a dad! However, she has taught me some really interesting lessons about business along the way too that have helped me a lot.

In this short episode, I am sharing those lessons with you. These are lessons that I have been reminded of while I have watched her grow up. Regardless of where you are in your life or business, I know you will benefit from them and think about them often after listening.

From not caring so much about what other people think about us and our businesses to seeing everything through the lens of a beginner, you will be surprised how much a 3-year-old can shift your perspective.

I thought this episode would be fun and a little bit different to share, and I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, I would love it if you would leave a quick rating and review for the show over on Apple Podcasts. It is so helpful, and I read them all!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:05] Rick

Hey my friend, welcome to the Art of Online Business Podcast. My name is Rick Mullaney and I’m an online business coach. I’m an ad’s expert, and most importantly, I’m a dad. And this show is where we help established online course creators and coaches create more profit, more impact with less hustle. All right, let’s get into it. Hey. Hey, what’s up, my friends? Welcome to a Friday quick tip episode here on the show. Thanks so much for tuning in today. Super appreciate you. So what I want to do on today’s episode is share with you three business lessons from my three year old daughter. Now, no, I’m not going to have Maya here on the podcast at this point. Maybe a little bit later I’ll have run. That’d be amazing. But three business lessons that I have sort of been reminded of as I watch my daughter grow up. And so at the time recording this, Maya will be she’s almost three and a half years old, which is just blows my mind because it’s growing, going so fast. And I still don’t have any idea what I’m doing as a dad. But I want to share with you some lessons here that I think are great reminders for all of us, regardless of where we are at in our business journey. And so the first business lesson that I have been reminded of through Maya’s eyes is Maya does not care one bit what anybody thinks. 


She just does her thing. She’s very independent and she just does things that that bring her joy. And she just goes for it, like she’ll sing at the top of her lungs. Regardless of where we’re at, she will just start singing and she is just in so much joy at that point. Or just yesterday, for example, of when I’m recording this perfect example, she’ll just start dancing in the middle of Target, right? Just rocking it out. You know, she pressed some button on a toy. It was a song and she just starts grooving. There’s all kinds of people around. I love it. So she doesn’t care what anybody thinks. She does her thing and she goes for it. So here’s the business lesson in that so often we hold back on doing something in our business that feels right, and we don’t do it because we fear judgment or we fear what others might say about what we are doing or we’re putting out or creating. For example, we’re afraid to start a podcast or start a YouTube channel because we fear people’s judgment, right? When what if doing that podcast or creating those videos could be the best thing for your business? I know that this here podcast and I’ve been granted I’ve been podcasting for a very long time, I’ve been podcasting since 2013 before I officially got going actually in the business. But this has been the best thing that I’ve ever done for my business. 


And so I still feel I’m 600 episodes in here. I still feel like a beginner when I’m doing this and feel like I really don’t know what I’m doing in terms of, Oh man, I had to do 17 takes to even get into the episode here today or whatever it might be, right? So what if it were just doing what you feel is right for your business and not holding back because you fear what others might say? And so here’s a little tip. 

Here’s a little insight. You are going to be judged regardless of what you’re doing. Regardless, it is just human nature. Right. You’re listening to this episode right now, judging me in some way. That’s okay, right? That’s okay. Positive or negative or neutral, whatever it might be. You have an opinion on it. It is just human nature. We walk into a Starbucks, we’ll hopefully we’re walking into a better quality coffee shop. But you walk into a coffee shop, right? You’re being judged by people there. And so when we can understand that, hey, the judgment’s going to happen regardless, it is just human nature, it makes it a little bit easier just to keep going forward because, hey, we know what’s going to happen, let’s do our thing right. Or we do things in our business just because we’ve been told for years that that’s what we’re supposed to do, right? Even though it doesn’t align with what feels right. 


And by the way, along those lines, when you do what everybody else is doing, it is much easier to get lost in all the noise. Right? So another example of just doing your thing and not caring what other people think about what you’re doing right. And in keeping that independence. So what if you optimize your business so that you are spending the majority of your time in your what I like to call the CEO activities in your zone of genius, your revenue producing activities, meaning these are the things that bring you joy. These are the things that are most important. And then you delegate the rest of the stuff in your business. You delegate ownership of everything else in your business that is outside of your CEO activities, outside of your zone of genius, outside of your revenue producing activities, all the same thing and delegated ownership of the rest of everything in your business to other people. Right. What if you did that? What would that open up for you and allow you to be staying in your lane and. Doing your thing. Your business will grow a lot more quickly as a result of that. So that’s the first lesson. The second lesson that I’ve learned from my daughter that is extremely relevant to business is Maya sees everything through the lens of a beginner’s mind. There’s a whole book called I think it’s just called A Beginner’s Mind.


There’s actually a lot of books called that have to do with the Beginner’s Mind that when she’s trying to do something specific and it’s not working out the way that she wants, she’ll get frustrated and she’ll, like, scream a little bit or stomp her foot or whatever. But pretty quickly she then looks for other ways to accomplish whatever it is that she’s trying to do. She’s understanding quickly that there’s not just one way to do something, and she’s approaching it through the lens of a beginner’s mind because she doesn’t have any preconceived notions, like she doesn’t have any expectations about what she’s looking to do because she’s three, right? She’s curious and she’s open to all kinds of possibilities. Once she realizes that, however, she was trying to accomplish something, wasn’t working out the way that she wanted it to. And then she realizes that there’s a whole bunch of different ways to do something right. So here’s the business lesson in this. In seeing things through the lens of a beginner’s mind, my friend, there is no blueprint to a seven figure business. There’s no one right way to do something. For example, being taught that webinars are the only way to sell a course. That’s a disservice to you. That is a disservice to you. Do they work? Hell, yes, they work, absolutely. But you might try a webinar and completely hate the experience, right? I know tons of people where that’s the experience, but then you might be open to other kinds of possibilities. 


Again, through the beginner’s mind. And you might try a paid workshop, or you might try a paid challenge and you just crush it. Right? And you have so much more fun in the process. I have that exact situation going on with a few of our accelerator coaching members where, you know, they like, you know, they keep hearing webinar, webinar or webinar. And don’t get me wrong, I built my business on webinars years ago, but then I was like kind of getting bored of this. I want to try something new and oh, this works really well over here, and it’s about finding what works for you and never know. That might even work even better than a webinar. For example, in this hypothetical here, I did a podcast episode recently here on the show where I talked about why live launching is actually hurting your business and your potential customers. Live Launching, for example, is another example that has been taught for years as the best way to sell your offer. And it it might be right. I built my business again on live launching, but there are plenty of other ways that work extremely well, if not better. Right? But if you were caught in the tunnel vision of there’s only one right way to do this, you’re not going to be open to trying other things that can absolutely work too. 


And you might enjoy more in order to succeed in your business. Whatever success looks like to you, you have to be willing to approach things with a beginner’s mind open to possibilities. Testing and failing testing and failing. Testing and failing. Because the more that you are failing, the closer you are to figuring it out in your business. So the third lesson, this is a fun one third business lesson that I learned from my daughter pretty much every day. Right, is that you were always selling. You’re always selling regardless of what you’re doing, you’re always selling. Maia is like, become a master negotiator. I don’t really know where she got it from, but if you say like, okay, five more minutes on the TV or whatever it is, she’ll come back and say, ten more minutes, you know? And it’s like a negotiation at that point, you know, we always end up back on five, but it’s a negotiation. Or if she says, Here, Daddy, try this. Right, and I’ll say, No, no, thank you. I’m not I don’t want that right now. She’s like, Just try just one. And she kind of like holds up her finger. She’s like, Just try one, right? She’s always trying to sell. She’s always negotiating in some way, regardless of what it is that that she’s that she’s involved with. It’s it’s so funny to watch. 


I mean, and she’s three years old, right? She’s learning at a very young age. I say to Amy, I was like, She is. And we’re not going to force her in any one direction, but I would love to see her as an entrepreneur, you know, and again, I’m not forcing her in that in any way, but just how she’s handling different situations where she’s always selling meaning. She’s trying to trying to negotiate with you a little bit. I think it’s hilarious. And so the lesson here is we are always as business owners selling and of course, yes, I’m talking about your course or your membership or your coaching program or your resources or whatever it might be. But you’re also selling with your team or with contractors or with a sponsor or whatever it might be. You’re always selling. In some way. I’m selling you right now as I deliver this podcast episode to you. I’m not selling to you. But going back to what I mentioned before, there’s a judgment going on. You are listening to this right now. And if this is your first episode, welcome, my friend, by the way. Thank you for listening. If this is your first episode, you’re like I either. Okay, I kind of like Rick and I kind of like the value of these delivering in his personality and so forth. Yeah, I’m going, I’m going to give this a try again. I’m going to maybe I’m going to hit that subscribe button and listen to more episodes. 


Or you might be like, This is not for me. I know who this dude is, but this is not a podcast for me. Okay, cool. Right. But the way that I am showing up is I am selling in a way, but indirectly, right? I’m delivering value. And that is a way of selling because you are making a decision whether you like this, whether you like me, whether you want to continue listening, whether this is you’re hitting stop right now and never listening again. That’s cool, too. But you were always selling, my friend. And the key here when you’re selling is to you want both sides to feel like they’ve one, right? This is not like trying to get power. Get the power right. It’s like, no, you want to help the people that you’re trying to help, right? And in order for them to be all in on the transformation that they’re really wanting to have skin in the game, they need to invest in that. Right. And so it’s your job to help them make that decision whether yes or no. So again, it’s selling, but there’s just different ways to look at it from when you’re selling. I’ll keep you updated on how Maia’s doing as far as her selling and selling tactics and stuff like that. It’s hilarious. I love it. So anyway, I’d love to hear from you.


Do you like this? Did you like this episode? This was something that I was like I thought would be fun and a little bit different here in the show and really kind of showcase. Give me some insight into my daughter types of things that she’s doing where she’s at as far as growth and so forth, and then compare the things that she’s doing and liken it to a lot of great business lessons that we can be reminded of. And it’s just a lot of fun, right? When we approach our business from especially that beginner’s mind, from possibility that there’s no one right way to do something and that if it’s not working, yeah, we can look to optimize it. But there comes a point where it’s like, okay, let’s take a step back here and figure out, get a broader picture of the possibilities. Okay. So there you have it, my friend. Thank you, as always, for tuning in today. If you’ve not already, please make sure to subscribe to the podcast on whatever platform that you’re listening to so you don’t miss any episodes here in the show. And if you haven’t already, I would love it. If you leave a quick rating and review for the show over on Apple Podcasts is still very helpful. I read them all. Appreciate you. Thank you in advance for doing that. And until next time, be well, my friend, and I’ll talk to you soon. 

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