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3 Effective Organic Marketing Ideas You’re Probably Overlooking

October 7, 2022

Welcome to Organic October!

All month long, I’m going to be talking about organic marketing strategies for your business. Now, ads are still 100% effective even though they are different than they used to be. However, in this episode of Art of Online Business, I’m sharing some organic marketing methods you can use instead.  

In this episode, you’ll learn three of the most effective organic marketing strategies that you are probably overlooking. I’m sharing what they are, why they’re important, and some of their cons as well. 

It all starts with delivering excellent service and results that will keep people coming back and sending referrals your way. For each of the strategies I’m sharing, you can set up systems to make them more seamless so you can grow your business on autopilot. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of fulfillment
  • The four systems you have to focus on in your business
  • Connecting with people who have engaged in the past
  • How to do shadow sessions for your audience


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And he. Has grown an amazingly. Successful. Online business in a very short amount of time. He has an online course and a membership, and he’s done it all organically, no paid ads. And the reason I’m spending. This. Whole month of October on organic marketing. Ideas is because this. Is something I. Get asked about all the time, right? We know that we can. Do ads as a 100%. My friends are. Still effective, right? Are they different than. They were two years ago? Of course. Are they different than they were ten months ago? Yeah, they are, unfortunately. But if. You want to be incorporating more organic marketing strategies and channels into your business, then this episode is going to be. Really helpful for you. Especially because. When I’m coaching in my business, one of the things. That I love helping you with is see. Things in your business. That you’re often overlooking. And we all. Are so. Close to our own businesses that we miss. Things. It’s completely natural and we need. That extra set. Of eyes on our business. To. Be showing you. What those. Opportunities. Are. And that’s that’s. Exactly what I’m going to be doing. Here for you today, is. Sharing with. You three really effective. Organic marketing ideas. That you’re probably overlooking. Remember, I talk about all the time here on the. Show, we’ve got to be diversifying our traffic, right? So that you’re not just doing. One platform, you’re not just running ads on one platform, you’re just not doing. Just a podcast or just a YouTube channel or what have you, right? That you are. Diversifying and. Leverage. That’s the key word here. You’re leveraging. What you’re doing in your business, and that’s. Exactly what these three points are here. So the. First one. Is. It’s the most important aspect of your business. And I’ve talked. About it here in the. Podcast. But the third. One I’m going to share with you is my.

Favorite. Right now, and I’ll explain more about that here in just a second. So the first. One. By the way, I want to share pros. And cons of each one as well. So the first effective. Organic marketing. Idea that we. Often. Overlook is. Fulfillment. Fulfillment. So as I often talk about, there are four. Systems that you’ve got to be. Focusing on in your business. Right? And I’ve. Done a whole episodes. On these systems, your marketing system. So how you attract people to your business, your sales system, how do you take people. From just being in your business, if. You will, to paying customers? Then our. Fulfillment system. So once they become a paying customer. What does that process look like? What does that experience like? Once they give you their. Credit card number and they become a paying customer, then the fourth system is your. Operations, right? So your. Operations. Is the the. System in your business in which you know your systems and. Processes, your. Team. Etc., that support the other three. Systems that I just mentioned sales, marketing and fulfillment. And on previous. Episodes, I’ve told the story that. In June, when we. Had our accelerator retreat. In. Vegas, I asked people to. Rank, if you. Will. The most important system that I just mentioned to you in order. Like. Starting with the most important. And I had members of my team up at the front of the room. They had large Post-it pieces of paper. That they were holding up, and each one, one person said it had fulfillment, one person said sales, one person said marketing and operations. And I. Said, All right, let’s put people. Let’s put these in. Order. In which you think is the most important aspect in system in the business. And people went right to. Marketing, then went to sales, then went to fulfillment, and then they put. Sales first. Everything. And then one person said, No, no. Wait, move. Fulfillment. To the first spot. 

And I was. Like, ding, ding, ding. Yes, absolutely. My friend. This is the. Most important. Aspect of your business, because if you’re. Not delivering on. Results that you are. Selling. If you’re. Not delivering on the promise of. Whatever it. Is that you’re selling, then you’re not. Going to have a very. You’re not going to. Have a business for for very long, not to. You know, not to sugarcoat things. Here. And so. It might be asking, well, Rick. What does this have to do with. An organic marketing strategy? Well, if. You’re getting results. For people, if you’re. Fulfilling, truly fulfilling on the promise. That you. Are selling. People on. Then. The results. Are going to take care of themselves. You’re getting the. Results for people. People are going to stay with you longer. They’re going to buy other offers from you. If you have. Additional offers, they’re going to. Refer other people to you because other people are going to. Start asking like, Wait, what are you doing? Why are you having. So much. Success? What types of things are you doing? You know, they’re going to be like, Oh. I’m learning over here from from this person. And the program is amazing. And they’re like, okay, where do I sign up? So fulfillment. Is. The most important aspect. But it’s also. One of the most. Effective organic. Marketing strategies. Because you’re not. Paying. For ads. You are simply. Delivering. Hopefully simply. Delivering on the. Results that you have promised for your offer or offers. And this is one of the things, while people. Won’t be like, well, Rick. This isn’t really this isn’t really an organic marketing. Well, the whole idea. Of organic marketing is to bring new. People into your. World, into your business, and start building a relationship with them, start connecting with people. Well, if you’re fulfilling. If you’re getting results. For people already. They will either. Again, just to. 

Repeat. They’re going to. Stay with your business longer. So if you’ve. Got a. Membership, for example. They’re going to keep staying with you. They’re going to stay sign up for a year or. Keep doing the monthly and not leave because they’re getting amazing. Results and they. Are far more likely. To buy other offers that you’re selling. We’re in business, right? So we need to be selling things. And it’s this is one of those examples where this is. Right in front of. Us, but yet we often overlook it. And again, if we’re getting results. For people, they’re going to start talking to. Their friends. Their colleagues or what have you or. Whatever it might be, and they’re going to be referring. Other people because you get results. So that is the first. Organic marketing idea that I really want you to think about. And we’ll go into this much more deeply on a on a future episode. But the key here is to put. Systems in. Place. In your business. So that referrals. Are happening on a consistent. Basis, that you are. Cross-selling to. People where. It makes sense in your business. And also. Just not to state the obvious, but just. Providing an amazing experience. For people in your business. You want to differentiate yourself. Unfortunately, this is like it. Really can be. As easy as this is. Just treat people with. Give them the most amazing experience in your business and get them. Results like your business will take care of itself literally. When that. Happens. Now, as far as the con goes to this, there is none, right? This is why you’re in business. To get people results. So there’s no con here. I would say probably if I’m. Looking for one. It is. Yeah. You’re going to have to take. Time and. Resources to set. Up systems in the business. To get. Referrals and cross-sell and all that. Sort of thing. So fulfillment. Get results. People are going to stay longer. 

They will buy other. Offers from you and they’re going to. Refer other people. Referrals are the best, you know, best word of mouth type of. Traffic that you can get coming into your business. I can’t talk right. Now, so. That’s number one. Number two. Super effective. Organic marketing. Idea that you’re probably overlooking is past people. Who have shown interest in your. Offer. Again, we’re not going out and getting new people. We’re not spending money to bring. New. People. Into the business. We are. Looking right within our business. Our existing. Business. Where we have people already there. Right. And these are. People. There’s people on your on your email list, Right. That are that have. Shown interest in your offers. So if you sell. A coaching program, for. Example, that people have to apply to. Then. You have past. Applicants. That. For one reason or another decided not to enroll in your program. You can go back to them and reengage with them. They’ve shown interest. Already. Why not revisit. Connecting with them again? If you do wait lists, if you have wait lists for your program or. Coaching or. Membership or whatever it is that you. Are doing in the business, maybe they didn’t purchase in the past and they were on the waitlist. They were one of the. First ones to raise their hand, say, Yeah, I’m interested, I want to be the first to know. And they. Decided for whatever. Reason, right? They decide it wasn’t the best time for them. Great opportunity for you to go back and. Revisit. And reconnect with them. Another way to connect with past people. Have shown interest is people have signed up. If you do launches in your. Business, people who. Have signed up. For. A launch in the. Past but who never bought those people have. Raised their hand. They registered for whatever you. Were doing in your. Business, whether it was. Simply joining your email list or signing up for a webinar.

Or a. Challenge or whatever. It might be. They’ve raised their hand in the past and said, Yeah, I’m interested in this. But again. For whatever. Reason. They chose not to to buy, well, you can go revisit that. Conversation and start reengaging. Those people. Same exact thing if you’ve done workshops before. Whether paid or free people have. Signed up for. Workshops. Workshops are great opportunities to. Make an offer on the back end. Of that workshop. And people who. Decided not to enroll in. Whatever it is that. You’re offering. Again, great opportunity to reconnect with them and revisit. Another often overlooked opportunity. That if you’re. Doing an evergreen funnel, whether you’re doing an evergreen webinar, whether you’re doing an evergreen video training, whatever it might. Be, people who. Sign up. For your. Evergreen webinar or your evergreen training or. Whatever it is, but they don’t buy. They go through all the way through your funnel. And they don’t. Purchase every 30 to 60 days or so. You have an opportunity to reconnect with them and remake, make. Offer to them. Same exact offer. Maybe you position it a little bit differently and. You have that opportunity to do that. You could do a. Live webinar for them, you could. Do a live. Training or. A video like a recorded. Video training. You could do a workshop. It could. Be a simple email. Campaign. Right. You’re paying for people in that in that way. Already to go through. Your funnel. And we often think. Oh, our funnel is broken because. Somebody didn’t shell. Out. $1,000. After, you know, after. Being on your. List for two days. Right. We have to remember, we. We have to build that. Relationship with them and. Add value to. Them and connect. With. Them on. Their level, serve. Them. And when they’re. Ready to to purchase. If it makes sense for them, then they get to they get to make that decision. 

And that decision may not come in a. Five day period of. Your evergreen funnel, but maybe they might be ready. 30. Days from. Now or 60. Days from now. And so many so many of. Us don’t. Even reengage those. People Once they go through the funnel, they’re like, oh, they. Go on my, you know, my regular email list now my my. Weekly podcast. Email that we send. Out, right. Not we don’t do that, but you get my point every 30 to 60 days. You should be reengaging them in some way, invite them to something and you can make the same offer to them. And maybe they’re they’re ready now. But again, don’t miss that opportunity to reengage with them. Because. They’re already on your email list. You paid for them. A while ago. Now they’re here. Build that. Relationship with them and reengage with them. Every 30 to 60 days or so. Now, those are super, super effective. Let me go through those really quick. Right again. So so the. Second organic marketing. Idea that you’re probably. Overlooking is. Past people who. Have shown an interest in your. Offer. So apply. Applicants. To a program or whatever it is. If you’ve got people on wait lists from past. Wait lists. I don’t mean six. Years. Ago. I mean, you know, maybe it’s in the past 12. Months people. Have signed. Up for if you do launches, if they’ve. If they’ve signed up for launch and they never. Bought if people signed up for a workshop that you do. And they. Never bought, people register for that. Evergreen webinar. Or. Evergreen training or evergreen whatever, and they choose not. To buy. Well, reengage with them. Don’t just like say, all right, see. You later. You’re just going to go on my my weekly email campaign. You they like they raise their. Hand for a reason. Reengage with them. It’s a great, great. Opportunity that so many. Of us overlook. Now, the cons to all. 

This, right, is to. Really find leverage in this. Strategy. It does take setting up a system for. Making this sort. Of follow up easy. But it’s a great use of. Your time. Because these are people that are already. In. Your. Environment and in your business. Already, and it’s just. Following up with them again. Because for, you know, for. Whatever reason, they chose not to move. Forward. Previously. And so. Hey, let’s let’s revisit. Right. All right. So the third effective. Organic marketing idea. That you’re probably. Overlooking and this is my favorite one right now, and I say right now. Because this. Has come up, you know, some of our accelerator members. Have shared. Doing this recently. With a lot of success. And this is something that. I started. Doing in my business. Probably three no longer. Than that almost. Four years ago. And I call them Shadow Sessions. And that is no matter. What niche that you’re in, I’m sure there is something that you can do in your business that your audience would. Love for you to watch you do. So set up a Zoom call. Invite people to it. And with. People. Watching on Zoom. Do whatever it is that you’re going to do. And you can share your screen or you can make it an event. If you will. But whatever it is that. You’re doing. You’re talking through it. You’re giving people behind the scenes. Maybe you can invite their contribution towards. Whatever it is that you’re. Creating or doing on Zoom, and it gives them insight. Into what you are all about. It allows you to. Extend the connection and the relationship, and. It’s great for building relationships. And adding value and establishing. Credibility. And just giving people the the opportunity. To say. Hey, come on. Let’s go hang out. And I’m going to be doing. This. Come watch me do it. I’m going to teach you what I’m doing and you can give me your feedback, You can ask questions. 

And I started doing this. About four years ago. When I was doing these what. I call. Shadow sessions. When I was recording podcast episodes where. I would invite people on. I think I was doing it on Zoom. I’d invite people. Or I would live. Stream it. Basically I was, Do I forget what tool I was using at the time? And I’d do Facebook lives. And. People would be. Watching me. Record. An episode just like I’m doing right now on video. Live. And they. Could be offering comments like. I. Could like, Hey, can you make. Sure you ask your guest ask dude this. Question. And it’s. It’s a really cool. Experience in exchange because. It’s like. They’re taking part in the interview and. I use squad cars. Right. And squad. Cars has the to. Record my interviews. By the way, I use squad cars. And one of. The features that they have is that. You can invite. People. On. To watch your to take part exactly what I just said, do like a shadow. Session. With you. And so no matter what niche that you’re in, whether you’re in gardening, whether. You’re. In the teaching space. Whether. You are helping people plan. Whether you’re teaching people how to do hairstyles, whatever it is. These can be really, really effective. And you just have a. Call to action when you do. These. And I have. A lot of members doing this, these types of things right. Now with a whole lot of success. And it’s. Really just kind of taking what I was doing, you. Know, several years ago when I was sort of live. Streaming. Podcast episodes. And taking. It to a whole other level where you’re like, How cool would it be? And I’ll probably do this pretty soon, is to. Invite you on. To. Watch. Me sort of break. Down a business. If you will. And. Share the big. Opportunities that.

Exist in it to just scale. The business and to cut back the number of. Hours that the CEO is working right. And you just come on and ask me questions and I’m doing it in real time. And, you know, and I can be like, Hey, if you want me to do this for your. Business, then. Go over to. Rick Mulraney. For its cash accelerator. And. You know, fill out the short application. So shadow sessions, do them in your business and invite people to them. Like don’t just all of a sudden say. You know, unless you have a. Huge audience, don’t all of a sudden say, hey, I’m going to I’m going to jump on. Here. Come join me, know, let people know, like send an email out. To your to your list. Or put it out on social media and let people know that you’re going to do this sort of thing. These are really effective. So shadow sessions, as. Far as a con. Goes, you know, I really. Don’t find a con. If you will, with. Doing these. Especially if you’re. Already going to be doing. Whatever it is that. You’re inviting people. To watch. You’re already doing it. So invite people to come join you and. You. Keep doing it and let them ask questions and. Have a call to action. It’s really, really fun. And it’s. A great way to let people. In share, people share behind the scenes and. So forth. So shadow. Sessions, my. Friend. All right, so let’s recap the three effective organic. Marketing ideas that. You’re probably overlooking. Fulfillment. Just get people results and that itself will take care of itself. In growing your business. Getting more people to the business and customers. Number two, pass people who have. Shown interest in your. Offer. Like we just talked about. Applicants wait. Lists, people who have registered for your. Evergreen funnel, what. Have you. And then shadow sessions. Three really great strategies. That are not often that are that are not often that. 

Are not only often overlooked, but people don’t really talk about these types of strategies. And again, these are in addition. To. If you’re doing a podcast, if you’re doing YouTube, if you’re doing Tik Tok. Or whatever, it might be all really effective. Oftentimes, you know, instead of chasing. Shiny objects, let’s look at what. We have right in front of us. To really scale our business with a whole lot of leverage, which is exactly what we’re. Talking about here. Today. Hi, my friend. Thank you for tuning in today. Appreciate you. As always. Until next time, we’re going to. Continue October, organic. October here on the. Show. Be well, my friends, I’ll talk to you soon.

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