5 Reasons a Personality Quiz Should Be Your Next Lead Magnet with Linda Sidhu

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5 Reasons a Personality Quiz Should Be Your Next Lead Magnet with Linda Sidhu

August 11, 2021

Do you use a personality quiz as a lead magnet in your business? 

Some business owners ask me if quizzes are dead. My guest in this episode, Linda Sidhu, is here to share with us her expertise on quizzes (specifically personality-based quizzes) and tell us why they aren’t at all dead!

We’re breaking down exactly why it’s important to have a quiz that allows you to learn as much as possible about the person taking the quiz, how to use their responses to serve them in the best way possible, and how to make it really fun for them.

Linda Sidhu is a list-building expert and strategic partner with Interact (the quiz platform), who helps entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that bring in hundreds of new subscribers on autopilot.

As a former top ten pharmaceutical sales representative, she had extensive training in personality types. She took the same methods that worked for selling products face-to-face and turned them into a personality quiz framework that converts views to leads at 70% and helps craft personalized marketing for her customers. Linda has been featured in Interact’s quiz marketing podcast and the #prettyawkward entrepreneur podcast.


On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • If quizzes are as effective as they used to be
  • What personality quizzes do for the user and business owner
  • The percentage of leads that come from quizzes on average
  • How long a quiz should be
  • Examples of how to structure answers
  • How to use the results of personality quizzes 
  • The best way to name your quiz


Quizzes are one of the best list-building strategies that you can do in your business, so I really hope this episode motivates you to take advantage of them!

I want to remind you to check out the quiz that I put together! It will help you uncover invisible roadblocks in your business that are very likely tripping you up and keeping you from gaining the traction and the momentum that you really want and need. 

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