Lead Generation

A Simple Way to Increase Facebook Ad Conversions while Paying Less

Want higher conversion rates on your Facebook ads?

Want to lower the CPC or CPM that you’re paying?

Improve your headline and ad copy and you’ll give  yourself a better
chance of accomplishing both.

How you ask?

Check this out…

I saw one of those neon flashing “Open” signs on an old  run-down restaurant
the other day.

It caught my attention but after seeing the restaurant I had  zero desire to eat there.

It made me think of FB ads (geeky, I know) and how many times you see an image in an ad on Facebook that catches your attention but just as quickly you move on because neither the headline nor ad copy got you to take action.

Not only do you need to have a great, eye-catching image, but your headline and ad copy must read so your audience takes the action you want them to take.  

99.9% of the ads I work on and see on Facebook want you to take an action (read, click) so give people a clear reason to do this!

Facebook LOVES when people click on your ads (they make money this way, of course) and thus reward you with increased delivery and charging you lower CPCs and CPMs.

So many ads that I see on Facebook these days make no sense.  They’re unclear and ambiguous and there is no clear call-to-action.

It’s no wonder so many people complain about losing money on their Facebook ads – the ads stink!

Help is here…

In my latest video, I review the secrets of headlines and ad copy that get people to take action.  

I also share examples of ads that I’m currently seeing on Facebook that I think ROCK and others that, well, could use some help.

You’ll find the video here:


Tips & Tricks you’ll find in the video (and where to find them):

– One way to make your headline more personal and engaging for your audience (2:14)

– Current examples of ad headlines that ROCK (3:27)

– Current examples of headlines that need some help (5:17)

– Elements you MUST include in your ad copy (6:43)

– How to create a sense of urgency in your ad copy (7:40)

– Increase your click-through by using these words and punctuation (8:10)

– Why your ad copy may be a reason Facebook isn’t approving your ad (8:38)

– Current examples of ad copy that ROCKs (8:54)

– Current examples of ad copy that doesn’t rock so much and why (10:50)

Again, here’s the link to the video:

Help us learn from your success.  Leave a comment below the video with an example of a headline and/or ad copy that’s working well for you!

Keep rockin’ your Facebook Ads.