Facebook Advertising

A “Stealthy” Facebook Ads Targeting Strategy That’s Super Effective

I’ve heard this strategy of targeting your Facebook ads as “ninja” or “stealthy.”

I’ve also heard it called creepy or “desperate.”

I like to think of it as smart – when used properly.

Unfortunately, so many people overlook it when setting up their “Precise Interest” targeting.

What is it?

Targeting your ads to Fans of other people’s Facebook pages.

Were you aware that you could do this?  I hope so because it can be really effective.

Whatever your business niche is, brainstorm other people who are in the same niche or might be in a parallel one.  I bet there is a ton of people you could come up with.

When you have your list of people, put them in the “Precise Interest” field to see if they are options to target.

Say your business is selling skateboards.  In addition to targeting the obvious interest of skateboards, X-Games, skateboarders, etc., it might also be a good idea to target Fans of Tony Hawk or the Olympic snowboarder Shaun White.

You can’t get much more targeted than that!

I will give you a heads-up, though, unfortunately not EVERYONE’s pages that you might want to target Fans of will show up as an option.

I explain why here:


If you’re already a ninja and knew you could target people who are Fans of other people’s pages, how often does the following happen?

You enter a person’s name in the Precise Interest field, you see that you can target them, but the “reach” number in the right column doesn’t equal the number of Fans that person has.

Sound familiar?

Tips on helping solve that issue as well as a couple other cool ideas for you are in this short video (2min 30sec):


PS – If you’re going to target people who are Fans of a specific person’s page, I don’t recommend making a direct reference to that person in your ad.  It can come across as creepy and quickly turn off your audience.

Don’t be creepy. 🙂