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How Aaron Pearson Grew His FB Ads Business from $5K/mo to $25K/mo

October 3, 2018

A while back I had someone join my Facebook Ad Manager program, and in one of the very first conversations I had with him, he told me that it was his goal to be a case study here on the podcast. Guess what? Aaron Pearson has come full circle and he’s here to talk today about how he’s grown his Facebook Ads business from about $5,000 a month in revenue to around $25,000 at this time.

He talks a lot about how his company is able to be so successful in marketing their business in a small market based near Plano, Texas. If you think you need to be in a big city to run a successful Facebook Ads business, you’re wrong, and Aaron shares why today…

Aaron also reveals how he gets his business in front of the right prospective clients, what percentage of budget his team uses for creative when working with a client, his advice for new Facebook Ad managers, and a whole lot more.

Aaron is a great example of why becoming a student of marketing is essential to growing a thriving Facebook Ads business. You’re going to hear about his big plans and future vision for his company, but also how you don’t need a big budget to get started. As long as you have a laptop, an Internet connection, and a willingness to learn and try new things out you could also be well on your way to doing the same.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Some of the challenges they faced in the first year of business, and how they were able to build the confidence and evolve their marketing strategies since then
  • The ways they find local businesses with advertising dollars to spend, and the actual pitches Aaron uses to convert them from prospect to client
  • Why his team is now focusing on videos and the format and makeup their using to find success using video ads
  • How they’ve been able to effectively niche down to local businesses in his area without limiting who they work with to one specific business or industry
  • Where he comes up with his ideas for campaign strategies and examples of successful funnels they’ve used for different clients they work with
  • What their team looks like now as they’ve grown the business from its humble beginnings, and how they decide which roles to hire for first

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode: – direct message for info on the Accelerator Group Coaching Program

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Book: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

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