👆👆 The one question you need to be asking yourself if you’ve built an online business, but can’t seem to break through the $10k, $20k, or 40k (or even $100k) month ceiling no matter how many hours you add to the work week...

Wanna know the biggest difference between the 7-figure online course creator or coach working only 25 hours a week…

...and the burnt-out entrepreneur whose profits have plateaued, no matter how much blood, sweat & stress they invest into growth?

Naaaaah. Not even close.

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✔️ You may think that moving away from 1:1 services, showing up on EVERY platform and creating countless courses gives them the best chance of success...

Nope. That’s not it either.

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✔️ You may think it’s all about list size… that having more {{ subscriber.first_name }}s and {{ subscriber.email_address }}es automatically gets them more sales...

It’d make sense… but that’s not it.

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✔️ You may think it’s the amount of time they’ve been in business… that hustling for years magically opens the doors to more freedom and fulfillment...

Creating more tasks and jobs, and problems, and headaches — without any real direction — will keep you running like a hamster on a Peloton towards a business that only exists on a vision board.


Sure, some of that helps...


- Brandi Mowles

“Rick is so amazing. He’s helped my business grow so much. He’s amazing—he gets to know you and your business inside out. He connects with us and gets us to another level where we believe we can do anything.”

On the journey to more revenue and more impact…

Maybe, just maybe, you’re doing too much?

I mean, you’ve already invested a solid $43.7k (and more hours than you’d like to count) on the type of information that SHOULD help you push past a million in revenue…

...even though some of it doesn’t work for your business and a lot of it contradicts the stuff you’ve already seen.

You’ve already tried to be the ads expert, marketing manager, content specialist, ops strategist AND public face of your business…

...because ALL those jobs are essential and NO ONE cares about your business more than you, right??

Everywhere you look for solutions, you’re either faced with more of the common-sense fluff you’ve already outgrown or the exclusive mastermind clubs that prioritize WHO you know when you’re just looking to improve WHAT you know.

All of the courses & memberships you joined two years ago were perfect for where you were then, but suddenly feels a little… entry-level.

The DIY funnel/CRM combo that you crossed your fingers and built with Kajabi, FB™ ads, and a spider web of zaps is looking a little… one-dimensional.

And you’re still following questionable tutorials from loud guys on YouTube™...

But by the end of your last launch (the one that made slightly more than the one before it, but nowhere near the amount you wrote on that sticky note) you were OUT of options, OUT of time, and OUT of energy...

I want to show you how to continue growing, not just as a business, but as a CEOan Optimized CEO.

Kwadwo came to the Accelerator with the goal of increasing his revenue, and... he did it by about 4 fold!

- Ashley Shaw

"I couldn't be more grateful for what I've learned from Rick and how its transformed our lives."

Ashley went from $10K/month to $30K in 3 months, had her first $100K month a year later, and at the year and a half mark hit 7-figures.

- Patti Firth

"I wouldn't have even dreamed this was possible 9 months ago!"

Within 9 months of joining Accelerator, Patti Firth’s revenue increased 60%.**

Kerry Egeler went from making $5k - $10k on a "good month" to an almost 6-figure launch of his course!

**All of our students come to our Accelerator coaching program with a varying degree of experience, expertise, and success. Their results may not be your results. Their journey may not be your journey. BUT, inside Accelerator, you will have everything you need to build the sales and marketing, mindset & systems and processes for the 7-figure version of your business.

The 3 invisible half-truths keeping a cap on your earning potential:

And before you can do that, here’s what you really need to know...

You need to balance your enthusiasm with a crystal-clear plan and resilient, scalable systems that are tailored to prioritize the business you’re building now AND the version you want to end up with. You need to OPTIMIZE.

If simplicity isn’t built into your business NOW, you won’t achieve it later, no matter how much revenue you earn.

You want to lead a streamlined & straightforward business, but the journey that you’re on looks about as obvious as a 73-step Ikea instruction manual.

After frantically reinventing your program (for the 6th time), starting your YouTube channel, launching new offers every other month, and trial-and-erroring your way through every piece of advice you’ve ever heard just to make enough money to cover your costs and pay yourself...

...there’s no way you could expect the end result to be smooth sailing.

The path to a simple business is complicated

You think...

Half-truth #1

You need to hire the integrator to create your profitable systems (and stop trying to train your VA), you need to bring on a copywriter to maximize your conversions (and stop spending weeks writing your launch emails), and you need to let go of the tasks someone else can do better.

Hint: If it’s outside your zone of genius, it probably shouldn’t be you.

You need to include high-level support in the most important parts of your business — delegating to high-level experts who are responsible for guaranteeing a result.

When you just hand over the execution, you become responsible for the planning, the training, and the quality control. The tasks you remove from your to-do list can take up more of your time & bandwidth, for longer.

Bottom line: you end up too busy to lead.

If you really want to grow, outsourcing doesn’t save you time. (There. I said it.)

You might think that delegating & managing every task gives you more control and oversight, but getting bogged down in the details reduces the control you have over the trajectory of your business… 

You can keep scaling by delegating tasks

You think...

Half-truth #2

Just because something worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. And half the time, you’re only seeing what that influencer wants you to see, not the shitshow behind the curtain. Because “shitshow” isn’t exactly profitable.

And even more than that, most people's successes (or shortcomings) aren’t always a reflection of how hard they’ve worked or what they’ve done. Everyone’s circumstance is affected by their access–or lack there of–to privilege and resources. So if someone’s “blueprint” doesn’t account for your lived experience...then it may not be for you.

You’ll grow as you apply the best strategies & systems for YOUR business, customize them with expert guidance, then test & tweak your way to success by measuring what’s working and what isn’t...

And at this stage in your business, identifying your problem IS the problem… you can’t fix something if you don’t know it’s broken.

The 7-figure business you’re building will have to stand out from the crowd. If there were a single, cookie-cutter, tried-and-tested way to get to that level, everyone would do it. They’d just lather, rinse, repeat, make a million dollars. ← And if they’re telling you that you can… run away. Fast!

You need to lean on coaches, colleagues, and your community to uncover your oversights & discover exactly what you have to do to make giant strides in your business.

Look around you… how many people have a business like yours?

And how many have the business, home life, and personal priorities you’re aiming for?

How many share your exact values, experience, and perspective?

Sure, there are some tactics that work across the board, but you can’t scale to record months by doing what everyone else has done. (Or even what you’ve done before.)

There’s a blueprint for scaling a 7-figure business

You think...

Half-truth #3

- Hallie Sherman

"I have been able to grow my team from random contractors to 4 team members. I can honestly say I'm now a CEO."

Hallie Sherman received mentorship in Accelerator that helped her business grow 200% in 6 months… in the middle of a global health crisis.


"There weren't a lot of people in my life who understood what I did, so being a part of this group and learning from them is all really exciting."

Are you in?

And that’s what I want for YOU.

That, my friends, is called OPTIMIZING.

I aimlessly scaled that business to 7-figures in less than 4 years, but quickly realized I was STILL working too many hours & moving further and further away from the life I wanted to live. 

And worse than that… both my mental health & relationships were at an all-time low. 

Until my daughter was born…

Becoming a father forced me to slow down, simplify my approach, systemize my business, and focus almost exclusively on the areas I enjoyed. Doing that gave me a way to run a sustainable, million dollar online course business & still close my laptop in time for dino shaped fries and hamburgers with my family every night.

After 12 years working on online marketing strategies for large corporate businesses and getting sick of working too many hours for people who didn’t understand my value or share my values, I KNEW I had enough expertise to launch my own FB ads business.

Hi, I’m Rick. And I like to keep it simple.

Do I slip back into my old ways sometimes? Absolutely. Anxiety and workaholism don’t disappear overnight. But at the end of the day–I have a strategy for a business that creates more impact and profit, with way less hustle. Allowing me to show up for myself and my family in the ways that I want and need.

As a coach, mentor, podcast host, and leader — with thousands of successful students — I light up when I get to work closely with YOU to uncover your oversights & remove the mental blocks that are holding you back from success.

But I know that any community that has potential for such massive impact, also has the ability to cause profound harm.

My team and I are committed to creating a culture and community that is safe for all members. We do this through:

Personal and company accountability: my team and I work with a DEI coach and consultant to help us continue to evaluate our language, practices, processes, and education

Creating the infrastructure, not just marketing

Inviting guest leaders and experts with different lived experiences to bring their expertise to youPersonal and company accountability: my team and I work with a DEI coach and consultant to help us continue to evaluate our language, practices, processes, and education

A closely monitored community with a zero tolerance policy for hate, intolerance, and discrimination in any way

Not tone policing or bypassing our members when they’re having a negative experience A closely monitored community with a zero tolerance policy for hate, intolerance, and discrimination in any way

Making VALUE-ALIGNED decisions FIRST, and ROI based decisions second

Using our privilege, access, and resources to fund, lift up, and provide opportunities for those who have traditionally been marginalized

So if that sounds like a place you’d enjoy growing in, we’d love to have you!

- Caitlin Mitchell

"I already feel that this has been the best investment we've made for our business... This has been by far the best experience I've had with any business coach."

Caitlin Mitchell has applied the lessons from Accelerator as she runs towards $3 million in yearly revenue while working only 20 hours a week.

• Implement a predictable, repeatable, scalable system for earning more consistent revenue

• Have a simple & profitable strategy aligned with the impact you want to make 

• Create a business that exists to support your life instead of draining you & pulling you away from it

• Empower a skilled team you can trust to strengthen your business and give you back an extra 10+ hours each week

• Build the mental resilience required to step into the CEO role and lead the business you’re building

All of this is possible. And you know that—it’s why you’re still reading…


To scale your business & keep your sanity you have to Optimize:

My friend, it’s time to finally become the Optimized CEO of your business needs.

...and combine expert direction and community support with the established momentum you already have, so that you can:

You can work with me & my team of expert coaches to skyrocket your business through simplicity, by becoming The Optimized CEO

Because the truth is, you can be IN your business, ON your business, or even OUT of your business and still increase the amount you earn by making the most out of every action you take.

But, instead of throwing your time & money at low ROI activities, guessing your way through every step, and spending more bandwidth than you even have to spare…


The complete 12-month personalized coaching program and mastermind experience for established Online Course Creators and Coaches who want to take the guesswork out of optimizing, and accelerate the growth of their online business towards 7-figures (while working less.)

It’s an intimate, intensive group training for high-level business owners who want to grow a million-dollar business (and still be good humans) through support & strategy from me and my team of expert coaches.

This isn’t just a bunch of videos for you to watch & implement alone.

- Patti Firth

“In the last nine months, my business has completely transformed. And I have Rick and Team Mulready to thank for their mentorship and coaching over that time. My business has changed, and I wouldn't even recognize it, nor would it have even been something I would have dreamed possible nine months ago. We have seen our list triple in size. In that time period, we have seen a 60% revenue growth. And in August, with Rick's leadership and push, we were able to leverage Facebook ads to achieve our very first six-figure launch.”

- Hallie Sherman

“I can honestly say the Accelerator program has blown me away. I am now a CEO and the owner of a business that is able to flourish, grow and thrive in the middle of a pandemic, while working full time and with two young children at home. If you asked me six months ago if I was able to pull any of this off, I would have told you no. And that's one thing I have truly loved about the Accelerator program. Not only am I getting the tips and strategies I need to grow my business, but I'm also able to tackle the mindset work that I need to realize that I am capable of striving for crazy results that I never thought were possible.”

- Mike Kennedy

“The big benefit is connecting with other successful business owners and the sessions that we do around mindset… My schedule has changed, the things that I do have changed, how I perceive my business has changed, and the shape of my team has changed. 

I take more time off, and I make more money. And I don't feel guilty about either one of those two things.”

Nicole Rankins had the most growth ever in her life and business since joining Accelerator.

Nikki Dingraudo’s business has grown 250% in just 1 year since joining Accelerator.

Here’s what you get from Accelerator that you won’t get anywhere else…

with one of our Accelerator coaches where you’ll spend time breaking your goals down into actionable Objectives and Key Results.

every 90 DAYS

Created by Travis Averyfrom the Noun Project

with me and my team after your first 6 months in the program so we can look at your game plan and your progress and optimize your remaining time inside the Accelerator.

1-on-1 Strategy & Recalibration Call

Created by Danil Polshinfrom the Noun Project

 to find you quick wins in the most profitable parts of your business and plan out your first 90 days.

Created by Icon Fairfrom the Noun Project

1-on-1 Kick Off Game Plan Call with me and my team

You’ll have an opportunity to submit your work for custom feedback and assessment each week to me and the team. So whether you’re launching a new website, working on a course outline, setting up a new ads campaign, or writing a new team member job description, you’ll get our eyes and thoughts on any given tasks as you work towards your big Game Plan Goals.

Weekly Audits & Critiques

hosted by me and the Accelerator Coaches — personalized feedback and actionable strategies you can implement right away.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Created by Vectors Pointfrom the Noun Project

private, advanced-level training and Q&As with industry experts. So whether it’s launch strategy, funnel creation, copywriting, branding, or systems you’ll always have access to top-shelf, innovative, and updated information to help you as you rise to the top of your industry.

Guest Expert Speaker Workshops

so you can troubleshoot and optimize the paid ads you need to scale your business with maximum leads (that turn into maximum buyers).

Ads S.O.S Calls With Our Ads Coach when needed

Created by Myna Lienawatyfrom the Noun Project

These are lightning coaching calls perfect for when you want to get the solution to a challenge you’ve never faced before.

“Ask Me Anything” Calls Twice a Month with Rick

with Life Coach School Master Coach Neill Williams — helping you move through the mental hurdles as your business evolves.

Bi-weekly Mindset & Productivity Coaching Calls

Created by Mat finefrom the Noun Project

(will go back to in-person retreats 2x per year once we are able) where you’ll get high-level mindset coaching, expert guests, personal development, and relationship-building, mixed with strategies for streamlining your business & finding new revenue opportunities.

Quarterly 2-Day Virtual Retreats

Created by Fahmihorizonfrom the Noun Project

When you’re becoming the Optimized CEO of your business, you don’t have time to search the internet. Instead, just hop inside your Accelerator portal and grab whatever you need to solve your immediate problem so you can get back to steering the company.

Access to Accelerator Portal

Created by Vectors Pointfrom the Noun Project

the perfect place to ask daily questions, and get answers, and collaborate with a community of advanced course creators.

Access to Our Private, Members-Only Facebook Group

Created by Henning Grossfrom the Noun Project

The Accelerator Bat-Signal is available via the Voxer app and is an additional way for you to reach out to the Accelerator team for emergency help or have a quick question you'd like to get answered.

Voxer allows you to communicate with Team Mulready via voice or text.

Bat Signal

Submit sales and launch copy for custom review and feedback during live Office Hour calls from Copywriter Coach Brittany McBean, Copywriter and Launch Strategist.

Copy & Messaging Office Hour Calls

Mike Kennedy experienced a mindset shift during his time in Accelerator that enabled him to make more money while working fewer hours.

Accelerator is a high-touch, custom 1:1 and group coaching program led by me & my team of expert mentors for entrepreneurs who believe in living out their values & building their businesses with integrity.

And you’ll get game-changing trainings, featuring industry leading experts, that are exclusive to this community… (Lemme tell ya, this isn’t like the free content you can Google)

...to help you plug any gaps & reinforce existing strategies with proven methods for online business growth.

The training you need to become the Optimized CEO

Optimized: Mindset*

You’ll focus on developing your vision and belief to take control of the grey matter that’s responsible for you running your business like an Optimized CEO.

You’ll get clarity on the limiting beliefs that are curbing your growth AND separate them from the real-life circumstances outside your control (hellloooo COVID!), and gain the confidence to tackle the mental blocks holding you back from shattering that income ceiling.

On top of that, you’ll have instant access to exclusive expert guest trainings, such as:
→ “From Imposter Syndrome to $15k Months” with Dr. Nicole Rankin
→ “The Thought Model” with Dr. Shannon Irvine
→ “The Blueprint for Impact, Wealth, and Freedom” with Mel Abraham
→ And more...

Inside Optimized Mindset...

Around here, we know that not all things are "limiting beliefs." There are very real circumstances that can hinder our path towards the business we want. We know that BIPOC, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and other systematically marginalized people often need to work twice as hard to see the same results as white cisgendered heterosexual individuals.

Mindset will play a powerful part of your journey but it’s not a magic pill that automatically eliminates all of the things holding you back.

Over the next 12 months, my team and I promise to work with you to skyrocket you and your business towards profit, impact, and freedom without bypassing or discounting your lived experience.

Optimized: sales & marketing

You’ll receive coaching & support as you dive into and implement our signature Facebook™ and Instagram™ads training to build your visibility, your influence, and your online community. We’ll equip you with the strategies you need to roll out dynamic, funnels & offers optimized to serve your people well and increase customer lifetime value.

You’ll have access to a start to finish launch plan complete with systems, processes, tech, templates, and tracking.

You’ll learn how to implement tried-and-tested tactics AND trailblazing, innovative strategies for email sequences, webinars and evergreen launches that will help you scale sustainably — and simply. 

On top of that, you’ll have instant access to exclusive expert guest trainings such as:
→ “How to Leverage a Podcast to Increase Exposure,
Listeners & Paying Customers” with Pat Flynn
→ “How to Write a High Converting Sales Page” with Brittany McBean
→ “The Facebook Experience: Pop-Up Groups” with Caitlin Mitchell
→ And More...

Inside Optimized Marketing...

Optimized: systems & processes

You’ll discover how to build the exact automated systems and processes your business needs to run without you so that you can actually rest and have peace of mind that everything is still operating smoothly.

You’ll learn how to onboard new team members and set them up to deliver tangible results so that you can scale your business without dedicating more hours to sitting at your desk. 

On top of that, you’ll have instant access to exclusive expert guest trainings such as:
→ “Evolving into a 7-Figure Program while Only Having to Work Two Hours Per Week”
→ “Create Your Perfect Schedule” with Master Life Coach &
Productivity Coach Neill Williams
→ “DEI Business Foundations” with Erica Cordeau
→ “A Foolproof Hiring Process” & “Leadership
& High-Performing Team Dynamics” with Tianna Tye


Inside Optimized Systems & Processes...

- Ciera Harris

"From the amazing personalized support to the focused and actionable meetings, this mastermind is a game changer."

After 3 months of support from the Accelerator team, Ciera Harris has gone from confused and overwhelmed business owner to focused and confident CEO.

Alvaro Berrios learned more about how to run his business in Accelerator than he did in his business degree program.

Jim Hart’s launches are bigger and better thanks to the mentorship he has received inside Accelerator.

Learn about the amazing bonuses...

One of the biggest entrepreneur pitfalls is piecemealing resources together and calling it a business plan. 

And, on top of allllllll of that...

The reality is, instead of a comprehensive strategy… you just end up with a house of cards (and I don’t mean an HBO hit)

On top of the coaching & mastermind, I’m also giving you access to all of my paid programs & trainings so that every system, process, and strategy in your business is aligned–using cohesive methods to work towards your goals. 

When you’re becoming the Optimized CEO of your business, you don’t have time to search the bottomless pit internet. Instead, just hop inside your Accelerator portal and grab whatever you need to solve your immediate problem so you can get back to steering the company.

bonus #1

You’ll get my complete online business blueprint that teaches online course creators how to create consistent, sustainable revenue (even if you’re feeling stuck, stalled out & overwhelmed) to give you the tools & skills you need to master your Sales & Marketing, Systems, and Confidence with the step-by-step process to build a thriving online course business so you can serve, create impact & make more while doing way less. 

Accelerator Training Portal


This foundational program will be an invaluable resource as we begin to uncover and optimize your business’s oversights

With over 100 lessons on topics like Facebook™ & Instagram™ ads, goal setting, copywriting, podcast pitching, email marketing, launching, webinars, and everything in between… you’ll never have to search Google for a business answer ever again.

bonus #2

Whether it’s a live webinar funnel, evergreen funnel, high-ticket offer, or a quiz funnel… you’ll fast-track your funnel using these comprehensive, start-to-finish blueprints.

In this choose your own adventure bonus, you’ll be able to grab up whatever funnel you need– including a step-by-step walkthrough, tech stack breakdown, and funnel map & strategy– whenever you need it. No need to spend your CEO time mapping out a funnel when we’ve done it all for you!

Blueprint Bonanza

Need a funnel? I’ve got you covered!

Questions other growth-focused online business owners asked before they joined Accelerator

Frequently Asked Quesadillas

Definitely (probably) not!

A lot of successful business owners who previously joined Accelerator still had glaring oversights (AKA opportunities) in their sales process, time management, or mindset.

You can solve high-level problems (even if you aren’t aware of them) with coaching and support that’s tailored to help you unlock your revenue potential.

I’ve grown pretty quickly and now I’m stuck… I don’t even know where to start to reach the next level. Is Accelerator too advanced for me?

Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

How much time have you got?

Our time together is planned and structured, but if you come to our calls prepared and ready to action we can take MASSIVE forward movement with hyper-specific advice and guidance.

We’ll start working together 1:1 with a 90-min call that creates the steps for the quarter. Then we’ll continue to work together inside the group, on group-coaching calls, “Ask Me Anything” lightning coaching calls and weekly audits & critiques of any project you’d like me to review in your business. 

In between your quarterly strategy calls, I’m working with you to build your business — not setting you up for success then leaving you to it. We’ll tweak and tinker with your master plan until your business is firing on all cylinders.

How much time will I get with you, Rick?

Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

Good question. At this time, we’re keeping all retreats virtual.

The virtual retreats we held in 2020 and in 2021 were just as impactful — consuming incredible content and snacks from the comfort of our homes — with the largest lineup of expert speakers we’ve ever had.

Of course, when it’s safe, we’re excited to meet in person again but, rest assured, we’ve got big plans for some game-changing experiences in 2021 and beyond. Travel or no travel.

You had me at retreats. What’s the plan if COVID stops us from meeting up in person?

Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

No. You are :) But our FB ads coach and I will make sure you have everything you need to crush it with your paid ads to reach your traffic and your revenue goals.

I focus on ensuring you and your business are consistently capable of converting more of your audience.

If you really want sustainable revenue, there are no shortcuts worth taking.

You’ll have me and my team in the trenches with you, helping you put everything in place.
When the 12 months are over, those systems and strategies will be built into your business, instead of just living in my brain.

You’re the ads guy, are you going to make my traffic convert?

Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

Accelerator is full of smart business owners, like you, who are experts in their field and KNOW if they can optimize their business, they can stop leaving those extra zeros on the table

    This group is a safe and inclusive place for all. We strive to create a community of peers that  represents the diversity of the online space while having a zero tolerance policy for hate, discrimination, or harmful marketing practices.

The group never grows beyond our ability to provide individualized high-level support for every person. On average, we have about 35 people inside and we’ve never even gotten close to not being able to deliver maximum value — we’d definitely cap it before we got anywhere near that point.

What kind of people are inside Accelerator? Do you cap the number?

Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

Accelerator is NOT for you if:

Not everyone who applies for Accelerator gets in.

not for you if...

that’s bringing in an average of at least $7K-$8k per month. The challenges you’ll face in the different levels of your journey are worlds apart — it’s important we make sure we’re tackling the headaches you have NOW, not the ones you’ll have one day (or the ones you had yesterday.)

→ You don't have an established online course or membership with proven offers

not for you if...

You just want to coast while working as little as possible. Not everyone wants to scale and that’s totally cool. Of all the things you have to have in place in order to grow to 7-figure years, I can help with most of them, but that drive is all on you, my friend.

→ You aren’t passionate about building your online course business

not for you if...

We don’t believe that our businesses are built to get us rich. The security, freedom, and wealth that comes with scaling a successful business is a goal, but it is not the only goal. Your business has the potential to reach millions of people and inside Accelerator, we help you build something bigger than yourself so you can create transformations, impact more people, give generously, and be the change you want to see in the world. If that’s not a top priority for you, then there are other programs that would be better suited to your goals.

→ “Impact” isn’t a core value of your business.

not for you if...

There are many marketing strategies that “work,” but usually at a high cost to the buyer. We don’t use shame, fear, or dishonesty to promote, market, or sell our products. No. Matter. What. So if you’re promoting a get rich/skinny/successful/whatever quick kinda business...this isn’t the place for you.

→ You're comfortable using outdated manipulation marketing practices.

not for you if...

Because, when we know better, we do better.

→ You’re not aligned in our commitment to create a safe and inclusive community for all with zero tolerance for hate speech, tone policing, or whitewashing.

not for you if...

You can only build the business of your dreams if you remain willing to try something new. If you’re not coachable or open to suggestions, Accelerator will be a pointless investment.

→ You feel like you already have all the answers.

not for you if...

Strategies, mindset shifts and systems are powerful in your business IF you’re the kind of person to put them to work. Not sure if you’re ready to take action in your business? This probably isn’t for you.

→You’re not an action-taker, you want results to just… happen.

not for you if...

Accelerator is all about the community — it’s not warm and fuzzy networking, it’s a mastermind of experts who help each other hit new heights. If you don’t have the time to make the most of that element, you’ll never be able to make the most of the program.

→ You’re too busy to contribute to the rest of the members’ growth.

We make sure everyone who does get in is right for this experience.

That’s why I’ve created the Accelerator Agreement.

I’ve supported countless students who have gone on to smash their revenue goals, spend time doing the work they love and take control of a more optimized business.

So because I’m confident the only thing standing between stagnation and success is your capacity to commit to staying coachable and doing the work...

I only want to work with business owners who I know I can help.

The truth is, when you apply these strategies in the right way for YOUR business, they work… 

Because the things you did to get to 6 figures won’t get you to the next level, whether that’s breaking 7-figures or finally having a little extra room in your schedule to simply breathe and enjoy your life. 

In this program, you’ll learn how to get to exactly where you want to be… and we’ll support you on your way there.

Accelerator IS for you if:

but you need help OPTIMIZING your business to make everything work in the background and put it on the path to 7-figures.

→ You know you’ve got an offer your audience will love...

from your online offers but you've hit the ceiling, and you’re unsure of what to do to grow your business without having to work harder.  

→ You’re an Online Course Creator and Coach averaging a minimum of $7-8k a month

You’re not afraid to take action and do what it takes, knowing that you’ve got a solid game plan and accountability systems in place.

→ You take responsibility for your own success.

with how you grow your business, but you’re not totally sure what next steps to take.

→ You know you need to get more strategic

through real-life transformations, provable promises, personal growth, and intentional generosity.

→ You’re committed to creating a business that positively impacts the people you serve 

in place to attract new clients and customers every single month — you’re leaving it to fate and hoping for the best.

→ You don’t yet have a proven, repeatable, scalable process

→ You KNOW that you’re capable of more…

more money, more impact, more time to enjoy the life of freedom you set your sights on when you first got started, even if it seems so far away.

- Nicole rankins

"I had my first $10k month for enrollment in my childbirth education course this month! It's been amazing to step up and provide a much needed service right now, and being a part of Rick's mastermind was such a big part of how I was able to do this during these crazy times!


“In the first three months of being in this amazing group, I have been able to find systems that work for me and put them in place…

I have been able to find clarity in my short term, and in my long-term game, and even more important, I'm making more money, and friends — from the amazing personalized support to the focus and actionable meetings.”

And you also know you’d do justice to your growing business if you had a plan that was tailored to you and adaptable for the future.

If you’re an online course or membership creator who wants to reach 7-figures as fast as they can (and stay there)... you need to be a part of Accelerator.

If you’re tired of doing all the “right” things you’ve learned through courses & podcasts that promised more than they delivered… you need to be a part of Accelerator.

If you just want to be a good human using ethical marketing strategies (and not just whatever sells) to feed your family and change the world… you need to be a part of Accelerator.

If you’ve been stuck in an overwhelm pile-up for months on end with no concrete plan to change that anytime soon… you need to be a part of Accelerator.

If you’re second-guessing yourself and your ability to become an Optimized CEO (even though the whole world is crying out for what you have in your brain)... you need to be a part of Accelerator.


If you want to bring more people to your offers, build a business you don’t have to work in from 9-5 and create the impact your audience needs… you need to be a part of Accelerator.

You know that the only thing keeping you spinning your wheels, juuust out of reach of more income (and less stress) is clarity over exactly what you need to do next in your online business.


Join us inside for this 12-month program, designed to transform your online business beyond recognition.

By now you know that the path to 7-figures is not paved with hustle and heart...

But instead, by intentionally developing the CEO mindset, sales, and systems that your business needs to scale beyond your individual capacity.
If you’re ready to take that leap in your life and your business,
I invite you to apply today.

BUT, before you do, you should know that this program, along with everything else in our business, is designed through the lense of our values. I don’t need you to think, live, or act exactly like my team or I do, but we do need to be aligned in these 5 values:


In our team: Integrity is a culture, not just a set of actions.
In our marketing: Profit is not the ONLY lens through which we make marketing decisions.





We believe in using our brand, resources, and privilege to support, advocate for, and protect people with all different life experiences, especially those from underrepresented and marginalized groups.

We are comfortable with being uncomfortable.

We lead with kindness, love, and care in everything we do.

We are creative problem solvers.

If, after reading those, you find yourself shouting a big old “Hell yes!” then Accelerator is for you.

So go ahead and apply. I can’t wait to meet you.

- Rick

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