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Advanced Evergreen Sales & Marketing Strategies, with John Lint

July 13, 2022


Are you interested in learning some advanced evergreen sales and marketing strategies? 


In this episode of Art of Online Business, I’m joined by the Found of Kleq, formerly 10xpro, John Lint. He’s sharing some of those advanced strategies and how easy it is for you to set up your funnels using Kleq.


John has been in the online space for 21 years now and he has seen so many marketing campaigns running through his program that he now has a great understanding of what really works and what doesn’t. He also knows how to help you set things up very easily so that you can have an effective sales and marketing campaign in your business. 


Your marketing campaigns are one of your most important business assets. This episode is packed with valuable information and tips for creating campaigns that convert again and again. 


Kleq is excellent for taking your campaigns to the next level. Make sure to use my affiliate link below to get a free trial. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • What’s included in the Kleq software
  • What’s required to have an offer that converts on autopilot
  • Why your marketing campaigns are so important
  • Tips for automating your business
  • What cascading profits are
  • The importance of segmentation
  • The difference between good work and bad work as the owner
  • The most effective marketing campaign type


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Hey my friend, welcome to the Art of Online Business Podcast. My name is Rick Mulready and I’m an online business coach. I’m an ad’s expert, and most importantly, I’m a dad. And this show is where we help established online course creators and coaches create more profit, more impact with less hustle. All right, let’s get into it. Welcome to episode number 616 here on The Art of Online Business Podcast. My name is Rick. Thank you as always for coming to hang out with me today. Super appreciate it. Today we’re going to be talking about advanced evergreen sales and marketing strategies. And joining me to share his expertise on these subjects here is John Lint. And John is the founder and CEO formerly it was called ten x pro IO. And you’ve heard me talk about ten x pro on the podcast here before. Maybe you haven’t, but it is the tool that we use in our business to do all of our marketing, all of our sales pages, all of our landing pages, all of our funnels, order forms, affiliate center. It’s where we house all of our training, all of our courses, etc. I’ve been using it now about a year and a half and I absolutely love it. And at the time that we recorded this episode on June 20th, two days prior, they rebranded officially and they are now called Click, Click, Right. Like it’s about one click that you can do so many different things in the platform and we’re going to talk about all those different types of things. 

In today’s episode. But specifically we’re talking about advanced evergreen sales and marketing strategies. And I asked John to come on, number one, I wanted to show you how easy it is to set up these types of funnels in your business using Click. But also, John has been in the online space for 21 years. I didn’t know that since 2001. And he sees so many marketing campaigns running through the software that he knows what works, he knows what doesn’t work, and he knows how to help you set things up very, very easily so that you can have a very effective sales and marketing campaign in your business. Right. And he talks about this concept that he calls cascading profits, which I love that name. And he’s going to break that down here for you today. And at the end of the episode, I ask him to share what is the based on what he sees in the platform right now of all the campaigns that he has access to, what is working the best? What campaign is most used by people right now, and what is the most effective campaign in terms of evergreen sales and marketing? So that is at the end of the episode here today. So without further ado, let’s go talk some advanced evergreen sales and marketing strategies with John Lint. John Lennon, welcome to the podcast. Where are you, my friend? 

Hey, how are you? 

Thanks for having me. I’m doing I’m doing great. Thanks for being here. I know that you have recently gone through a name change, a rebrand for ten x procopio and I want to start right there. We’re going to be talking about automated evergreen probably webinar funnels here today. But I want to start right off with you’ve been the the founder and CEO of this tool that I’ve been using now for about a year and a half. And before when I found it, I was referred to it by our mutual friend James Franco. All right. And I was like, Where have you been all my life? Yeah, but you went recently, just very recently at the time. We’re recording this. We’re recording this third week ish of June and. New rebrand, new name. Tell us about that. 

Yeah. So we’ve been going on for for a few years and we like the name. But you know, with everything, sometimes you want to spice things up, you want to go to the next stage. And we basically just did a rebrand of our of our software and changed the name. The new name is called Click Click dot com. So it’s a bit more modern, a bit more professional. So yeah, that’s we’ve been super busy, obviously changing everything that we’ve been doing for years. All the images that had the previous brand, the content, all of that. So we’ve been busy. But it’s been good. 

I love it. And it. It’s a reflection of and correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s a reflection of how easy it is to do things within the platform.

Yeah. So now, you know, our name was Tennis Pro before and the idea behind that was take your business to the next level. So ten extra results or get your results faster. So that’s all about speed. And also the word pro was important because this tool is not exclusively for beginners. It’s really for those like you who want to take your business to the next level and who want to be able to do advanced things. And that is actually the history of our software. Like we didn’t start by creating a software and selling it to the market. We actually were a marketing agency deploying very advanced funnels for our clients. Automated funnel, segmented funnels, dynamic content in funnels, which basically means that depending on the user group, they could have different flavors of the same webinar, for example, or different flavor of the product launch or a limited time offer that is that has different content based on your interests. So we were setting those funnels for clients and we wanted a tool that would help us set that up super fast, because when you have an agency, the faster you can do things, obviously the more money you make because the team can then focus on other things. So that was basically the idea behind the software. 

But then as we start to deploy to clients, then some of their friends noticed that that software and say, hey, I want access to it as well. So we kept on adding more and more features and it became what it is today. So as of two days ago it was ten x pro and as of now it’s clicked dotcom. Now basically we say all the tools that you need to build and scale your online business just one click away. So that’s basically our idea. That’s our goal with our software is to make sure that whenever someone gets it, we will take care of everything that you need to worry about for your online business. And you will know that. You have all the tools that you might need to do any type of marketing campaign. So whatever you want to do, like I said, limited sales, product launches, webinars, book funnels, whatever it is, it’s going to be there. Whether you want to sell or have a forum in the membership area, have an affiliate system, be able to have private coaching and offer that inside your member’s area. Being able to do advanced tagging in your emailing system so you can do the advanced segmentation automation, all of that is there. 

And when you come in, you might not be ready for it yet at the very beginning. Maybe you just want to create your first online course, or maybe you just want to have your own your first funnel. But as you progress in your online business, as you start to to to do more and more advanced campaigns, you will be reassured that you have the tools right there built in. You don’t have to try to find a plugin or a script or a software to try to do it so you can just follow along with are training. I have a bunch of training. I’ve been doing this for since 2001. I’ve been online since 2001. So I know a little bit about online marketing and the tools is there as well. So just ask, just go through the training, just go, just ask our support. We have 24 seven support and he’s going to be there. And if you need my help, I’m there every single week doing live coaching for our members as well to help them do those advanced things whenever they need. So that’s the idea. The new brand is called Click. It’s so basic, like I said, just one click away, basically. 

So it’s telecom, everybody. And as you’ve heard me talk about several times here on the podcast, this is my recommended tool. This is what we’ve been using in my business for a year and a half now, and we’ve been able to get rid of off the top of my head like four different systems that we are paying for and that we needed to do everything we’re able to do in one tool within this software that we’re talking about here. So if you want to go check it out, Rick, already forward slash and I’ll update the link click click to the what I’ve previously talked about where you go to Rick already forward slash ten x pro that’ll work as well that’ll continue to work but if you want to go check it out. Now, you mentioned something there, John, like you do a live call each week to answer people’s questions. Yeah, we’re going to be talking about more advanced evergreen funnel strategies, probably, you know, probably focus on webinar strategy here. Sure. That is an opportunity for people to come on, you know, users of the tool to, hey, I want to kind of do this with my evergreen funnel and ask, but they’re not really sure how to do that. Or is it even needed or is there a better way to do whatever it might be? And you’re able to answer those types of questions. What are some types of questions that you get on your calls when it comes to Evergreen Webinar Funnels? 

Yeah, I mean, it ranges from, you know, just starting out and we want to learn what will be the first funnel that they could deploy to get a result as fast as possible. To others like you who are now trying to set up their third or fourth or fifth funnel in marketing campaign, and they are maybe interested in starting to do webinars, for example, and they want to know what would be some, some good recommendations, you know, and then you have the others who want to do some kind of product launch type of thing, or maybe just a video series type of campaign where you provide a series of videos that provide value and then then you deploy and then you have a sales sequence at the end. So, so it really ranges because like I said, we have different levels and that’s the great thing we’ve done. Expo It’s all about the journey. Sorry about Click. So it’s. 

Brand new. 

John It’s your expected venue. So and that’s the goal. It’s about the journey, it’s about the fact that, okay, you can get started and whenever you’re ready then you can use that tool. Yeah. 

And one of the things that you within the tool and this is, you know, one question that I get all the time for people who want to start evergreening their their offer. But they when live launches for a long time and almost everybody I talked to is so tired of doing live launches they want to put things on Evergreen. Yeah, they’re saying like, I don’t know where to start. Where do I start with it?


And so what would you say to that? If someone’s saying, Hey, I really want to evergreen my offer, it converts really well when I’m doing this live. Yeah. However, where do I start when it comes to evergreening? This. 

Yeah. So that’s the key, right? That’s the key. And that’s the biggest mistake. Like whenever, when you want to do things on, when you want to put things on autopilot to get that famous autopilot money and making money on autopilot. Well, you better have an offer that is converting really? Well, you better have something that is already proven to work because the worst thing you can do is try to think that you’re going to have a good sales page or a good sell and a good offer, and then just starting start to put everything on autopilot and then you think, okay, great. You know, now I can just go to the beach and I’m going to start making money while I’m sleeping. And the reality is that you’re not because it’s like you’re not going to convert and it’s not going to work. Live campaigns are extremely powerful in the sense that they will generate that buzz, they will get you that feedback. You will get exposed to a lot of people. Once you start getting into automation, you need to focus on feeding that funnel and you better feed that funnel constantly because yeah, the automation can work. But you know, if you have only one person going through that automation and if it’s one person every five days, then obviously you’re not going to convert as as good as if you waited a little bit and then maybe you open the doors once every every month, for example, in a live offer. 

So that’s just one one part of the myth. But of course, once you get into it, once you have an offer that converts and we talk, that converts something that we talk a lot with James Franco and something that he talks all the time about how to create an offer that converts. Then you have something, and then it’s all about identifying, okay, well, why did it work then? It’s about doing more of the same, right? And getting those same type of customers into that funnel. And the beautiful thing is that once it’s set up, you have something extremely powerful and what you have is a real business asset and you start building a real business because unless you unless you have something that is working without your involvement, you don’t have a business, you’re basically just self employed even if you’re doing stuff online. That’s one of the the things that, you know, people don’t realize, right? They say, okay, well, I have a website. I must have an online business. You don’t have a business, you have an online job. And if you just keep on doing that, if every time you want to sell your online course or your coaching or your membership site, you need to do all the work. You pretty much have a job, right? And it’s great you have your self employed. That’s better than being an employee. That’s what the next phase in your progress. 

But now you need to move into a business and the way you move into business by building and focusing on building assets. And of course, one of the things that people don’t realize is that your marketing campaigns are one of the most important business assets that you can have. You have other ones such as your your email list and your content, but your marketing campaigns are in very important business asset because they will work for you without your involvement and once they are set up. So that’s why the automation comes in, in my mind, and that’s why it is critical for any business to have those type of automations. I mean, we can go deeper. I don’t know how much you want me to share, but that is very important at the beginning. And then the next phase is to really have. You’re going to need to have some basic technical understanding, not coding, but from a logical perspective. You need to understand, for example, some of the key elements that will allow you to have automation working properly. What do I mean by that? Well, for that you need to have a logic. And yeah, sure, our software will take care of most of it for you, but you still need to have to understand the logic about, well, why is it on autopilot? Well, it’s because there is a registration process and there is also a a system that will allow to open and close the doors to those campaigns. 

Otherwise, it’s not automated. Right. So for it to be automated, you need to have everything opening and closing at specific time. And you need to have a way to say, well, who is allowed to go there? And that is the mechanism that you need to understand. And different systems use different mechanisms. And we have a very simple mechanism in terms of how you can register someone. We allow you to to do it in multiple ways. Whether they opt in, that’s usually a trigger. They opt in like for them. In your case, you talked about the webinar. Well, the trigger is they register to get that webinar and once they register, then all the automation happens in the backend. So we do a bunch of things such as, okay, well first we calculate the webinar date like okay, if you registered on Monday and maybe the page said the webinar was starting in two days, that is obviously automated. So if I register on Monday, my webinar is on Wednesday, but if someone registers on Tuesday, he’s webinar on Thursday. So the system needs to know that. So the first thing is the start date. The next thing is that probably in that funnel, if you’re doing a good job, you want to have a post event follow up campaign, meaning that, okay, we attend the webinar, but likely 95% of people are not going to to buy.

So you need to have a what what I call it. Well, most people call a sales sequence after that webinar event, which is basically they’re offering the replay or handling some objections and basically carving some kind of deadline like, well, the offer that I talked about on the webinar is going to expire and now you have four days. So for that, what do you need when you do need a mechanism to calculate their deadline date? So when do you do that? Well, you do that again on the trigger. The trigger is the registration. So in our case with Click, what we do is that when someone hops in, we calculate the way their start webinar date so the system know when when to open that door and then we also calculate their deadline date. So then the system knows when to allow them to land and also to close the door if they arrive too late. Because if they’re right too late, then the offer has expired for them, right? Sure. And then you need to have the integration, the integration with your emailing system. Now, the way we differentiate ourselves is, like I said. We were working with very high net worth in the individual at the beginning. And we wanted we need to have a tool that was allowing us to deploy those funnels for them. And of course, when you talk about guys who have who are making seven figures, eight figures, and they have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, email list, you’re not going to do the little gimmick that some of the tools do, which is a by the way. 

Well, if you want to have a automated webinar or an automated launch or an automated campaign, yeah, sure, we can set it up. But you need to put all your leads that you’ve been working all these years to generate. You need to put it in our system now. So of course that’s a no go. So whatever we built had to work with their emailing system. So that’s why we actually focus on deep integration with whatever emailing system you’re using. And these days there are some top emailing systems. We are talking about Infusionsoft and support active campaign ConvertKit, a Weber which is not one of the top ones but still one of the legacy ones, MailChimp, if you’re using that. But if you’re starting to do automation and segmentation, I would highly recommend you switch to something a bit more decent drip. We integrate with that. And what I mean by deep integration is that, yeah, now for example, we can then like I talked about the trigger, okay, we got registered, we are doing all this calculation, but we’re also passing data to your imaging system. What kind of data where we can pass the webinar date, the webinar start date, and we can pass that into what’s called the more enigmatic systems. 

It’s called like a contact field or a custom field. It’s basically you can store that piece of text in their profile and then the deadline we can do the same thing with the deadline and of course we can apply your tag. And these are all very important. Like if this doesn’t what I’m saying doesn’t make sense, then this is what I mean by the things that you need to learn to be able to be able to do. Automation, tagging contact fields are things that all human systems provide, and they will allow you to start campaigns and close campaigns or put people in different branches. Attack is one of the most important thing that you need to master when it comes to your immune system and all of them do it. Active campaign, Infusionsoft and support. You can apply basically a little label to a contact in your immune system. And why is that important? Well, because now you can like I said, you can start campaigns, you can divert people to different sequence, meaning that you could send them a different email based on the tag they have. You can tell them that the offer has expired based on the tag they have. You can take them out of the campaign when they have a specific tag and put them into another one and then do what I call cascading profits and cascading profits. So about putting putting people into different campaigns after so one campaign after another flows into another, frozen into another. 

That’s when you build a real online business. So I don’t want to get too technical, but hopefully I gave you an overview of some of the things that happens in the background and it’s not coding and it’s not being a developer and all that. But this is just the logic that I feel that if you’re going to go into automation, you need to at least have an understanding. Like if you don’t know how tags work or custom fields work and you don’t want to do that, that’s fine. Then you can have like what we used to do, right? That’s what we used to do for people, right? Sure and sure. And you can pay and you have plenty of people who do that. And for example, with Click, we do have also service providers that are experts into that type of stuff. So if you don’t want to learn anything about that or you don’t can’t be bothered by it, you just want an automated webinar called Get, Click, Get a professional, and then we’ll set up everything for you. You know, I feel it’s it’s a skill that is extremely important to have because once you know how to do that, it’s just basically just have complete freedom because now you can do any kind of marketing campaign and you can set it up once you understand that little logic of registration, the trigger of registration, and then displaying different parts of your website based on who they are, based on that logic, then everything happens. 

Basically, you just open things or close things on autopilot and whatever. I want to start with a webinar now, but if I don’t buy on the webinar, maybe I want to do a limited sale campaign for maybe another another product. And if I don’t buy that, maybe I want to cascade them to a launch, an automated launch for maybe product one. And if I don’t buy, I might want to do a webinar for product too. And that’s how busy you can start building that massive machine that maybe you have now ten months work worth of campaigns happening on autopilot. So now it’s complete freedom because the only thing that you need to do is pretty much what you’re doing now. Rick is like, okay, let’s create awesome content for my audience. If they get to discover me, they opt in for maybe a report or for a webinar, and then I don’t have to worry about anything because I know that I’m going to have offers providing value, always providing value with all the different campaigns, and then inviting them to take the next step by purchasing either our coaching program, our courses, or whatever it is that. You’re selling to help them get the result that we desire. So in a nutshell, that’s what it is.

I want to unpack two things that you said there. One, you said earlier. And then one thing that I’m just really curious about, because you see the back end of lots of different businesses and have for four years, right? Yeah. You talked early on about segmentation and the ability to have like specific webinars, for example, depending on what segment that they’re in. Yeah, I tell a lot of people like that’s sort of the Holy Grail. Yeah. Because you’re delivering the right piece of value, the right piece of content to the right person for what they’re looking for. But it’s, it is more advanced because it’s like number one, and you’ve got to understand the segmentation number two, it’s more work. Yeah. Or I mean, it is, it’s additional steps in order to set that up. Can you give us an example of like how that yeah. How that kind of thing can work. 

Yeah. So, and you’re right, it is more work. But there’s something I talk about which is doing good work and doing bad work. And as a, as the owner of a business, you never want to do bad work. What is bad work? Well, doing the logo of your website, you as the owner is bad work. You shouldn’t be doing that. That’s not your job trying to. Let’s say edit videos. That’s bad work. You shouldn’t be doing that support. That’s bad work. Shouldn’t be doing that. You need to do good work. What is good work? Good work is building assets, building things that are going to last for a long time, focusing on creating amazing content that’s going to attract people as good work. Building your list, good work. Building marketing campaigns is actually good work. Maybe you don’t want to do it. You might want to have your support team to do it. But having you in your mind, okay, this is the fun I want, okay, build it for me. But you understand how the funnel works because you know, okay, if they don’t want it, then I want to do that, right? So it’s not about if this, then that, right. And you are, you need to be the one to have that logic. So that’s doing good work. So yes, segmentation will take longer and it’s harder at the beginning, but once you master it, I think that’s doing good work and it’s worth your time. 

So how does it work? You can do as complicated as you want, but the simplest one is we have a tool in click that is called the audience. The audience is called the audience booster. And the audience booster is a very simple way for you to get started with segmentation. Now, like I said, you can go deeper, for example, with a full on quiz, you can go deeper. And we do have quizzes built in as well in click. But the audience is basically a very simple question. Right. And let’s say it’s your main segmentation question. So for example, for me, we’ve clicked the main segmentation question would be what best describes you, right? And you will be answer one, I’m just starting out. I’m trying to build my online business. Number two, I’ve been doing this for a while, but I’m trying to get better results. That will be my intermediate type of client. And then I’ve been doing this for years. I want to scale my business. These are the experts, right? And advance online marketers. So I could have a question there and then three answers. And then they pick one and then let’s say and then the next thing is that they opt in, right? So I can do this before a webinar, so I can have that question pop up before they opt in on the webinar. I can have that before they opt in for a report, right, wherever you want. 

Right. It’s basically you set up the question and then you can add that when they’re at any type of registration, maybe you’re doing a launch. And before we obtain, you ask the question, what best describes you? That’s a simple example in any anybody can do that in any market. Right. And now I picked an answer and let’s say I picked I’m an expert. I want to scale my business. Right. Okay. So now let’s say I’m doing a webinar like you said. Well, I can give them a post registration page that maybe reminds them that the webinar is going to be on X amount of days. But now I can decide, maybe I can have I can already tell them about my private coaching thing, you know, and how does that work? Well, because when you picked that answer and you’re registered now the system knows, oh, you are group three. Well, now we can we can use another feature that is built in in click, which is called our Dynamic Content Delivery. And we are the only platform that does that, by the way. And that was actually built, built specifically for the clients that were who were hiring us to do those type of things. So the dynamic content delivery is a mechanism for you, for example, to say let’s say you they opt in, they go to a page, the page has a headline, a video and let’s say a button, right? And maybe you wanted to remind them of the webinar, but also maybe you want to take advantage of doing a little offer before the webinar or just whatever you want, right? Like for example, me, when I do a webinar, let’s say it’s about a specific content type of webinar. 

Well, I can make an offer for Click Icon right after the opt in. I tell the webinars in two days. Going to be awesome by the way, if you want to, blah, blah, blah. And here’s a trial to get into click, right? So whatever. I think about that, but I can talk about it in different ways. Of course, if I’m starting out, if I’ve picked the answer, I’m just starting out. Of course I’m going to say how things are easy. I’m going to show testimonials from people in the video. So going back to my example, headline, video and button, you can do as complicated as you want, but let’s keep it simple. Well, we’ve dynamic content delivery because the website now knows that you are in group one, two or three. Then whenever you’re adding a block to a page, that’s how we build our pages. We just drag and drop simplicity. You just add blocks and one of the top one would be a text block where you can enable the audience option and you can say, Well, the default text is this, but if they are in Group one, then display that text. 

If you could do that in there.

You can do that. So you could say, Awesome, here’s something. If you’re just starting out, this is perfect for you. And then you can have a video and you can do the same with a video block Which means that if they are the default video is this. But if they are in group one, display that video. If they’re in group two this way, these group three, this video, right. So now, for example, basic example, you could you could talk about the benefits that are more interesting to someone starting out or the benefits are more interesting to someone who is already an expert. Right. It’s not the same thing. Testimonials like all. You know, I didn’t know anything about this. I was just starting out. But I found that this online course or this coaching program was amazing because it was super easy. That’s the perfect testimonial for someone just starting out. But for someone who is an expert, he knows he doesn’t want to hear that right. He wants to see someone who is as successful as him on camera giving out testimonials like, hey, you know, I was talking to Rick and he gave me one tip and help me take my business from four figures to six figures or 5 to 6 or whatever. Right. That speaks to someone who has been doing this for a while, who is an expert. Right. So all of that is all dynamic. It’s the same page. But the content based on that, that answer that they picked changes dynamically. Right. 

But now the site remembers who they are and which group they belong to. Now you can do this for whenever they come back to your website at any point, so it could be on a page. We could also be on the webinar. So if you are now using a automated webinar, which in automated webinar is just a prerecorded webinar that is on a video and but based on the mechanism of the system, we can play that video at the exact time that we registered for and the video happens and it mimics a live event. Right? So it’s kind of like it’s basically a prerecorded video. So of course you could do the extra work of doing exactly like I just said, make sure that the testimonials are targeted to beginners or to experts that you talk about the features that are going to be interesting to someone who is an expert or just a beginner, right? Yeah. And basically using those two features, the audience segmentation and then the dynamic content delivery, from our perspective, that’s one thing that you can do. But then we have the deep integration with your emailing system. So what does that mean? Well, we picked one of the answers. Right. Okay. I’m just I’m an expert. Well, when we opted in, yeah, we did that, all of that stuff on the website. But also we can pass that data to your immune system so we can apply the tag. Oh yeah, we registered for the webinar, but we can apply another tag. 

Hey, we selected answer three. Like they are an expert. So what can you do with that? Well, no, you are adding them to your emailing process in your imaging system, which is a awesome. I saw that you register for the webinar. Welcome. Here’s a reminder when it’s happening in two days, here’s the link to the webinar. Oh, by the way. And now you can add dynamic content that is going to match who they are. So because you know that they are tagged three, you could put them into that sequence and now the emails are going to talk specifically to what they want and then when they land is going to talk specifically to what they want. So they’re going to feel like this program is is exactly for me, whether they’re a beginner is like they’re going to feel like, yeah, I mean, it’s easy, okay? It’s not overwhelming. I can do it with a limited amount of time, right? But then if they’re experts, they know, wow, you know, I can really get those results fast. And I’m not just going to learn the basics. I’m going to learn all of these advanced stuff, right? So they’re going to get excited about that. So you can really customize your sequencing because of all the deep integration. And then you can also, of course, segment all of the content once they land on those pages. And then of course you can do other things such as redirect them to different pages with the logic, etc., etc.. Right. 

My wheels are totally turning right now, John. Like I actually didn’t know that you could do the dynamic updating right in there. 

Oh, that’s huge. Yeah. And you can you can do it with so many things, like you can do it with buttons. So if I am at the page and I click the link that is on the button. Yeah, you can send me to different places if you wanted to like. Okay. Your group one, you can go to this other page your group to you can go to this other order page so you can actually sell different things. Right? And then you can do this as well. And redirects like on redirects of a page like for example, if they click on a link on an email, we analyze who they are based on that. We can send them different ways in different places. So all of these are tools and I know it can can sound a bit overwhelming when you’re hearing that. But these are all tools that once you know, okay, I would like to find out that does this and that. Well, here here are the pieces and it’s like Lego. Okay, well, I’m going to use that piece. I’m going to put it there and I’m going to put it there. And I want to do that, you know? 

So I love it. Yeah, I think one thing I was thinking about, so for, for our accelerator coaching program there, established course creators, coaches, maybe they have a membership. Yeah, they’re each coming in though or they’re each applying with different challenges in their business. So just as an example, yesterday I spoke to somebody who is interested in the program doing multiple millions of dollars. They’re looking to introduce a they’re looking to attract a whole different side of the audience. Now, they’ve built this multimillion dollar business with one audience. Now they understand a greater opportunity. To be with this whole other audience. So they want just they want another set of eyes on their business. They want to run ideas past. Mm hmm. Versus somebody else who’s like, I’m working 80 hours a week. Yeah. And I want to greatly reduce that while increasing my revenue. Yeah. It would be really cool if we could, because you could do. I actually don’t even know this either. Can you do forms? Can you do like send a few questions to somebody based on that answer? That sends them to like a specific video or something like that. I’m just wondering like before they even get to an application page for accelerator, for example, it could dynamically update based on what their biggest challenge is. Right? Do you know what I mean?

Yeah, I mean, there are multiple ways of doing it. So the first thing I talked about was the audience booster, which is that usually that one question on registration. But if you need to do more like you really want to give them a way for them to figure out where they fall, you can then use what’s called the quiz booster and the quiz is basically multiple pages don’t go too much, but usually five questions. For example, five or seven questions where we can, let’s say, identify what best describes them or what’s the best solution for them. 

And you can ask them multiple questions there. And then based on those questions you can get at points and then based on the total points, you can then fall into the different groups. And then based on that, then you can match that with an audience booster and then say, okay, well now Van said all of these questions looks like they fall into group one, then group one registered them to Group one audience. Now the website knows, okay, they’re in group one. Then you can then deploy the dynamic content delivery part where now the content of the pages becomes dynamic right at every single point we can apply tags. So then I don’t know how you want to bring them to your application, for example, but you could easily do that as well, either via quiz first and then you get the results. And then based on that, you can say, well, I’m going to send you, let’s say, a report or whatever. And then, of course, you know what? What to send them in your imaging system because you do have all the tags and you have the answers basically. Right? So in your immune system, you can have different sequences that send them an email and that you can then redirect them to different pages, for example, like they will get a different email, right? 

So good. 

So there’s that. There’s also a way of doing that segmentation without even them being on the website, because you can then use what we call our opt in links and basically the update. So let’s say someone is already in your emailing system and you want to figure out again what’s the best group, right? You want segments, right? So you could have all your contacts in an email and then you can create those special opt in links in click and there is opt in links. When someone clicks on those links, then we can do everything I just talked about. So I was talking about the trigger, right? The trigger to which is usually a registration process. Why? Because the website for you to be able to do automation, your website, the website needs to know who is landing on the page. Right. Because when they come back, if for the website to open the doors or to display the correct, for example, countdown timer on the page or the correct webinar or the correct dynamic content delivery system, the website needs to know who is landing. And the key in our case is going to be the email address. That’s the key. That’s what the identifier. Right. So you need to know that. And that’s why there needs to be a registration process, right? So usually it’s an opt in. 

People discover you will go on the website, opt in, but let’s say you have you and in your case you have a big email list. You have a lot of contact already if they are already in your list. But you still want to start doing you want to start doing that segmentation. Maybe you have a launch coming up or maybe you have a webinar that you that you want to launch to your existing users, but you want to 

maybe spice it up a bit. You want to you want to add that segmentation. Well, you can easily do that by just making them click on different links in the email. Right. And those links in in the email, if you’re using, for example, are what we call our opt in links, then we don’t even need to forget to register to do the webinar or to be registered to a deadline if you don’t even need to go to a page because you already have the data, right? But so as soon as they click, they will go into a special page on your website that will have all that functionality and say, okay, well John just clicked. We know the email because he’s already in the email list, right? So you pass that, the website will grab that, say, okay, great, John just clicked. 

I’m going to register them to the webinar, I’m going to register them to the auto deadline. I’m going to add this tag that says he has just registered for the webinar and maybe he, for example, in that email you had three links, same thing, same idea that I just described. Right? Let’s say, hey, tell me what best describes you and then on your email you have Oh, I’m just starting out. I mean, I’m in intermediate or I’m in advance and we click now we can do all of the registration, right, all of that, and also add them to the group on your website into that audience group. So now the beautiful thing with that is that now the website knows, Oh, John, he belongs to Group One. Great. So later when you follow up with me and you send me an email to maybe that sales page and that sales page has dynamic content delivery or you want me to. You want to send me to a different page? You can do that because the website knows and your emailing system also knows that I am in group one. So then you can you can decide what you want to do. You know. 

You sense that’s that deep integration you’re talking about. Yeah, I love it. Yeah. I want to wrap up with this question and it’s kind of a big question. But again, you have access to a lot of you see what a lot of people are doing based on using the platform. 


Is there a type of evergreen campaign that is working? And I understand that it’s different for everybody and all, but like, is there one that you kind of see that’s working the best right now?

Yeah. I mean, the the one that is being used the most and the one that is extremely effective is actually a much easier one. And that’s that that’s why it is used the most, because it’s the one that people can get started with the fastest. Right? That’s what I call what I call the quick sale. The Quick Sale campaign is your first automated campaign that will get your feet wet, that will get you to learn the basics of automation, and then you can then start adding those segmentation, right? And that’s basically a very simple campaign, very single funnel that will allow you to build your email list and then make a limited time based offer straight off the bat of a registration. Right. And that’s a very simple process. Let’s say you offer them a a Haddon, a book, a PDF, a report, maybe just a video. And then they are they go to an opt in page, right? So the process of that campaign is very simple, very simple pages, opt in page for something of value. They opt in, they land on the page on point of of obtain. You can register them to their own unique deadline. That’s usually going to be two days, meaning that the offer that they’re going to get after they opt in will expire in two days or maybe in three. In three days, four days, usually something short y because you are telling them thank you for opting. Thank you for joining the email list. 

Thank you for becoming a subscriber as a thank you. Here’s something cool, right? So one one way of doing this without pitching will be, for example, you offer them something when they opt in on the page, you say, awesome, whatever you opted in for is going to be in the mail. It’s going to land in the next 10 minutes. In the meantime, watch this video I’ve prepared for you where I show you awesome results, right? We’re showing you how to get these cool things that you want, right? Like maybe a very simple strategy to lose £10 in the next X amount of days without doing any cardio or one swing method to improve your golf, whatever it is. Right. Little tip that is going to obviously be interesting to them, right? They get the video, you give them the tip and then at the end you say, well, if you enjoy that and you want more, then here’s my golf mastery class and as a thank you for becoming a subscriber. So the basic is a reason why you’re giving them a bonuses or maybe a discount or maybe a special offer. Basically, here it is, and it’s going to be available for the next amount of days. And then you can use what what we have a feature that we have, which is the delayed content, right? So when we first land on the page, we see the thing that you up to the end is going to arrive in the next 10 minutes. 

In the meantime, watch this video. They watch the video. Nothing cool. But as you start talking about the offer, boom, the thing in the in the page can appear like you can have the buy button up here so they can order or more like sales oriented stuff appears below, which is all about the benefits and all that. Right. And then we see of course, maybe the counter timer, for example, that is automated, that is unique to them, right? That maybe you’re going to reach them, register them for the common timer and that offer is going to be available for them for only two days. So now we are being added to your immune system. At the same time, they get a here’s the thing that I promise you, and then you can have some follow up emails about, hey, you know, here’s a recap of the offer that you got because as a thank you for being a subscriber and then the next day you follow up and say, Hey, there’s only 24 hours left. So you do that mini urgency, scarcity type of limited time offer. That’s one that can get you started understanding the tags, the automated deadline, how they work and all that. And then if you want to spice it up, you can do that very simple, same, same campaign, which is often. Page Thank you. Page Order. Page And then thank you for ordering basically. So it’s like a four page campaign, right? Very simple to get started. 

So let’s say you Master MasterCard, well, now we can spice it up by adding that segmentation. So now you have the opt in for my thing. But before we obtain, let’s ask them that one simple question I talked about with the audience booster. Right? And we ask them that question. So now, yeah, we talk about the golf course and whatever program that we have, but we talk in a way that’s going to be interesting to them based on where they are in their journey, right? Yeah, I know nothing about golf, so maybe tell me that I can learn golf easily, right? Someone else has been playing golf. He doesn’t care about that. He wants to know, Hey, I want to beat my friend. You know, I want to beat my friend. I want to make sure you teach me stuff that I’m going to. Allow me to be my friends, right? So and that’s basically where the segmentation comes in. And that is a campaign that’s been that is being used the most because that’s one of the ones that is very easy to to get started with. And then once you get that taste and that understanding, then you’re like, Hmm, well, let me add that to a launch that I’m going to a video series, right? A mini workshop, a what we call a product launch type of campaign. Oh, oh, we can do automated webinars and, and in click we have five types of automated webinars, by the way that we support. 

Right? So we have the, what we call the Evergreen Webinar, which happens, let’s say in two days, we have the Just in time webinar. That is a great he’s starting in 15 minutes. The session starts in 15 minutes. We have the weekly webinar which this one is actually very powerful in the sense that it happens every Thursday on autopilot and that is good because it allows you by by you fixing that date of the week. It allows you to then time as well your ads on different platforms because you know that it’s going to run on Thursday, even though it’s not 100% on autopilot. It’s happening at that time. And then you have what I call we call the multi webinar, which is basically when we land on the page, we can actually register and pick the webinar that they want, whether it’s just in time or whatever. Right. And then the fifth one is, is a hybrid one, which is basically a prerecorded automated event, but only that happens on your on a specific date. A specific date. And that’s great for launching something like a new thing. So anyway, so yeah. So then you can, then you want to have that understanding of, okay, automation segmentation, let me get that understanding and the knowledge and apply it to those more complicated campaigns. And if you need any help with that, I have a full on training course about every single campaign. Every single. 

Campaign. A lot of training in.

There, in the training, which I call more money. Now, it’s pretty much my life’s work. It’s every single campaign that I’ve ever built, the exactly how we were building it for clients. And you get for every single campaign, you get basically an overview kind of like what I just did. Now you get exactly how to build it in telecom and exactly how to set it up in your imaging system, which then you have the all of the factors working. And we go from the basic campaign, which is the live sale campaign, which is happening, let’s say next Thursday, whatever, to the evergreen segmented webinar, which I would call the most complicated campaign possible. 

Yeah, pretty much. And so many of them are just like one click. Yes, yes, yes. The names like, all right, I want to Evergreen Automated Evergreen Webinar Funnel, you click the button and it has all the pages that you need. Yeah. For the funnel. 

Yeah exactly. All the, all the pages for the funnel are there and not just the pages which is what the system will do. Like oh there’s the pages, but the boosters that I talked about, right. So we talked about needing to register them to an automated deadline. That’s how you’re going to do automation. You need to have an automated deadline. You need to have a way to open and close. Well, for that, you need a little what we call booster and you will be already set up for you. So we would already have a logic that okay, well when we register, let’s add, let’s say ten days to the current date so that the, the system can calculate their unique deadline. Right. Yeah. So yeah, all of that is already set up for you. And of course you will need to have some understanding of the campaign. That’s where I come in. You go through my training and if you can’t be bothered going through the training, that’s okay. You can just ask me a bunch of questions during my live event I now and I’ll show you exactly how it works. So that’s what I do. 

Or you can have somebody in your team go through the training that you’ve already done and say, Hey, you know, let’s go, let’s go create a process and system around this. You set this up? Yeah. You’ve got John available, your support teams available. Yeah. You all like hopefully. And I was saying a bunch of notes here. Like I said, I’m all excited because there are things in that John just mentioned that I didn’t even realize that the tool can do. Yeah. And as I’ve mentioned a few times during the podcast today, but also in other past episodes, I’ve consolidated almost my entire marketing back end into what was called ten zero zero. And as of two days ago that we’re recording this. Yeah. Clicks K L e Q Yeah. And if you again, I am a proud supporter of it. I’ve been using it for a year and a half. I love it. You can see and you can hear today based on this episode, all the cool things that you can do in there and it’s super, super easy to do. So if you want to go check it out, you can use my link. It is an affiliate link. It’s Rick Mul Forward Slash click click to the Rick Broadcom Forward Slash ten x pro link that I’ve talked about in the past will still work. Yeah. John. Thank you, my friend. This is not going to be the last or the last time you’ll be on here, because I think we want to have you back on here regularly to be talking about all the cool things that you can be doing. Yeah. For sharing. Loved hearing what’s working right now for people. Yeah. And thank. 

You. Rochelle, thank you so much for having me. That’s awesome. And we have just scratched the surface, so any time you want me. Yeah, no problem. That’s a. 

Cool thing. Thanks, man. I’m fine. All right. Hope you enjoyed today’s interview with John. I know that we got pretty technical during different points, but that really was the idea of this episode. I wanted you to see the opportunities that exist to take your evergreen marketing and your evergreen sales funnels to the next level. And really. Getting into the segmentation and delivering the right message and the right offer to the right person at the right time. And click allows you to do all of that really, really easily. So if you want to go get a free trial over there, go to Rick Mullery for click. It’s Kelly. Q The previous link that I’ve shared on the podcast here before, Rick Moll, Forward Slash ten ex pro will also work. I love the tool. Hopefully you do as well. If you have any questions about how we use it or possibilities, feel free to reach out to me. You can shoot me an email Rick at Rick Moretti dot com or shoot me a demo over Instagram. I’m at Rick. Morty, as always, my friend, thank you for tuning in to the podcast. I super appreciate you. Make sure you hit that subscribe button on whichever platform that you’re listening on. Thank you so much. And until next time, my friend, be well and I’ll talk to you soon.

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