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#145: [Case Study] How a Local Golf Course Uses Facebook Ads to Slice Their Marketing Budget by 10s of Thousands of Dollars

July 12, 2017

On today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, I’m joined by a student of mine, Allison George, to talk about how she markets her family’s golf course with Facebook ads.

In 2015, Allison was voted as the “8th Most Innovative Person in the Golf Industry” by Golf, Inc. Magazine.

Allison’s golf course is outside of Des Moines, Iowa and for years she did the traditional methods of local marketing like radio, TV, and Groupon.

Until she found and started testing Facebook ads, that is…

She now ONLY markets on Facebook which has allowed her to cut her local marketing budget by tens of thousands of dollars.

One thing I love about Allison is she is completely self-taught and she’s successful because of her mindset and willingness to try new things.

Today we dive into the Facebook ad campaigns that Allison runs for her golf course, and we’re going to break down two in particular:

  • One where she spent just $100 on Facebook ads and did over $50K in revenue.  
  • And another campaign where she spent $500 on Facebook ads and brought in over $150K in revenue, fully booking her event space with weddings for the year.

We dive into her strategies, her offers, her targeting, the objectives she uses, how she tracks the success, why she builds her email list and how she leverages that email list, and more…

What I really want you to listen for today is how Allison crafts her offers.

Yes, her goal is to bring in revenue, but she’s also trying to build trust and relationships with her local target audience.  And she does this in a way that most local businesses wouldn’t think about.  And you’re going to hear exactly how she does that.

On the Show Today You’ll Also Learn:

  • Why Facebook ads is a such a great way for her to track returns (and market to a very specific audience)
  • How using Facebook ads and coupon codes to sell vouchers has worked for Allison
  • Ways in which she’s trying to stay ahead of the curve in her marketing efforts
  • The importance of offering tips and tricks in your email follow-up sequence
  • How Allison is now teaching and providing content to fellow golf course owners to push their marketing efforts forward


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