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#125: How to Create Your Ideal Facebook Ads Business with Amanda Bond

February 22, 2017

If you have a Facebook ads business or want to start one at some point, you’re going to love this episode of The Art of Paid Traffic.

Joining me on today’s episode is my friend Amanda Bond (aka – “Bond”), who is a Facebook ads strategist and owner of an extremely successful business managing Facebook ads for others.

You’ll hear how she’s become one of the more sought-after Facebook ad managers around – and she does zero marketing of her service.

Bond’s actually one of the few people I would trust running my own ads.

She shares the story about the success she had with her first local event (these results are amazing!) and how it led to the creation of her current business.

Hear how she went from being terrified to price her services at first, to now only working with her ideal clients…

Bond describes what she did when first scaling her business, along with the need that she filled when she hired her first team member.

After listening to this episode, it’s not hard to understand why after 125 episodes of the podcast, this might be my favorite one to date.

You’ll Also Learn In This Episode:

  • How to avoid being the bottleneck of your own success.
  • How Bond had to work through her own insecurities to successfully scale her business
  • We talk about When starting a FB ads business, people feel that have to take any client. Amanda shares how she got to the point where she’s only working with people that fit her ideal client.
  • Why Amanda was terrified to price her Facebook ads services (it didn’t feel like work so she didn’t feel qualified to charge the rates she was hearing).
  • How she was able to show appreciation to her loyal clients while still increasing her rates significantly
  • How she determined her company’s values and how that has helped her identify her ideal clients going forward
  • She’s clearly identified what role she wants to play in her business in the future (and how she is building up the support to get there)
  • Her step-by-step strategy and process when she starts working with a client
  • What’s working well for her right now from a Facebook ads perspective
  • And a LOT more…

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Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Check out Amanda’s work: www.TheAdStrategist.com/Start


Book: Built to Sell by John Warrillow

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:00] There is such a demand for qualified people to run paid traffic in this space that I haven’t had to market my own business because it’s just referral after referral after referral.

[00:00:18] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads in sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. All right let’s jump into it.

[00:00:41] Hey hey what’s up everybody welcome back to the art of paid traffic podcast. Rick I’m already here. This is episode number five. Thanks a lot for coming to hang out today really appreciate it. Hope this finds you well. Whatever you’re up to today I’ve got a really good one for you today guys. I’m talking with my friend Amanda bond. She goes by Bond I’m using air quotes around that. How cool is that name. And she’s a Facebook ad strategist and she’s also the owner of a very successful business managing Facebook ads for other businesses. She is one of the few people that I would trust running my own ads for my own business and I asked her to come on the show here today to share her journey with Facebook ads and how she’s become one of the more sought after Facebook Ads managers out there. Guys this is one of my favorite interviews that I’ve done yet here on the podcast. I mean this is episode number 125. So we’ve done 124 other shows out there they’ve all been amazing. But after doing this interview I got off the interview with her and I was like Man that was so good. This is one of my favorite ones to date as we jump into it here and it’s the second year in a quickly here why I’m saying that now today we dive into how she sort of fell into running Facebook ads. She started doing it for a local event. And they were expecting around 4000 people to come to the event.

[00:02:00] And then through Amanda’s work about 23000 people walk through the door so she shares that story with you here today. We dive into how to avoid being the bottleneck of your own success. We talk about when starting a Facebook ads business people feel that they have to take on a client and Amanda shares how she got to the point where she’s only working with people that fit her ideal client profile. We talk about why Amanda was terrified to price her Facebook ad services how she has scaled her business and what role she hired for first. We get into her step by step strategy and process when she starts working with a new client. She also shares what’s working well for her right now and her clients from a Facebook adds perspective and a whole lot more. Now before we dive in. If you are interested in managing Facebook ads for other businesses whether this is something that maybe you want to start as a side hustle while you’re building your own online business maybe you want to manage ads full time as your business or maybe you’re already really good at Facebook ads and now you want to create a business out of it. But you’re not quite sure how to start that business and get clients. Maybe you already have a Facebook ads business right now and you want to figure out how to scale that business well. We invite you to a brand new free online training I’m doing this is taking place next week. This is the five steps to creating a profitable Facebook ads business.

[00:03:25] We’re going to be talking about go from making $165 a month per client to over $2000 a month per client like Kerry and others so that means I’ve got lots of case studies to share with you. I’m going to be doing three live online training starting on Wednesday March 1st the first one is at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Also going to do on that same day the first Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time and then another live one the next day Thursday March 2nd at 12:00 p.m. noon Pacific Time. So depending on when you’re listening this episode this is next week guys. These are all going to be the same trainings with different Q&A of course. So choose a day in time that works best for you. You don’t have to attend all three unless of course you want to come hang out with me. That would be awesome. In these live trainings you are going to learn the simple formula for attracting and closing a consistent stream of ideal clients with budget to spend and that will drain the life out of you. How to Have Your Facebook ads business up and running and profitable within 30 days or maybe massively scaling your business from where it is today. As I mentioned case studies discover how one Facebook Ads manager went from a monthly retainer of a hundred and sixty five dollars to over $2000 per client per month within a year. While raising three kids we also share how one Facebook Ads manager got his first client before even learning Facebook ads and he’s now generated over a million and a half dollars in revenue for his clients guys. I’m really excited to bring this brand new live training to you so to reserve a spot for one of these free trainings.

[00:05:04] Just go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash ads business. Rick Mulready dot com forward slash ads business you can choose a day in time that works best for you right there. Also link it up for you on the show notes page for the episode today Rick Mulready dot com forward slash 125.

[00:05:22] Without further ado let’s go hang out with Amanda bond man on welcome to the art of Petrovic How are you.

[00:05:29] I’m doing phenomenal today. Thank you for having me on. You’re a little nervous I understand. Yes but don’t tell everyone and should I let the secret out. Guys we are recording but I I do want to say you don’t go by Amanda. You go by bont I go by a bond that is correct. That is like that is I wish I had a name like that because that’s the coolest. Like you like Bond like I am bond. You know that’s pretty cool.

[00:05:54] It’s actually like a persona for me I feel like I can step into the role of Bond and that helps me do a little bit more riskier things or take a chance so. The name works well.

[00:06:05] I want to talk about some of those risky things here today where to keep it pertaining to to Facebook ads.

[00:06:12] Good. Good.

[00:06:13] Well keep it there. So tell us about yourself. Tell us who you are and what you’re up to and kind of how you got to what you’re what you’re doing today.

[00:06:19] I love that. I appreciate you having me on so I’m beyond the ad strategist will odor of the ads strategists. I think this is something that we can dive into today. I started off as a Facebook Ads strategist who was a freelancer running paid traffic for other people in the digital marketing space. And in the past few months we’ve been transitioning into an agency. So now I have to remind myself to say instead of I’m gone the ads started just I’m beyond owner of the ad strategist’s where we help people stop the guessing and start getting results with Facebook ads.

[00:06:53] Awesome. So what’s your. Well before I ask what’s your background to get you there you made a really clear distinction there between like you were running Facebook ads for other people and now you’re an agency. Exactly. When I think of it because I come from the corporate world you know I left the world in 2012 and I was in online advertising for 12 years at that point so I was dealing with big agencies big ad agencies. So when I hear the word agency I tend to think of like big organization but I realize that not everyone does that so I’m curious how you where you fall on that.

[00:07:25] I love it. I actually come from a corporate background myself as well and so I tend to have that same view. So one thing that I do like to as I’m trying to deal with the mindset of going from that freelancer to the agency owner is just reassure myself that agencies don’t need to go from zero to 100 overnight. We can start small. We can start with putting systems in place to be a boutique agency where we just focus on a very particular issue. And then as we expand our systems and our automation and our capabilities we can grow with the business. But I’m always one person that likes to say we think of what we are before we become that right. So like I am conditioning myself to talk more about that larger agency because I know that that’s what we’re growing into.

[00:08:12] I love it. So this is what this is that kind of the woo woo stuff that we’re recording and you’re like kind of because we had a.

[00:08:20] Are you feeling better by the way because we had originally scheduled this interview for a week ago and we’re recording this and you weren’t feeling well so are you are you better now.

[00:08:28] I am absolutely better and so I did let you in on a little secret before this that I think it was more of I was butting up against some fierce resistance about jumping on the call today and it wasn’t necessarily being sick which I initially thought it was. I think I was I had some fear thoughts that I need to get over. So I so appreciate you asking that because I don’t think enough people talk about it in this space. The other side to our business the mindset side to running a business and all the challenges that come. Like with the growth that you absolutely know of being in this space yourselves.

[00:09:02] Absolutely and I share with you. You know like I’m super into it and it’s something that I haven’t talked a whole lot about and I’m starting to talk more about it because I completely agree with you. It’s one of those things that it’s super I mean it’s a big part of entrepreneurship and having the right mindset. And I love that you said you know like we’re a media boutique agency right now. But you speak in that language so that you are basically for simplistic sake you’re setting yourself up to step into that you know that next sort of level of where you want this agency to go exactly the way that I look at it is when you have that mindset that align with where you’re going.

[00:09:42] Sometimes you have to slow down in what you’re doing to be able to speed up. And so knowing and trusting the vision of where you’re going is going to help make those times where you’re feeling like oh shit I’m making some changes in my business so my cash flow is going to drop this month. When you have that mindset to go along with that. I have a crystal clear vision of where I’m going. It makes those turbulent times a little bit easier to weather.

[00:10:07] Yeah I love that. I love that. So I mean if you don’t like are you cool is sharing like what the resistance was last week when we were going to do that because I think people can relate to what you’re sharing here.

[00:10:20] Heck yeah. I mean let’s just let’s just call it out because I look up to you I admire and respect you in this space and I think it was first off some feeling of Imposter Syndrome right. When I look at it kind of skyrocket onto the scene because of some really strategic connections that allow me to create a program in partnership with somebody that already had an audience. And so here I am being invited by you know Rick Mulready to come on the podcast and chat about that and my subconscious mind was just giving mad resistance to that saying Who do you think you are to jump on a podcast and talk about running an agency as you’ve just recently switched from that freelancer role to expanding the capacity. So that was definitely the biggest challenge. The second is a mindset thing that I’ve been working on in the last little while of how do you go from becoming a freelancer where every single aspect of your business is really dependent on the intellectual property that you bring to the table right there. The thoughts that you bring the strategy that in your brain. How do you go from that. Part of running a freelancing business to then creating the systems and no longer being the bottleneck of your own success. Right. So taking those out of your head and putting them into standard operating procedures or automations so that other people can also make decisions in the exact same way that you do. So both of those things were happening at once and I ended up method and.

[00:11:56] Let’s go on because I need to work through it and you absolutely gave us that opportunity. A week goes by and I just I feel on top of the world because I face those things head on and I did the journaling and the deep introspective work to find out why there were there to be ashamed of. Right. Later we can talk about this now.

[00:12:16] I love that and I appreciate you sharing that. And you know I appreciate you saying like I’m on you know Rick read his podcast. I mean I’ve been hearing about you and your work in the cool stuff you’ve been doing for a while now and I finally got to the point for me. I was like All right who the heck is this Amanda Bond girl. Like I keep hearing about her and the more and more I heard her. And then we had a close mutual friend of mine who you’ve become friends with. You know he reached out to me is like Dude you’ve got to you’ve got to talk to her. She’s awesome and so you and I hopped in the phone we chatted and you know like I’m a huge fan myself and you are one of the few people that I would trust my own Facebook ads with. And we’re going to talk about today some of your kind of like your thought processes behind how you run Facebook ads and so forth. So as you’ve made this transition from just managing I want to kind of back up when you when you were managing as sort of as a freelancer as you put it. How did you get started doing that.

[00:13:13] I think was actually a trial by fire I guess the story started when I was really involved in my community. I am a Rotarian. And if anyone doesn’t know what a Rotarian is think about the local service club that you have in your town the median age of those people are like. 55 60 so years gone that shows up and wants to get back in her community. And the way that I was able to support my club was through social media work because of the older demographic. They just immediately gravitated towards me and said run our social channels. And I got started by just jumping in and trying to figure it out. So we ended up running a local event which we expected 4000 people to show up over the weekend. It was a food truck frenzy and we had 23000 people walk through the door. Can cause organic unpaid traffic that I was responsible for so that major scientists say hey you need to pay attention to this. There’s something here and that took me to starting in social media but looking back on my personality and what I gravitated to towards in school and life I am very analytical I’m very logical and look at the data and I like to solve problems so that just kind of made me gravitate towards Facebook ads. Now I’m sure we could all make up stories like oh yeah I started with a thousand dollars a day and spend to what I started with one dollar a day boosting posts for clients that you know works up to where we are a day in our spend now.

[00:14:52] So it was a process that happened over a few years and for me looking back it was a logical process and it turns out that with where this industry is headed there is so much potential to amplify what people are doing with pin traffic of course.

[00:15:09] So you did the work on the ads in the social media site for the Rotary Club when you sort of expand from there. How did you get your first clients outside of outside of that.

[00:15:19] It was actually to this day everything’s been on referral service since that moment that I did the 23000 people that walked through the gate. That was something that was so notable to people locally that I had a waiting list instantly. And for me it looks like it happened overnight but I put lot of time and effort into building and cultivating those relationships are not for monetary gain. I love that the work that we were doing with the club so the referrals from that result actually took me into probably last year. And it just happens that there is such a demand for qualified people to run paid traffic in this space that I haven’t had to market my own business because it’s just referral after referral after referral. And the reason I believe is because we take such a long term approach of every single person that we have become a client we actually call them client partners because we want to treat their business as if it was our own business. And those results just speak volumes. So one client turns into turns to their friends and talks about that experience and it’s just that snowball effect and that happens because you do a good job.

[00:16:34] And so it will be like hey you know this person when here is when a great job for us why don’t you let me. Let me introduce you. When you were just starting out there one of the questions I get all the time is about pricing and you know the people hear about who we’re charging. You know people are charging Exham on dollars and they think it’s a lot of money. And then on the other side people are like well I’m just starting out but I’m afraid to start I’m afraid to charge money because I am just helping out managing ads for other businesses. How did you again after the Rotary Club experience how did you sort of surprising your services at that point.

[00:17:08] have to be really honest about that and think most people talk about it. I was terrified to price my services. I felt that it came so naturally to me that it didn’t feel like work and therefore I didn’t deserve to charge the rates that I was hearing. Right like the hundreds of dollars an hour thousands of dollars an hour as like I’m just getting started. I’ve had one success. Who am I to do this. So on the one side of things I really went deep and ask myself why and tried to work through that resistance. And it took me a while. I had a tiered pricing structure where if I was doing this action it was twenty five dollars an hour if I was doing this action it was forty five dollars an hour. And if I was doing this actually it was $75 an hour. I over thought the shit out of everything during that process.

[00:17:58] So I mean it’s evolved. And as I realized what we’ve done in terms of results I’ve been able to then directly correlate our results and say hey because of this effort. This was the outcome that’s kind of helped my brain wrap around what we’re able to bring to the table so it wasn’t a oh I just I’m going to do this and make a decision.

[00:18:21] It took a while and that process Sure started off with kind of like oh wonky pricing model with hourly like tiered how really.

[00:18:30] So then when you went from there and you start to figure out like the real value that you’re providing.

[00:18:35] What was that next level for you. Was it like a set monthly amount. What did that look like. I don’t know you don’t have to necessarily mention what that is I was trying to get a sense of like what the model was for you.

[00:18:46] Oh no I would absolutely even love to. To say the dollar amount it was such a monumental moment when I put out there and I was like twelve hundred and fifty dollars a month plus a percentage of ad spend and they’re like that’s a no brainer and I was like Shut the f up.

[00:19:00] Are you serious. You’re like a shoot I should charge more. I should charge more.

[00:19:06] But of course I was just flabbergasted that I finally was able to speak to what we were going to do.

[00:19:14] In a way that made 12:58 a no brainer at that time. And surprisingly those clients are actually not surprisingly I mean we treat our clients like gold. They’re still with us to this day and as we’ve increased our pricing they’ve come with us and every single time they’re like you should have done this sooner or you’re worth more than what you charge in it.

[00:19:33] Right now do you. I don’t know if you want to answer this question but as you were saying at this brought up a question for me that I know a lot of people have. So do you like some people that have been with you a long time yet. They obviously started out paying whatever it was when they started with you. And you’ve since started to raise your prices do you keep people at that like the price that they were paying when they started with you. Or are you slowly you know incrementally increasing that. How does that work for you.

[00:20:01] That’s a great question because I think that there are a few different ways to do that. What we’ve decided to do is have those rates incrementally increase as we’re increasing our new clients but not at the same speed. Got it. That’s how we rewarded their loyalty along the way is saying you know your current pricing is quite far out of alignment with where we’re currently charging. So we’re going to find this middle ground that works and have the conversation to make sure that that makes sense as an investment in their business on a monthly basis. And if it does we absolutely want to continue having them as clients. There was one instance where we did a two step tear because the price was so different between the two. And at the first place here it made sense for them to be a client at the second price tier. I told them to are otherwise not going to be there. And unfortunately I don’t think we should continue to work together I think that they could find a better solution. They were more a project based client so they were just running a launch here and there and it didn’t make sense to keep them on that monthly rate at the new. So there was some challenges of working those new prices but everyone that we wanted to come along with us that is there has made that journey along with us growing into better service providers right because I look at what I’m able to do now and I’m sure this is the exact same for you.

[00:21:30] You look at yourself a year ago and what you’re able to deliver today versus then is vastly different and worth so much more.

[00:21:39] And it sounds like that you’re working with clients that you actually want to work with. These are your quote and we always hear like ideal clients. Is that true for you.

[00:21:47] Absolutely. I mean we we know assholes policy. The ad. Nice. So we just make sure that they are in alignment with our values that they they treat people like the humans and individuals that they are. We definitely don’t grow up with anyone who’s looking for fast cash or quick wins. We want to know what’s the heart behind what they’re doing. And are they ready to invest in their own up leveling along the way. Because when you add paid traffic to anything you have the potential to break a system right like when you’re charging that much added. You could break that. So we want to make sure that the people are ready for that level of visibility and up leveling an amplification.

[00:22:34] So what was that like getting to that point of what you’re talking about right now or where you are working with and granted you are. He said all this all your business has been from referrals. What happens with a lot of people when they’re starting out and they’re building their sort of you know their dad’s management business or their boutique agency or love. I love that name. They’re kind of like holy cow I have to take anybody like I’m trying to make this work. I’m going to take any kind of client. And I get that mindset. But it’s really hard when you’re working with so many different types of businesses just taking any kind of business that you that you can get your hands on or who are going to work with you. How did you get to that point where you are getting referrals. But you’re now only working with people that really fit for the type of ideal client that you’re working with.

[00:23:17] Well the way that I learned that lesson the universe taught me it really hard. I ended up not trusting my guy and going after that. I looked at the contract and I was like there’s an opportunity to make some cash. They’re not an ideal set. But let’s take them on as a client because we need them. We need some cash flow to move the business forward. Well three months later and ten thousand dollar project they ended up not paying the last twelve hundred dollars of it and initiating a charge back for the entire amount. So yes. So absolutely. And I found out actually that I’m not the only person I’m the fifth person that that happens you know. So it was my fault for not listening to my God not listening for my intuition not doing the due diligence that I should have done because I was in that grasping I didn’t need anything at this point. And so that lesson was very hard to learn. I almost quit the like I almost quit the space entirely and decided hey is this for me or isn’t it. Of course I’m still here. So we we know that the end result of that. But it was a really hard lesson to learn. But since then every single time I’ve listened to my intuition and aligned with the values our life has just been outstanding so it took a lot of practice.

[00:24:37] It took a lot of getting it wrong before you could get to the point where you could just flat out say to somebody I don’t think this is a fair and I would be more than glad to help you find somebody that’s aligned. Because I definitely believe that there’s more than enough out there for all of us.

[00:24:53] Yeah for sure. Now you mentioned something right there that’s I think really is important. You said that doesn’t align with our values. And you know obviously by that point taken the time to put your values together and be really clear on that and align your values with the types of clients with our it’s only actually reverse that align the clients that you’re considering to your values. Is that sort of when did you put those together in this sort of journey as you’ve been putting this together.

[00:25:20] Great question. It was. Now I’m thinking back right before I was planning on expanding my team. So before I took that step and said hey I’m ready to get some help and support and I’m not talking as a somebody that’s just helping me do task based projects I’m thinking of more strategic support. So the first person that we hired was an operations manager to help us look at the business. So it was at that time right before it that I sat down and got really clear based on the experiences that I’ve had in my life based on the experiences that I’ve had with clients the things that you do like and the things that you don’t like and just took the time to journal and reflect on it and then write it on a sheet of paper and edit it and refine it. So now we actually have a document and you can find it on our website at the Edstrom just dot com slash Commandments which are our moral values of the company. And so it’s a public facing document but it’s also what creates the culture internally and how we show up and align with the clients that we find.

[00:26:30] I love that. And I know that you said you as you started to hire. You brought this operations person and we’ve been talking over the past couple of months here that you have been building your team so it was that operations person the first person that you that you brought on or was that where did you where are you and your hiring. I’m trying to get out like what roles that you bring on and why you brought them on and also what in what order you brought them on.

[00:26:54] Well I’m a huge fan of the fan girl of you. And Chris Duggar So he was always talking about bringing on the A’s. Well without having that experience I brought on with no knowing exactly what the heck I would do with them. So he was always asking me like Bon What do you want me to do right now. I’m like the guy in clay or I don’t really have anything for you to do. And she’s like I’m here to alleviate that from you. I had taken the time to step back and say here’s the tasks that she would be responsible for. So I didn’t end up using the A wisely I did the same thing by the way.

[00:27:32] So a couple of years ago I did the exact same thing because I was you know just getting the business going and I’m like you hear all this stuff about like needing a V.A. and building her team. I’m

[00:27:41] like I need a visa.

[00:27:43] I’m so Vence that I wasn’t clear on what I wanted them to do. And I would give them a few things I didn’t have any kind of processes in place as far as like like here’s how you accomplish this. And you know they’ve been they take care of it. It was you know it was a disaster. And you know similar lesson learned that you’re talking about here.

[00:28:03] Yeah and you kind of feel like you’ve done it wrong. Right. In those moments like should i failed that.

[00:28:09] Yeah yeah. Once you clarified what you want that rule to do you brought somebody on and then did you bring the operations person.

[00:28:17] I got clear on what I wanted to do and at that time I had just released a program where we welcome in almost 500 students. So I was really overwhelmed with my inbox and notifications. Yeah. So I wanted somebody to come in who was a strategic thinker and not just able to execute on tasks so I laid out everywhere that I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t really have an answer as to how we would fix that what the solutions were but I knew that this was the scope of what this operations manager was going to help me problems all of. And then we did that together. So I got to was my first hire and she works about two hours to three hours a day depending on projects or launching something. And how did you find her.

[00:28:59] She was actually she reached out to me from a podcast. And interestingly enough I hired her the year prior when I had zero cash flow in the business. And she was just very hungry to learn more about the industry and the behind the scenes. And I’m going to be honest. I go to her and said I only have enough to pay you 13 Canadian dollars which is more than minimum wage. But like you’re not coming in the business for the glitz and glam in 2015 that if there’s any glitz and glam. And she said I want to learn more than I care about that. So absolutely. So she actually helped me with some task work.

[00:29:41] The prior year and she just was standing just over over delivering on everything hungry to learn more and I looked at that and I was like the moment it makes sense you’re coming into my team because I value you so much.

[00:29:55] Yeah I love that. I love that. And now you have been building out the team as far as now that you’ve made this sort of more quote unquote official transition to be out being an agency. Now you’re bringing in people underneath you outside of the operations side more like you know working on the on the accounts that you’re that you’ve got coming in what are what are those kind of roles.

[00:30:16] So we have a new account manager. So in those roles it was essentially doing the client side work that I was doing it a freelancer. So instead of me spending hours and hours a day in power editor I now have a team that supports that work that I think strategically. But I still do have my hand on the pulse in terms of what each client has going on right now. So really just to support in the execution the optimization the monitoring of ads as we all know can be a handful especially when you start to scale those campaigns out and you have so many moving parts. So that’s their primary role but one thing that I love doing is identifying their zones of genius and really nurturing that because I want to grow a team of leaders. I want to grow a team of people who are independent thinkers. We’re always seeing opportunities as we go. So two of my account managers one is really well-versed in the sales side of things so he understands that client journey he wants to make sure that people are taken care of. So we’re really nurturing him into a future V.P. of sales role and on the flip side. One of my guys is really great with the tech and building of systems and outsourcing processes. So we are then focusing on how do we. All of me a lot of this stuff that you guys are currently doing to free you up to do more higher level thinking and strategy right now.

[00:31:42] So the way that we look at things as we look out five years to the big vision we then dial it back and then you know the 90 day year you go quarterly monthly weekly and then that’s how we decide what we do on a daily basis.

[00:31:56] And if I’m not mistaken you had a post out there for an ADS manager and you got you know the two people did you hire two people at the same time because you thought they were such good candidates.

[00:32:07] Yeah absolutely. I originally was just thinking small and thinking at all just take one person on because I know immediately I could have enough work for them. And in terms of cash flow on a monthly basis it sure was a no brainer for me to hire one full of applicants out there was outstanding. And these two really resonated with me. They both had differing skill sets in a way that would just complement growth of the company. And I consulted with my advisors and I was like I think I’m going to hire both of these guys and they’re like yeah you definitely should. So that was what ended up happening.

[00:32:44] And how did you find them. You said there was a bunch of candidates out there great candidates.

[00:32:47] Where did you post great candidates. I posted in my facebook group and there are two of my clients shared it onto their pages and groups. And from that we ended up having almost 40 people apply.

[00:32:57] Wow ok. I know the are they virtual are they. Are they there in Toronto with you.

[00:33:01] No they are virtual So I have one team down in Florida a guy my office manager is close to Toronto and then we’ve got a team out in Australia now.

[00:33:10] Wow OK. OK. So the account management role for the people who are actually in power right now they’re in they’re not there with you they’re not local they’re not coming to an office with you they’re virtual. How is that working for you where you know you’re obviously you are very much on the pulse of what’s going on but they’re not right there with you.

[00:33:30] They haven’t been doing a phenomenal job at calling me out on my issue for that but right I guess. So I’ve actually done a great job of Shane when they ask me questions and my answer is maybe it depends on x y z or maybe I might do this. They stopped me dead in my tracks and they said Bond were not you and we can’t make decisions in the same way you do unless we understand why. Yeah. It’s so interesting. Yes it’s been a process of slowing down in terms of how fast I execute because I can go into power editor and create a campaign in like 12 minutes or instead of doing that we’re taking 12 hours to map out the entire process from start to finish. Why I did something so that we can create systems around that so somebody else could take that and be like I made the exact same decisions that Bond would have made of this. And it’s been eye opening again one of the things that we’re even still working through is tightening those up and making the experience for clients and for our team members just top notch. And that was some of the resistance that I was having last week because it’s overwhelming at times to be like. Oh man I built a business that’s surely based around me. This is not leverage able whatsoever. Yeah

[00:34:52] exactly. And so that leads me to my next question there as to what role are you playing right now. Are you the person who is getting the client talk to the clients once they sign on with you discussing the strategy and all that type of stuff and then you sort of I don’t want to say in a negative tone like hand off to your team but is that sort of the role that you’re playing right now or something else in the transition because there are still lots of growth that we have to do to get to that.

[00:35:19] I look at myself in the CEO role but I’m very hands on until we have processes that are proven that everyone feels fully confident that these are tested with clients and everything is running smoothly. I’m going to be working more than I’ve ever worked in my entire life and to the point where you don’t have to yeah exactly and the compensation it’s you need to realize that during that time your personal compensation is going to go down because not only are you doing everything you’re also training other people and compensating them to show up and grow through this process with.

[00:35:53] So I’m very aware that we’re we’re in it we’re in the thick of it and I’m very hands on in the business. The goal is to transition to more of a strategic point of view. I really want to have my hands on the pulse with strategy and I want to have a rock solid team underneath me that can go take the ideas and implement them. And of course I’ve just naturally love connecting and chatting with people I mean this podcast episode could go on forever I’m sure. So I definitely want to maintain that sales side at some level. I don’t want to be in the future taking all of the sales calls myself but really just having a hand on the pulse of the entire business.

[00:36:34] Now what I. What I love about that you’re very clear in what you want to do and where you want to get to. In order to do that you do have to be clear in order to get to where you want to go. Kind of like talking like when we first started talking here if you want to if you’re considering yourself an agency but maybe you don’t think you’re quite there but yet you’re talking in that way that you are already there. You’re clear on that. So it’s just happening here it’s like we’re very clear on what you want the business to look like and what you want your role to be and you’re putting everything in place to get there even though it might not look exactly like that right now.

[00:37:07] Exactly. The process of anything is pretty messy along the way.

[00:37:11] People that you hired there do they have any like are you treating them from scratch or do they have any kind of experience at all this time.

[00:37:19] They actually all ended up being students of my program so I knew that they had a base understanding of how I did things in that program which was a good enough start and then I realized that their field that would make it easy for them to learn everything. But I mean on your last point in terms of getting crystal clear on that. It didn’t happen overnight. It took a while to understand what is possible what you do want things to look like.

[00:37:47] I mean I get so much value when we hop on Skype or if I chat to some of my mentors I reach out to other people in this space who are doing similar things and just having those mentors that you can turn to and ask for advice because if you try and go this alone you’re going to be so stressed it’s going to be so much harder than it has to be. But there’s people that are ahead of you that leave clues right. Like I love talking to you because of the insight that you have through your own experience and I don’t look at that as a negative like oh my gosh I don’t want to talk to wrack like I’m giving you the cold shoulder over here.

[00:38:22] You can’t see it behind the computer like a tree.

[00:38:26] I would love to hear about the insight that you have because of the way to look at things more abundantly. There’s enough for all of us and your skill sets can complement mine and mine complement yours and vice versa.

[00:38:37] Absolutely absolutely. So I want to kind of shift into not only from the agency building and stuff like that but more so about your your strategy and your thinking around Facebook ads so when you start working with a client in a kind of want to go into you also like what you’re seeing with it’s working right now. Sure. What like what is your strategy. You know when you start working with a client because I think you’re very unique you showed me a spreadsheet back sadness that blew my mind. I was like holy cow this is awesome. And I love that you are such an analytical thinker so what is sort of the quote unquote bàn strategy as you’re looking at sort of running Facebook ads for a client a grid and I know it’s going to be different for every client.

[00:39:18] Oh absolutely. Absolutely. The strategy ended up becoming our tagline so I gotta stop sign and start getting results. And the way to do that is to actually understand your business so there’s a lot of people who don’t have past corporate experience like you or I took calls from. There’s a lot of people who are younger who are just starting the business and may not understand financials and different metrics that are important. So one thing that we want to do is understand where you are and where you want to go before we map that path. If we can’t logically see what any campaign is bringing to the bigger picture we will run it. So the strategy is like finding out the things that matter like finding now knowing your value per lead. Knowing what you can pay up to per lead and still be profitable because there’s so many people that just look at pay or have dollar conversions and it’s like well does that mean. Right. Right. How does that play into the bigger strategy of the business so that’s what we really like to take that strategic partnership view where we dive in and we do the data digging and run the calculators and spreadsheets like you. And so that way we have the answers. It made sense when we spent a thousand dollars over here because that correlated to 8000 is over there. And so it just makes having conversations with the team my team internally and then our clients all that much easier because when you can say hey we did this because it resulted in that they’re like Nam do that again.

[00:40:52] Well what if the I mean so what if you what if somebody comes to you and you know they are doing you’re doing well you know to say that they’re doing a few hundred thousand dollars in their business and they’ve run a little bit of pay traffic but maybe they don’t have clarity around sort of what that lead is worth to them. You know Will you help them figure it out or are they just not an ideal client for you.

[00:41:13] Well we actually before at that point for people who are cash flow rich and wanted to test the system we would just immediately say okay we’ll perfect. Would you like to become a client. We can figure these things out as we go. Got it now. I had some experiences where people were cash flow rich but systems broke. So when we came in it didn’t make sense for us to be there. So I actually ended up refunding their money in saying this isn’t a right fit right now because there’s things that need to be fixed before we can move forward. And so we’ve actually implemented a mandatory assessment before you can become a client where we take a look at your data where you currently are. We take a look at where you’re going and then we analyze. Do you have the cash flow to support that. If not what’s the first step that you can do before we move forward so you might not be an ideal client right now but we like to help people grow into becoming our ideal clients. I just point out some tweaks that they can make get there like what’s going to be H20 role is going to be that 20 percent of things that you can focus on right now to grow that revenue where it makes sense to bring on somebody to manage this aspect of your business.

[00:42:26] I love it. I love that process and I love the thought process behind behind that. I know the people are listening right now probably thinking Well not quite at that point but it’s a great thing to come to shoot for. We’re talking you know we were just talking about what do you want the business to look like. I think this is a great thing too. You know if somebody is not there yet and with the ability to do something like this what you’re talking about here is a good thing to shoot for. Now what about your like what are you seeing that’s working right now really well for your clients is from an outside perspective. You know we talked about strategy just from like a tactical perspective I’d love to get your thoughts on what you’re seeing that’s working right now.

[00:43:04] Yes sure. I think two things and one that we had a conversation about before hers is video. I mean it’s Facebook’s preferred method to get things out there to keep people on the platform longer. So you’re just seeing really great or otherwise with video in terms of the Web site conversion and what you’re using video instead of an image as creative. I’m finding that that’s really helping to lower the CPM. It’s really increasing the results as we go. And just this week they announced the mineral and terms of video so I’m really excited to see where that keeps going. And Facebook lives like amplifications strategy behind that. You know you have your Facebook live and then once it’s done you can amplify it to people who may not be in your warm market to continue to expand the people who know of you and then implement some retargeting to those video viewers. I think that’s going to be crazy powerful in 2017.

[00:44:00] The video engagement retargeting So for everybody who’s listening. Not really sure what a man is talking about here and we’ve talked about on the podcast before but the video engagement retargeting where you can set up audiences of people based on how long they’re watching your videos whether it’s like 25 percent or 50 percent or 75 or 95 percent. You set those audiences up on any kind of video that you’re posting whether it’s a video ad or whether it’s a Facebook Live or you’ve just posted a video on your page. You can set these audiences up so as a man as you just mentioned there you can turn on and retarget them based on how long they watched your video. So if you’ve got a two minute video and you have a call to action there and they’ve watched 95 percent of your video will you can retarget those people if they didn’t actually take the action that you want them to take. So I love that he’s bringing that up. But also you mentioned the medrol that Facebook just came announcing. They’re also going to start doing the video within Instagram stories 0 9. So that’s in that’s brand new. I mean so they’re going to start rolling that out as well which I think is which is really really interesting to add on that.

[00:45:05] So if you have a Facebook group that’s really engaged you can retarget target or you can’t target your Facebook group members yet. So a hot tip to get around that is to publish some type of video on your page and share it into your group. Right so your group members are seen that they get into that video retargeting audience and you’re able to target them with Facebook ads that way. So if you have a group that’s a great way to get them in there.

[00:45:31] Yeah and I know I like how you said yet because Facebook is testing that right now with the ability to target groups well be that’s going to be really interesting. I’ve started asking this and the I forget to ask sometimes but because I said at the end of 2016 on a couple of episodes that I was going to make this a regular question I’m going to put you on the spot here because the way to go in it is they podcasts are here. What’s a book that you really highly recommend that you’ve read whether it’s recently or just one that you like go back to every year that you’ve gotten a lot of value out of.

[00:46:04] Oh that’s a great question actually an avid book reader so I have so many that I can’t even think of right now but one that stood out to me especially pertaining to our conversation was built to sell. So if you are interested in creating an agency or expanding your service based business it’s a really great book to help you think about an exit in a while.

[00:46:28] And so I’ve found lots of value from that and yet I have it on my bookshelf and it’s just a way that I can’t reach it so I don’t know I can’t see the author but it’s a great book. It’s called built to sell and a man is right it’s ours he’s me Bond is right that it’s just it’s all about creating a business from a systemsand process standpoint so that you have this with even if maybe you’re not you know considering selling your business you’re still setting it up that way and this book really takes you through from start to finish. You mentioned before we could talk for hours and I feel like we’re like we’re just getting going. But I’ll wrap up here. And I would love to have you back on the show again at some point. I want to make sure that people know where to connect with you because I know that that you have mentioned that I forget what you call that sort of questionnaire. People are interested in working with you that sort of you know are they the right type of person to be working with you.

[00:47:21] So I’d love to be able to send them to that place and learn more about you and the potential if they’re looking for someone to manage their Facebook guides like I’ve mentioned you’re one of the very few people who I would trust with my own with my own ad So anybody who is looking to have somebody run their Facebook ads and sort of at the level of what we’ve been talking about here the bond works with what is the length that people can go to check that out.

[00:47:44] We can find our team at the ad strategist’s dot com board flash star.

[00:47:49] OK. The ads strategist’s dot com forward slash start right. Yes absolutely. Awesome. I’ll be sure and link that up on the show notes for the episode today. John thank you so much. This has been. I normally take notes as I’m doing these interviews and I just looked at my Evernote note here where I normally take notes and I have so few notes because I was so just and enamored with our conversation here and so into her comfort to say that that’s a good thing that I don’t have any notes because that means like we’re just just rolling here so. Thanks for coming on the show.

[00:48:20] Well thank you so much for having me. Absolute pleasure. And I look forward to doing it again.

[00:48:25] All right. Hope you got a lot out of this one the man to bond today. As I mentioned the top of the show if you’re interested in managing Facebook ads for other businesses having you Facebook ads business maybe this is something that you want to start as a side hustle while you’re getting your own online business going.

[00:48:40] Maybe you want to manage Facebook ads full time as your business or maybe you’re already really good at Facebook ads and now you want to create a business out of it but you’re not quite sure how to start that business and get clients. Maybe you already have a Facebook ads business that’s doing really well but now you’re like all right. Well how do I scale it. How do I grow this. Well I don’t invite you to a brand new free online training that’s taking place next week. This is the five steps to creating a profitable Facebook ads business go from making $165 a month per client to over $2000 a month per client like Kerry and others got lots of case studies for you in these live training. It’s going to be three light trainings starting on Wednesday March 1st at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time also doing one at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time Wednesday the first and then another live one the next day Thursday March 2nd at 12:00 p.m. Pacific time. I’d like to do multiple times over a few days so that you can choose a day in time that works best for you. So to reserve your spot on one of these free trainings just go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash ads business also link this up in the show notes for the episode today.

[00:49:51] Rick Mulready dot com forward slash 125. All right my friends thank you so much for listening to today’s episode. Really appreciate it. Got a lot of great stuff coming your way in the coming weeks. Until then keep testing your traffic to find out what works for you and your business and then do more of what’s working. And I’ll see you in the next episode.

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