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#72: Secrets Behind High Converting Webinars with Amy Porterfield

Today’s episode of the Art of Paid Traffic is the third in our 3-part mini-series about using webinars and paid traffic to grow your business.

In episode #70 I talked all about how to use streaming webinars and paid traffic to automate your business.

In the last episode, #71, John Lee Dumas from EoFire joined me to talk about How to Create a 7-Figure Business Using Webinars & Facebook ads.

And in today’s episode, one of my very best friends Amy Porterfield joins me to talk about how to know if webinars will work for your business and we also get into several tips and strategies for creating a high converting webinar.

Amy is one of the BEST people I know when it comes to creating and delivering webinars that convert and I’m psyched to welcome her back to the show today so she can share her secrets with you.

In the past 6 years, she has done 300+ webinars and built a 7-figure business using webinars as the backbone.

In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to know if webinars will work for your business
  • Simple strategies for how to increase the quality of leads coming into your webinar
  • 5 tips and strategies for creating a high converting webinar
  • Why giving away your best stuff for free is the smartest strategy
  • What to do BEFORE your webinar which gets people pumped for your training

Free Live Webinar Training THIS WEEK with Amy Porterfield and Me!

If you want to grow and scale your business without relying on a huge email list, webinars are THE way to go.

In addition to having Amy on the podcast, I asked her if she would dive even deeper into her webinar strategy and share everything (copy, images, case studies, do’s, dont’s — everything but the kitchen sink) about how to create a high converting webinar.

So, this Thursday, January 28th at 10am PST join us for a free live training:

How to Create Your First 5-Figure Webinar (Even if you don’t have much of a list yet!).

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If you sell digital products, programs, courses or services online and are looking for a better way to sell more of them you are going to LOVE this training.

Here’s What You’ll Learn During the Webinar:

  • Quick tips to help you choose your webinar topic (this ONE decision can make or break your webinar success!)
  • The 3 slides EVERY webinar must include (without these, selling will be tough… scratch that, it will feel impossible)
  • How to sell with ease on a webinar… without having to pressure your audience with overblown scarcity tactic and ninja “influence” tricks
  • Webinar list building techniques that will routinely pump your list full of quality, highly engaged leads (who will like and trust you quicker then any email or social media post could ever achieve)
  • The small tweaks that will turn any live webinar into a recorded, automated sales funnel that you can put on autopilot.

Here’s the link again to register:


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I use EasyWebinar for my automated webinars. Check it out:

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