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"If you’re an action taker, and you’re serious in your business, keep your ears open and take some notes!! When you start putting things you’ve learned on Rick’s Podcast into your will see amazing things happen!!!”

"This podcast is hand down the best out there." 

Without Rick's help, I'm not sure if I would have ever had the guts to try some of the strategies that have allowed me to build a 7-figure business.” 

"Some of the ideas I've learned from this podcast have generated thousands of dollars of revenue for my business."

This podcast is hand down the best out there. When you start putting things you’ve learned on Rick's podcast into your business or your client’s business, you will see amazing things happen!!!

"If you’re an action taker , and your serious in your business, keep your ears open and takes some notes!! "

- @Lianne Kim Coach

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