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#65: How to Create Automated Marketing Systems In Your Business

December 2, 2015

On today’s episode I’m pumped to be talking about creating automated marketing systems in your business and how paid traffic can drive those systems with my good friends Jason Van Orden and Jeremy Frandsen from Internet Business Mastery.

If you’re not familiar with who Jason and Jeremy are, they’ve been podcasting for 10 years now over on their Internet Business Mastery podcast. It’s an awesome show that I’ve been listening to for a few years now so if you’ve never heard it definitely check it out.

Over that time they’ve built a multi-million dollar business and they’re really smart when it comes to being able to holistically look at a business and figure out where the opportunities are to increase revenue.

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What Jeremy and Jason refer to as “the traffic myth” and where you should be focusing your efforts instead.
  • What the “choose your own adventure” system is and how to use it to move customers toward spending increasingly higher amounts of money with your business.
  • Six ways to scale a business
  • How to use a “minimum viable funnel” to show quick results in your business
  • How to increase the lifetime value of your customers
  • How to create real wealth from your paid traffic

Lots of gold in today’s conversation from a couple of guys who have been successfully doing this stuff for a long time.

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