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#70: How to Use Streaming Webinars & Paid Traffic to Automate Your Business

January 13, 2016

On today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, we’re talking all about how to use streaming webinars and paid traffic to automate your business.

This is the first episode in a 3-part mini-series this month all about how to use webinars and paid traffic to grow your business.

There was a point in time when not many were using Facebook ads just yet.

Google AdWords was all the rage, and many people online were skeptical about platforms like Facebook for ads.

Fast forward a couple of years, and you’d be hard pressed to not see the more successful entrepreneurs, names, and brands using Facebook ads to grow their businesses and get more sales.

But for me, Facebook ads were just one-half of the equation…

Yes, the ads were powerful and grew my email list and business, but it wasn’t until I combined them with webinars – and a very specific kind of webinar – that things really took off.

I’d do a couple of live webinars, take note of what worked (and what didn’t), and then tweak. 

Do more webinars, rinse and repeat.

After a while, I had a high-converting webinar…

And then the question hit me:

How could I do more of these?

That’s when I found automated webinars, or streaming workshops, as I like to call them.

And, when you do them right (and ethically) things get really fun in your business.

That’s what this episode of The Art Of Paid Traffic is is all about.

Here are just a few things you’re about to hear in today’s epsidoe:

  • The 5 ways to use Facebook ads to promote your products, boost affiliate partnerships, and grow your relationships with your audience
  • How to scale your online business (while adding value and selling more of your product and services)
  • Why automated webinars have been given a bad name (and how to combat this)
  • How to properly leverage streaming workshops to grow your relationships and then sell your products
  • When should you automate a webinar? (most get this wrong and then act out of integrity)
  • The step-by-step funnel flow that preps cold-traffic for upcoming streaming webinars
  • How to double your ad-spend with this handy little method
  • The type of content you need to offer during your streaming webinar (if you want to sell a product at the end)
  • How to handle different kinds of streaming webinar sign ups (like when someone drops off, doesn’t buy, or doesn’t show up)
  • The tools I recommend you use to make this process and system simple
  • How to know exactly how many people watched (and if they heard your offer) so that you can properly market to viewers after the streaming webinar
  • The simple method you can use to drastically improve the stats of your streaming webinar, funnels, offers, and Facebook ads
  • A free resource to help you track, manage, and improve your stats and sales

Transcription of Today’s Episode:

On today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, we’re talking about automated webinars, or what I like to call streaming workshops.

I’m going to share with you my strategy for how I use streaming workshops to create an automated sales machine in my business using Facebook ads to drive the overall sales machine.

This is the beginning of a mini-series all about webinars and how to use them in conjunction with paid traffic to quickly grow your business.

We’re doing this series here in January because it was almost exactly 2 years ago that I started using webinars in my business.

It was at that point that my business completely took off, when I started using webinars.

If you’re looking to have a breakthrough year here in 2016, one strategy that can catapult your business very quickly is to use webinars. We’re going to be covering webinars here over the next few weeks.

In the next episode, John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire is going to be joining me to talk about how he has used Facebook ads to drive webinar registrations for his weekly webinars that generate literally tens of thousands of dollars every single week. He’s also going to be sharing webinar tips for increasing conversions.

The following episode after that, my good friend Amy Porterfield is going to join me to talk about all the secrets to creating 5 and 6 figure webinars in your business. Amy is one of the very best people that I know when it comes to webinars. I’m psyched to bring her on the show so that she can share her secrets with you. That’s the episode after the next one that is coming up here.

Let’s start talking about today’s episode and jump into talking about creating an automated sales machine in your business using streaming workshops, as I like to call them. Some people call them automated webinars.

Read the full transcript of today’s episode here


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