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“Best of” How to Be a Guest On Podcasts (In 2021)

January 1, 2021



We are officially in 2021! Happy New Year, friends. 

Today, I am bringing you a “Best of” episode that is more relevant now than ever. This was one of THE MOST downloaded episodes in 2020 and for good reason. 

With an All-Star lineup, I dive into a topic that I think is such a critical piece of growing an online business. If you’re looking to grow your brand and position yourself as a thought leader and authority in your space (plus grow your email list and sell more of your products and services), being a guest on other podcasts is a great way to do it! 

So how do you go about getting on other podcasts? I hear excuses from people I speak with all the time, listing all the reasons why they can’t do it. I’m telling you that every single person listening right now has unique gifts to share with the world! You won’t be able to help the people that need your help by playing small though, which is why the message that I have to share in this episode is so important for you to understand. 

Not only am I going to give you my blueprint for growing your brand using podcast appearances, but I’ve also asked some of my friends to join me on this episode to share their best tips and strategies as well!

The people I interview in this episode are super successful online business owners, and you just may recognize the names in this All-Star lineup. I was as excited as you will be to hear from Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, James Wedmore, Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, Tarzan Kay, and Julie Solomon, and I was blown away by their expertise and what they share about getting on other podcasts (and I’m sure you will be too)! 


On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What you need to always lead with when approaching podcast hosts about being on their show, and what to do before you even reach out
  • One of the best pitches, word for word, that I’ve even gotten from a prospective guest
  • How case studies can be effectively used and the ways I’ve implemented them 
  • An Instagram DM video strategy that shows the host that you’re going above and beyond the typical email pitches they receive
  • Other incredible insights from the top online business owners in the industry!

I’ve been doing this podcast for 7 years and it is the most fun I have in my business. I hope you gain insight and knowledge from these outstanding podcast hosts and are inspired to be a guest on a podcast in 2021.

I want to invite you into my new Optimized CEO Community Facebook group. This is a free Facebook group exclusively for online course creators, maybe you have a membership program, or you’re an online coach, and you want to optimize your business towards six or seven figures. If that sounds like you, you need to be inside this community, and you can join us at www.rickmulready.com/group


Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode:



Pat Fynn:




John Lee Dumas:



James Wedmore: 



Amy Porterfield: 



Jenna Kutcher:



Tarzan Kay: 



Julie Solomon: 




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