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#80: How a Natural Health Practitioner Got a 10x Return On Her Facebook Ads

Thanks so much for joining me today for episode #80 where today I’ve got another great Facebook ads case study for you about a natural health practitioner named Becky Mauldin.

Becky is using Facebook ads to scale her in-person clinic and she’s selling a training course for holistic health practitioners that certifies them to be a holistic health practitioner.

As you’ll hear today, at the time we did the interview, Becky had spent about $3,000 on Facebook ads over a 6 month time period and on that spend she made about $30,000.

Becky takes us through everything she did in her campaign, how she’s achieving these results while only targeting ONE cold audience, the big change in strategy she made to finally get the results she was looking for, the ONE factor that she believes has had the biggest impact on her success and you’ll also learn something about me that I don’t talk about a whole lot. That’s at the very end of the interview.

Here’s a screenshot of Becky’s Facebook ad.  Notice the ad copy…  It’s so well done. Simple and speaks directly to her exact target audience.


Quick Announcements:

I just released, well depending on when you’re listening to this, a brand new video series that shows YOU exactly how to create an automated system that attracts leads and sales every day using Facebook ads. In fact, much of what Becky does in her business is following this system.

It’s a free video training that’s available for a limited time, so depending on when you’re listening to this it may not be available.

If you’d like to get access to this free video training, you can go to

I also want to let you know I’m going to be speaking at Social Media Marketing World here in San Diego in a few weeks. I talk Monday morning April 18th at 10:30am and my talk is on How to Double Your ROI With Facebook Video Ads. So if you’re going to the conference, definitely say hello, I’d like to thank you personally for listening to the podcast.

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