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Behind-the-Scenes of Creating a HUGE New Offer, with Judith Gaton

September 28, 2022

In this episode of Art of Online Business, I sat down with one of my Accelerator students, Judith Gaton. She is a returning guest on the show, and this time, she is taking us behind the scenes of creating a huge new offer. 

When business owners come to me and tell me they are thinking of creating a new offer when they already have one that’s doing well, that’s usually a red flag. However, Judith has created a truly amazing membership offer and is already reaping the benefits. 

This episode is essentially a wide, encompassing conversation around the evolution of this offer that, after only a few days of being available, is already extremely successful. 

Judith Gaton is a Master Certified life coach, personal stylist, author, and former lawyer. Through confidence coaching and mindset work, she helps high-achieving women to see that they can dress and love the body they are in right now. 

When Style & Confidence are dialed in, women can go do the work they were created to do in the world. Her ultimate style philosophy: Confident Women Build Legacies.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Judith helps her clients
  • The concept of Judith’s new membership
  • Why having a detailed vision sets your offer up for success
  • The importance of selling your offer before you create it
  • Tips for validating your new offer
  • The tools Judith is using to create her membership
  • Copywriting tips for your offer


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Hey my friend, welcome to the Art of Online Business Podcast. My name is Rick Mulready and I’m an online business coach. I’m an ad’s expert, and most importantly, I’m a dad. And this show is where we help established online course creators and coaches create more profit, more impact with less hustle. All right, let’s get into it. All right. What’s up, my friend? Welcome to episode number 638 here on the podcast. So seeing episode number the number 638, I had this dream last night. So I’ve done close to at this point 700 episodes of podcasting. I’ve been podcasting now for nine years, and I had this dream last night where this I don’t know who it was, but some guy was looking at the microphone here. And if you watch my if you watch these episodes on my the art of online business YouTube channel you you see my mike Mike set up and so forth. So anyway, he was looking at the angle of how I’ve had the microphone and I’ve had this angle in the microphone for years and years. And he was like, Oh no, you’ve been doing it wrong. It has to be like this. And I had this complete breakdown in my dream. Mind you, this is these are the things I dream about. But he was like, no, no, no. It’s, it’s you have to be angling it like this. And I’m like, I’ve been doing it the other way for years now. Uh oh. My podcast is like, people hate the audio. 

I had no idea. So yeah, those are my dreams right now. Good times just. I don’t know why I’m wanting to share that with you, but hey, that’s top of mind right now as I recorded this early morning here. So my guest today, she’s a returning guest, Judith Gaytan, and she’s a member of my accelerator coaching program. And what I wanted to do with this interview here with Judith is share with you behind the scenes of bringing a brand new offer. Ta ta ta light. And for about two months now, when I’m recording this the middle of September, we have been talking about it. She came to me a couple of months ago and said, I’m thinking about this new offer now. Whenever an existing business owner comes to me and starts off the conversation that way, I immediately have a red flag because I want to make sure why are we jumping to a new offer when the existing offer still has room to breathe, room to grow? And you know, and here we are about two months later, and she has created this amazing membership offer and already has a whole bunch of founding members in it. And so we’re going to I’m going to take you behind the scenes here in these conversations that I’ve had with Judith over the past few months about refining the offer, the messaging, who it’s for, why people need to join the membership. And and funnily enough, this is an idea that she’s had for seven years now. 

And, you know, basically, as you’re going to hear. Apparently I was the first one to sort of like, let’s go, let’s do this, because I can see the kind of energy this offer gives you and how excited you are to bring it to the world, if you will. And so we talk about all that, the evolution of creating this offer. And then sort of three quarters of the way through this interview here we get into OC. How are we going to validate it? What’s the marketing plan look like? How are you going to launch this? What are the tactics? What are the tools, the strategy? How many people are you going to let in and the founding member price, all that sort of thing. And so this is just really a wide encompassing conversation around the evolution of this offer that here’s a hint already and it’s only been open for two days now at the time recording this already. Super, super successful. So fun conversation. Let’s go hang out with Judith Gatton. So for those of you who are listening right now to this episode, you should see Judith on camera. So, by the way, we record all these on video and they’re over on the art of online business YouTube channel for the podcast here. And so everything’s on video now. And if you could see Judith, if you’re not watching, if you can see Judith right now or if you could see Judith right now, she’s like, You’re glowing. 

I’m geeking out over here. Totally. Yeah. 

Yeah. So, Judith been on on the show here before, and I’ll have you reintroduce yourself for those people who have not heard that episode. But I want to talk about this new membership that you have created. And kind of out of. Thin air, if you will. But it’s been percolating in your brain for a while, a.

Really long time. I actually found my original notes about this idea from seven years ago. 

For real. I didn’t know that for real. 

And I think you were the first person and this is a perfect case study. We can dive into all the details because you were the first person, I think that was like, Oh, you should go do that. And I was like, I’ll go do that. You’re like, Yeah, go do that. And like, game on, I think, yeah. So many of us have these amazing ideas that are percolating for so long and we just need like a mentor, someone to come alongside us and be like, Yeah, you should go do that thing. 

And I don’t say that to everybody, which is good. I mean that from the I mean that from the perspective of I could see you had had it. So for a few reasons. Like number one, you had it really you had the idea of it fleshed out, meaning you knew what you wanted to create, but just all the details and stuff you weren’t quite sure, messaging, etc.. But the biggest thing for me was, you know, your audience and your energy and excitement around this idea. I told you from day one, I said this. This is going to be a massive success for that reason alone. Yeah. Because you you light up when you talk about this offer. 

Oh, like and I get chills. And like yesterday we had our first welcome call within the membership. We just did like welcome. How do you do here? Oh, you did? Yeah. Here’s, like the foundation principles of what we’re going to be doing here. And I got choked up. I got a big crybaby in front of my audience, and they know it. I totally choked up. Then I was like, I got chills. I got chills. And then you could just see the chat box was like, Meet you, meet you. I’m so excited to be here with every so good. 

Yeah, so good. Well, let’s have you before we dive into what this offer is. And no, I mean, like, like you all like I’m going to be learning a lot of stuff. Updates from Judith literally on this call right now. We might get into some coaching. You know, she jumped on, she’s like, I don’t even know what we want to be talking about. And I said, I literally, as I do all interviews, I have a blank Google doc in front of me here and we’re going to be chatting about your new offer, your new membership, where that goes, let’s dive into it. So for those people who do not know who you are, the two or three people who do not know who you are, let’s have you introduce yourself. 

Yeah. I’m Judith Caton. I am a master certified life coach and a personal stylist. I’m a former lawyer and author, which sometimes I forget. I wrote a book which is very fun and I coach high achieving women and I created a new offer and I teach them four main things. Sort of the pillars of my program is we do style, we talk about generating well, we talk about leading with gumption. And gumption is an old timey word that has so much amazing meaning. We could totally dive into it. And then the last component, which is I think the most important, which is leaving a legacy, because the motto for under like my big why underlying everything I do is that confident women leave legacy. 

Confident women leave legacies. I love it. You’ve. So this is a brand new offer still like a pilot, if you will, still in quote unquote, beta. I don’t love the word beta because it sounds like it’s a piece of crap, you know, or it’s like, come join this work in progress and it’s not very good, but hey, I’m letting it out into the wild. I like the word pilot. 

I think pilot works better. I think just soft launch like they use in the restaurant industry, I think. Yeah, I prefer that verbiage as well. And my personality is such that I would never launch something half baked. So I mean, the level of meticulous, crazy that has gone in has been really fun. And of course I have like 5 million pages of notes, of phases of things we’ll be rolling out and improvements will be making. And we’ve been open softly for two days, which is just kind. 

Of for two days. And we’re recording this on Wednesday, September 14th, right now. So what was your offer? What is your offer prior to this membership? Yeah, you have a coaching offer.

Yeah. So for three years I did a high ticket, eight week program called Style Masterclass. And In Style Masterclass we would come in and we literally walk you through a makeover process so we’d help you get fitted in clothes that actually fit you. We teach you about fitting, get you bras and undies that fit foundation garments, clean out your closet, define your personal style. And then we literally would shop for you and dress you and teach you how to shop for yourself and dress yourself. It happened. I mean, high energy, eight weeks, we don’t play, but the transformation coming out of that would just be enormous. And I know everyone promises the moon and the stars, so obviously results not typical, but my clients are not typical. So we were getting women who had held off on turning in their promotion paperwork and then finally doing it and then getting 40,000 raises. We had women who were like changing careers, like suddenly, but not suddenly they were just giving themselves permission. Finally, like, all of these crazy, amazing transformations happened through style, like we started there. That has always, as I was asking my clients and all of these amazing coaching conversations is like, where else does this apply? Yeah, like this habit that you have with your style, like where else are you doing this? And then where else can we get you some transformation with this really simple style tool that I taught you? Like, how can we extrapolate that outward? And because my clients are who they are, they’re like in once they’re in their in, they’re like lifers. I love it. They were kind of what’s next? What’s next? What’s next? What’s next? And I had different iterations, but I think this is the most succinct. 

What’s next for them? And you you get these amazing results. It’s an eight week program. It’s a, quote, higher ticket. But for what you actually do. It is so not high ticket. Yes. Because we talked about this a lot. Like you’re like I know I’m way under charging. Yeah. And, you know, from a scalability standpoint. It was not at the level that you that you wanted it to to be. But you kept hearing feedback from 

people of and aligning with. What you’ve been percolating on for seven years now. Yeah. And so and I love what you do. I’ve gotten your episode, by the way. I don’t know if you know this or not is one of the highest downloaded episodes this year. 

Oh, I had no idea on the podcast. Oh, that’s. Yeah. And it’s news. I love that. 

It’s eight and one half months into into the. 

Year. Well, dear listener, I love you. 

Thank you. And I’ll link the for those of you who have not heard the first episode that we did together, I’ll link it up in the show notes over on my website. But we basically talked about, you know, the the effect that confidence has on growing your business and having a successful business and and how confidence leads to that. And then also what leads to the confidence or what can lead to confidence. And Judith broke all that down in that episode. So you came to me. But two months ago. 

Yeah, I think two months ago. Yeah. 

Was like this summer and you said, I have this idea. You said, I want to do this membership. And at first. And for everybody in accelerator, they know this. I’m always skeptical. I’m like, Wait, what are we are we trying to. You know, is something not working over here. That’s the first thing. First thought I always have for most people is something not working over here so that we’re just going to shift gears and do shiny objects over here. And like in nine times out of ten, it’s a membership that most people think of because they’re like, oh, reoccurring revenue. So once we got that out of the way and he started explaining it. It’s for the same exact audience that you’re that your audience for the most part I think that your. 

Audience for the most part yeah. 

Currently is and you said this is what this is what I’m thinking. And again, the energy behind it and how you light up when you talk about it. I was like, All right, let’s start talking about this. 

Yeah. And I think I came to some other problem, a call, and you were like, okay, we could talk about that, or would you like to talk about your mom or something? Like, let’s talk about the memories. 

Yeah, I remember. I remember that. Yeah. 

Yeah. I was in the doldrums that day, so it was like the perfect, like, little spark to get me going is like talking about my people and how much I love them. All that I have in terms of ideas for, like, serving them all day. Then I’m like, let’s go, let’s go conquer shit.

And, and so yeah, I remember that exactly that call. You’re like, I’m not having a great day. This is the challenge I’m coming to the call with. And I said, And knowing you the way that I do now, I’m like, Do you want to talk about that or do you want to talk about the membership? And you’re like, Oh, let’s talk about let’s talk about that. So. What is the what is the membership? What is the what is the what is the concept? 

Yeah. So the concept like and I love and I think you and I have talked about this extensively. I love to have like a really clear vision and I like to imagine kind of like and maybe because I’m a huge Trekkie nerd and sci fi nerd, but like I world build in my own head and like that’s how I operate and then I fill in details. So for me, it was like I imagined this like beautiful brick, private social club where women walk in the front door and we have like a team of experts who are like, Let’s get you ready to get to the other floors. And we style you, we dress you, we get you feeling confident so that when you get to the next level where we talk about money and finances, I’m like generating wealth on that second floor. Like you feel adequately prepared to step into those rooms, have those kinds of dialogs. And then once we’ve gotten you, like, comfortable talking about money, having it, spending it, discussing it, learning about it, then we can take you into the next floor where we talk about leading with gumption, which is a three part term really initiative, determination, courage, like how do you live a life from that place? And then once you’re like dressed in the way that you feel most comfortable and most confident and you’re generating wealth, or at least having discussions or feeling like you’ve got that cemented down, you’re leading with gumption. 

Then we can talk about the ripple effect of you being you, which is the legacy component. So I had to envision that in my brain. It’s like that’s what the membership is like. We come in, we get you styled, we talk about style, and then everything we talk about in terms of the style component lends itself to these bigger conversations about the other areas of your life. And I wanted it to be concept driven because that’s how my brain works, but I also wanted to be really practical. So we have these big conversation. Then it’s like, okay, and here’s the next step. Go do that thing, see what comes up for you will coach on it, and then we’ll talk about next steps so that we’re moving up that building, so to speak, in a way that actually makes sense. And we’re not just selling you something that’s not tangible and. It. It’s kind of like snake oil. Like I don’t what is the result of this? Like what happens at the end of this? Like, I want it to be super concrete. 

Well and I just. And it’s. Can we share the name? Yeah. 

Yeah. Modern Charm School. 

Modern Charm School. I love it. And you came with that right off the bat, like like you were like, this is what it’s called. 

Well, and I was like, that was the piece of paper from seven years ago, had that name on it. And it’s like there’s a mind map of craziness around this like circle name. And I stalked the domain for years because the modern term school was available, but modern term school wasn’t. So I stocked it, stocked it. And whoever you are, I love you so much, you just let it go. And I’m so grateful for that snatched up. So. 

So you have the domain. 

I have the domain. It was like on my heart to create this. And even when I wrote my book, the central theme of my book is to take outdated, outmoded concepts in modern in a charm school setting and modernize them for modern women, and also acknowledging adversity and diversity. Because typically when we think of charm school, we don’t think of a number of things. That was a very homogenized look. Yeah, sure. And we’re opening the doors in a very cool way. 

I love it. And I want to point out that because I never heard your the I’m picturing it I’m a very visual person. So when you when you describe it that way of like you walk into a building and on floor number one, it’s this, then you go to floor number two. It’s that kind of level of detail for you all listening. That is a huge lesson here, that when you have that kind of detailed vision for what an offer can be, that like there’s very little stopping you. From that being successful. And I’m not surprised to hear you say that, because one of our very first conversations we talked about, like, what are some of your like long term life goals? And you said, I want to own this house. Yes, it’s a house that exists. And you describe it to me in like minute detail. I was like, wow, that is very specific. And so I you’re doing the same with this program, which I absolutely love. And it’s just another reason why I told you I said this. This is not this cannot fail, quote unquote. Whatever fail.

Yeah. And I and I and I kind of share with you some of the other phases that we have planned in the future. And like, even you were like, oh, like the look on your face was so exciting. And like, we are feeding off each other’s energy a little because I’m like, this is what I envisioned for this phase. But when we reach a certain mass number, then we can open up the other phases, the other floors, so to speak, where we really can effect a ripple effect change. And we’re not just talking about and there’s no diss to my fellow stylists, I love y’all, and I think those conversations need to be had. But I also am speaking to a crowd that was told, Don’t worry about being pretty, don’t worry about that style stuff. You’re smart, go worry about your career, get your degrees like they were pooh poohed and they were never taught these things. So we’re teaching them these things so that they can be comfortable going and doing all the other bad ass stuff that they’re already involved in. So I wanted to have what I call elevated conversations about style. And again, it’s not a diss to my fellow stylists. It’s just I knew that my particular audience was craving more, which is why I was able to world build something so specific for them and then thinking about the greater impact of it over time. So I mean, that drives everything now. Every decision now gets put through that filter. 

And. Well, I want to talk about the the progression of conversations that was that we started having. So from that first conversation I said. Do you remember what I asked you? 

You told me to go write an outline, I think. 

Yeah, I said so. First of all, we’re not going to sell this until you validated it. So don’t go creating 12 months of content or four for four. You don’t go creating five years of content because you’ve got it. You know, let’s let’s outline this first and then we’ve got to validate this offer first. Yes. Because so again, this is another lesson for four. I’d be listening right now like. Judith is adding this to her existing business. This is not like Judith just starting out, like she’s adding this membership to her existing business. And so it’s a brand new offer. And so like I’ve been talking about for years here in the podcast, we don’t ever want to create something and then go sell it. We want to sell it first, validate the idea, get the feedback, and then and keep iterating from there. And so that was the first thing I said. I said to you in that conversation, I said, Amazing, okay, what does this look like? Let’s because you had you’re like and I think I think it should be this I think it should be this, like, amazing. We’ve got that clarity now. Let’s get it down. Yeah. What? Like, what is this? And then I say, what’s the promise of of this offer? And, you know, how are you going to deliver it? What does it look like? And so that was sort of like the first assignment, if you will, is go, let’s go get this down and. What was that like for you, getting all these things out of your head and written down into an outline of like, all right, I can kind of see it looking like this. 

You know, I my personality, such I love outlines and maybe it’s like from law school days, I’m like, give me a good outline. So like six pages later, outline number one. But to me, even writing, it was like, oh, here’s a whole you hadn’t completely fleshed out and here’s another whole you hadn’t completely fleshed out. So, I mean, I’m a dreamer. I know a lot of you all on this call or excuse me, a lot of you are listening are dreamers, but we have to bring it to the concrete level. And I think for me, the balance is and I think some of your listeners might find this too is continuing to allow myself to dream and not downgrade my dream to what I think current possibility is. And raising what I allow myself to make possible to let that rise up to the level of my dream. Now, my tastes are always going to be higher than my ability to execute against the human existence. Like my tastes are high, my ability to execute is fairly low and we have to meet them in the middle. But don’t like don’t cut off the dreaming. So like too early to get to the execution point, which is something I often do. And then I feel blue about my dream that I was excited about 10 seconds ago. So yeah, I, I downloaded everything into the outline but let the outline live. So I think we went through four versions, four drafts of the outline before we got to actual execution. And I didn’t like, oh, it’s one and done. This is the only iteration ever. And I now have in my heart, in my mind. Phase one. Phase one looks like this. Phase two. Phase three in the future could look like whatever the hell we want it to look like. But there’s a balance there that I often have to remind myself of. So I’m assuming some other listeners probably very similar to myself. 

Yeah. I think it’s a really, really important point. That is like you did this email or did this outline. I mean, you brain dumped it essentially and it wasn’t like, okay, I’m done. It’s now it’s a back and forth. So like this is another powerful reason for, for your listening. Like if you don’t have an outside set of eyes on your business, on your work, on whatever it is that you’re doing, you’re missing a big perspective because we included myself, right? I have a coach like we. So are so close to our own stuff that we miss out on on some things. And so that was what it was. I mean, I think for the next three weeks or something like that, we went back and forth on your outline and it was like I was I was questioning certain things like, okay, let’s get deeper on this. Wait, we’re missing this part over here and went back and forth. And then then you had the outline of like, okay, this is what at least for the first iteration of the first. You know, validating the offer. And it was really good. And I think that, again, it goes back to this is something that’s been on your mind for a while and like now it’s coming to fruition. And I could see I want to ask you this and I want to put you on the spot on this. I could see your again. I could see your excitement. I think this is a central theme throughout this whole conversation and around this whole offer about how much it aligns with you. Yeah. And so I told you again, going back to what I said earlier, I told you, like, this is not going to fail. Right. Did you think the same thing honestly? Or do you think the same thing? 

It ebbs and flows. I’ll be totally honest. I have moments where I’m like. We cook in. Oh, my gosh. Like on the after the first call yesterday, I was just like, oh man. Like it is so good. And total excitement like. And then the ideas come, like, fast and quick and like. Which can be some kind of burden sometimes. Like, I felt the energy of that. Like a human. I woke up this morning full of dread, and I was just like, Oh. I hope I don’t fuck.

It up. 

Like I have right now, you know? These women who’ve entrusted their beautiful, big, bodacious dreams to me. And I want to honor that. And I want to serve them well. And I believe leading servant leadership is my heart, and I believe in redemptive business. So, like, I’m like, oh, wow. Like, I don’t take this lightly what I’ve been entrusted with. So that’s, I think where the, like the heavy part of it 

comes in. Well, also the excitement. Yes, I’m absolutely excited. But the reality is the way my brain is, I feel a little bit of the weight of responsibility, of caring for them well and serving them well. You can’t just throw together a membership, I think. Why would you? 

Right. Which is why. Which is exactly why we’ve gone back and forth for the past six weeks refining this this offer, like getting super clear on who it’s for, the messaging, the promise, what’s going to be in there, but not I don’t mean what’s going to be in there, like, okay, month number one is this training. It’s the bigger vision of what this membership is and it’s going to be. So just want to jump in here for a minute and sort of recap the big takeaways from the first part of my conversation here with Judith. And I wanted to do this because I’d love for you to really take action on what you’re learning here on the podcast in your own business. And I think that the big theme of the first part of my conversation here with her is. This is going to you really want to take the time to flesh out what this offer is going to be and make sure that you’re creating a new offer for the right reasons. Right. One of the big red flags that comes up for me is when people come to me and they say, all right, I want to I’m thinking about creating a new offer. And they already have an established online business. And my brain immediately goes to, well, wait a minute, why aren’t we focusing on your your original offer here? Are you trying to compensate with a new offer like shiny object? And nine times out of ten, it’s a membership for people because people think, oh, recurring revenue. 

Right, which it is. But make sure, number one that you’re creating an offer for the right reasons, a new offer. Number two, really take the time to flesh out that offer. Right. As you heard, Judith did just a complete brain dump of what she was thinking about for this offer. And then she and I went back and forth for for a good, solid seven weeks or so, really refining what the offer was, the messaging, who it’s for, the promise. I encouraged her as you hear, as you heard to go interview she interviewed five of her existing or past customers and they were super informational gathering conversations. Right. And she gets to use that language from those conversations directly in the messaging for this new offer. Right. And she picked people, by the way, not to state the obvious, but that are perfect for this new offer that she has currently or either currently or in the past worked with. And so that’s a huge everyone’s always like, well, I don’t know what copy to I don’t know, I don’t know how to write copy or I don’t know what to say. 

Speak to your people and use the language that they use. And the other big takeaway here from the first part is have an outside set of eyes working with you on your your messaging, your your offer, your business. If you’re looking for a coach or if you have a coach, ask them if you don’t have a coach and you’re like, No, I just want to like get somebody else to look at your stuff, to poke holes in it, to ask you questions to, you know, challenge you on things because that’s where the real gold comes from. We are often so close to our own stuff that we miss it and that’s where the outside set of eyes can really come in handy. And that’s exactly what Judith and I have been doing on this offer. And, you know, I don’t think I’ve ever worked with somebody who is more in line and energetic about their this their offer than than Judith. And for that reason, as you heard me say to her, like, this is not going to fail. There’s no there’s no chance for it. And as you’re going to hear later in, coming up in the interview, she’s already off to an amazing start. 

And the founding member offer has only been available for two days at the time recording this. So coming up in the second half here, as you’re going to hear, is we get into how is she going to validate the offer? What’s the what’s the launch plan? What is the how is she going to treat teasing this off? I really encourage her to get out there and tease this offer on her podcast or on her email list and her socials about this, create demand for it, and then mapping out what the validation plan is between now and the rest of the year. And you’re going to hear very like tactical, strategic, everything coming up here in the second half of the interview. And if you’d like to coach with me, if you’d like to get my help on your business, two different ways to reach out. Go to my accelerator coaching page. Rick forward slash accelerator. You can read all about the program there. Fill out the just a few questions for the application or you can just shoot me an email Rick at Rick Moll Radio. So, all right, let’s get back into it with Judith. So once we got clear on that, now let’s get to, I think for so many people, let’s say like the juicy stuff. 


So once you get clear. It’s then you started thinking about you. You were sort of asking about how do I validate this? What’s the you know, what are some ways that validate this? And we talked about timing. Do you remember? You want going with this? We talked about timing and there was a huge miscommunication on the timing part. Totally. Because here we are in I think it was early August 

or something like that. And. I thought we landed on Och, you’re going to start gaining, you know, teasing this and you’re going to launch it. Start. Begin starting to validate in December. Or maybe it was like November, like official quote unquote launch in December.

I think that’s I heard something totally different. Also, I heard on this end was let’s start validating the offer. And I had three workshop ideas already, sort of in the back of my mind. So I had shared the workshop ideas with Rick and I and maybe this is so funny, right? Like I heard him say, and I’m putting this in air quotes of Yogananda, I heard him to say, Let’s start validating the offer with the first workshop in September. And then, you know, we’ll like kind of my idea was like soft launch open the doors through December and then we’ll close the doors in December and then we’ll see what happens, like how many members we have obtained and how we can care for them and all things. We totally got our wires crossed. So I went to I was like, Let’s go, let’s roll. Yeah. 

You went to town. Yeah. And it was like, I don’t know, the end of August or something. And you’re like, Oh, no. Workshop number one is What’s. 

Our first workshop? Yeah. 

So like, I was like, wait, wait, wait. Is this or are we beginning to validate this or on this? Yeah, you’re like, I’m all ready. Let’s go. I’m like, okay, not what I was expecting, but game on. 

Yeah, I think I had told you. I was like, Oh, I have a wait list of 14 people. Like we. We were going, Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Which I love. Which I love. So. Once. So it was three work. It is three workshops. 

Workshops to help. 

So describe what you’re doing with that. Yeah. For everybody to validate this. 

Yeah. So we’re teaching kind of different components of the whole idea of modern term school. So we’re starting with a fall trends workshop. And yes, obviously we styles are first floor, right? But the beautiful thing about teaching something like this is we get to teach rule breaking. This is a fun like I love my job, I love my clients. So we get to talk about all the oh I can curse here. Yes. Okay bullshit that you get in these trend report. Right. So I, I love to do research. I have a bibliography of everything I’ve looked at. So I 

went to 20 different fashion, main fashion names, magazines, all the things, and I synthesize their quote unquote trends list for fall. Every single one of them is different. They describe the same thing very differently. 

So interesting. 

We give this information to women and we’re like, Oh, this is how you become fashionable and wealthy and everything and blah, blah, blah. We tell them this story, but we tell them 20 different messages, right? And then we’re like, and this is the must have. These are not suggestion. These are must haves. And the crazy enormous pressure, like the pressure to look a particular way to be into a particular thing, to have the wealth to pull off the quote unquote, must-have list. That’s daunting. So we’re going to teach the trends and we’re going to talk about how to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall, because we keep things very practical while also teaching the greater concept of all of the shit’s made up. And you totally get to decide what’s right for you and for your life and your personal style and how you want to show up in the world. And like, that’s how we’re kicking things off. That’s our first workshop. 

So another huge lesson here of what Judith is doing. It’s topical, it’s timely. And you are pointing out. What’s going on in the industry and how every it’s like. I mean, what would you call it? 

Just fuckery. I would call it fuckery. Just kidding. No, I think it’s just mixed messaging, like everyone has something to sell. Right. So these magazines have partnered with different brands. They have favoritism amongst brands that they promote more heavily, different fashion shows where they may have been in the front row seat versus the back row seat. And therefore, they’re going to give more attention to blah, blah, blah trend. Like there’s so much politicking that happens behind the scenes that I think by the time it gets to a woman who’s browsing the Internet in the middle of the night about this fall advertisement that she got, like, how does she make sense of any of this? Right. So yeah, it’s a lot of what my job is like giving permission slips to humans, demystifying nonsense so they can decide for themselves. So it’s a bit of fuckery politicking. There’s finances involved, there’s advertising and marketing involved. And I also think that there’s just one person’s preference which has been given pedestal over all others. 

So you’re taking the opportunity that you have as the expert that you are in this. And sharing it. With your people both. This is what is going to be in the membership. But now you’re you’re using I mean, that sounds kind of weird, but you are sharing this on your first workshop at the in the end at the end of September. Inviting people. It’s free, right? It’s a free workshop.

Yeah. The replay will be available to members, but everyone’s welcome to come to the workshop and get all the goodness free workshop. 

And then at the workshop you’re unveiling, if you will, introducing Modern Charm School. Yep. And the special offer you’re taking the first. Well, how many people now so are you going to be taking. 

Yeah. So we’ll cap I mean there’ll be founding members up to 100 founding members. Yeah. And then once there are no more seats, the 100 seats are filled then the price goes up. But there’s no the curtain doesn’t fall. We won’t be closed until we have a number in our hearts and minds that we know we could serve well before we’d have to hire more staff to support us and fulfillment. 

And you. Open car. You you’ve been teasing it. So that’s that’s part of the other coaching that we talked about. So basically we outlined the once we were both in the same page as far as when this is happening. So the sort of the the marketing plan, if you will, to, to validate this offer was OC three workshops September, October, November. And then prior to the workshop in September, a couple of weeks before start teasing this offer to your email list on your podcast, you know, letting them know, Hey, I’m so excited about this. This is what’s coming. And at the day that we’re recording this, you just opened up the opportunity for people to become a founding member. Yes. So we are, what, 48 hours in. 

Yeah, 48 hours, give or take. Yeah. 

And and how many people how many founding members do you have so far? 

We have 44. 

You have 44. Yeah. And when we first talked about it, you were like, I would be super happy with 100. Yeah. Founding members. Yoda, you had your first workshop yet? 

No, no, I hadn’t. Two. 

And you’re halfway. 

There. It was just like the possibility of that seemed so. I mean, that’s pretty round the corner now, which is so insane and amazing and fun. 

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you’re going to have those like you’re going to have them filled really, really quickly. Now, what’s one thing that like you were telling me before you hit record? You did. You did. You had a welcome call yesterday. And what what are you hearing from from people? 

I mean, they’re just around this program. Yeah. They’re really, really excited. I was kind of telling you I had a teaser, another teaser email that went out and I had a new member and she’s been on my list forever. We’ve chatted via email for a long time. She wrote me an email shout out to Miss Se if you’re listening to this. She wrote me and she’s like, If you send me another teaser email, I’m going to take it to the streets. Like, I’m ready, boo. Send me the damn link. And I was just like, Yeah, they ready? Yeah, they’re ready. They would I thought like, I know I’d been craving something like this and I knew some of them. So I had just like you’re you’re giving me advice and we hadn’t talked about this. You told me to pull, like, at least five of my past students to find out what they would want, what they would enjoy. So we went and did that work, and we took their exact words and we really listened to them. So I knew my five my five loves were all in in. But I had not imagined that. I mean, so many women are craving this and they’re telling their friends. So we have little groups of friends inside that are excited to spend time with each other in that container because they were craving this. They they wanted this, which is very amazing. 

Yeah. And you’re introducing people, you know, that was one thing that came out in our back to fore back and forth was that, hey, this is not only is this a community. Of like minded people with different lives, experiences and so forth. But this is a huge and I hate to use this word networking, quote unquote community, where you get to meet people in different industries doing different things. And that’s a huge opportunity. Yeah. And you knew that I think from when I but when I mentioned it, you were like, oh yeah, I forgot to like include that aspect into the messaging here. And I think that’s you’re already seeing that.

It’s already coming to fruition. And part of phase two, what we’ve planned is we’re going to have special calls like called come to the table. That’s a T we decided name, but we’re going to call it for now. And really it’s women who can come to a networking table, but not with the purpose of selling anything. It’s like, I need someone who does this. We’re looking for this. We’re seeing this whole how has someone worked on this? And being able to like it’s like a problem solving table or maybe you have human capital or you have knowledge capital that we can all leverage to help this member solve their particular problem. And some people may not want to participate in those calls, but I dare say I have a feeling a lot of them are going to want to participate in those calls just to leverage each other’s knowledge and information. 

I also think too, and we actually haven’t talked about this, but I’ve been thinking a lot about this is that the type of membership that you are creating and the person that this membership is for your sticker rate, if you will? Is going to be huge. Like this isn’t going to be a community where people are like, Oh yeah, I’m going to come in for four, you know, a month in peace out. Like they’re going to be in there. They’re going to stay because of what you are creating. 

Yeah, I think so. And I want to say at least half of the members to coming is one of the questions we ask them when they’ve come to the Facebook group was like, Why are you here? I think it’s such a great question to ask so we can make sure we’re delivering why they’re there. And a resounding component of this has been the legacy component, because no one else is talking about it in that way, and least not with style is the lead in. So I’m here to legacy build. I’m here because I’m curious about what that means. Like that is going to be a part of the longevity piece because I think anyone can sell you an idea of a transformation. Right. But the idea that. The transformation you’re undergoing is going to affect the generation that comes after you and potentially the generation that comes after you. To me, that’s so much more compelling of a Y to do anything. 

Yeah, 100%. 

So, I mean, I lead from that way. I come from a matriarchy that leads that way. So maybe it’s just come came in the water when I was a baby. But that’s a huge component of Y. And I think that really is just at the heart of a lot of the women I serve as well. 

So now that you’re getting that information, what do you do with it? Do a little coaching here. 

Yeah. So there’s a few things that I’m thinking of. So we do have. I already went into January. I couldn’t help myself. So in. January we have something. 

Amazing planned. Of course she did. Yeah, of course. So we’re going to do a two day virtual event in January. That is a beautiful mix of all of this information. And so we’re going to have someone teach real estate investment 101. We’re going to talk about diamonds 101 and how to invest in them as an heirloom or however you would like to use your diamonds. And we’re going to talk about style, stuff like makeup and how to wear false eyelashes. And then we’re going to have someone who’s going to come and teach us about how to stop people pleasing. Like the ripple effect of that kind of knowledge in the hands of really amazing women is kind of delicious to think about. So yes, we will always have a little flair and fabulous of the style component, but we’re also going to talk about these things in a bigger way. So, for example, I wrote a book that I forget I wrote This is so interesting called Get Your Shit Together. And it’s literally a 30 day work, a book that helps you have really difficult conversations in a fun way about legacy and money and death because those things happen to us all. And yeah, how do you have those conversations? Right. So part of the components we’re going to teach as well as we’re going to make sure the legacy pillar is address. Yeah, like if something happened, if you got sick with your loved ones, know what to do. Do we know what bills we have to pay, which ones we can make arrangements on? Like, you know, I know so many single women who are a kid free by choice, but then who’s going to take care of those things for them, right? Even if you have a spouse, your spouse may not be involved in your business and then you need to handle the stuff. So we’re going to have those conversations. But in the sassy way that I have those comments. 

Yeah, so and with really focusing on and you’re already doing it right but like they’re telling you. The legacy piece is a huge aspect for me and a big reason why I’m here. 


So that tells you, och, that’s a big area I’m going to focus on. Yeah. In my marketing, in my copy, in my whatever I’m talking about, obviously in within the membership.

Yeah. And here’s the beautiful thing about being a teacher within my own membership, right? I haven’t farmed this out to other humans, not at a massive scale yet. Like I get to bring every conversation back to that. I get to remind them of that every time I coach them on something or I give them a journal prompt, I get to remind them that there is a future version of them and then there’s people who come after them like, how are we going to set all of those people up, including the future versions of ourselves up for success? How do we hook them up by how we behave now? 

I love it. So for as we start to wind down here for for people love. My listeners love the tactical stuff. So how have you created this? Like what platform you’re using since you’re validating the offer? Have you created anything? 

Yeah, because I’m me. So some of yours. Let’s go. So we are housed in KGB because that made the most sense for where we are. It didn’t make sense to invest in, like, a $15,000 platform. If we’re, quote unquote, finding that, although I think it’s here to stay, we make our graphics in Canva. We already had our brand colors chosen like we’re not. We’re not over designing this at this point. We’re just making sure the content is really good and that this fulfillment is really easy and smooth and people know where things live and they have access to that. That’s number one concern right now in my heart. We’re writing a beautiful nurture sequence once they’re in the membership, not just for when they get on our list, but when they’re inside, how do we let them know that they belong, that everything’s okay, that they’re not failing? I coach high achievers. They always think they’re failing at something. I have to lovingly remind them all the time, but I know my people. So what I’m creating in terms of fulfillment is really tailored to where their their brains work and the things that they struggle with. See if we back this train up. When I created that first outline, one of the things we did first was like, What are all the problems that this particular woman faces? What are the solutions that I’m offering? And like, what are the actual results in a way that they would say it? That was what six pages of outline mostly was. 

I want to pause you right there for a second. So so many people. So for all four for you all listening, for so many people were looking for the fancy funnel. We’re looking for the I hear this all the time and it’s like, wait, what’s what’s working rate? Like what’s working right now? Like, what’s the latest thing? My friends. It’s exactly what Judith just said. So you just said, I’ll just repeat this back to you. You just said I listed out brain dumped all the pain points and challenges that my people have. Then I was like, okay, this is how I can help people with this. This is how I can help cross that gap. And then it was like, okay, we get to message that to people. I asked and interviewed five. Previous or current clients that you work with and use their language. As it pertains to these problems and challenges that you’re going to solve. Everyone always wants to know like, well, I don’t know how to write copy. You’re just you’re just using the words that you’re that your people use. 

And like I, I, I mean, oftentimes I after myself, like, don’t be clever or try to be super sexy. Like, what did she actually say to you? Because that’s really the only focus you should have. And one of the things we’ve talked about is I’ve been in accelerator, like making things a plain name of what the damn thing is like not a clever, cool name. Like, what is this actual thing you’re selling. 

Right? Yeah. And I do want to ask you that as we wrap up here. So you’ve been an accelerator several months now. I don’t I don’t think that you are happy with the progress for a while of where you are in the business. And we haven’t talked about this. And I see this a lot, actually, where it just takes time to work through things. And. Then. Because of all that work, something blossoms. And boom, then it’s off to the races. That’s really what has happened here. Would you would you agree? 

Yeah. I mean, because when I first came in, I think I had run a different challenge every month for a year. Yeah. Yeah. I was like, What are you doing? 

I’m pretty content, like a crazy lady. And one of the things you challenged me on was like, we’re going to run the same thing and we’re going to learn how to like gather metrics and evaluate those metrics. And then we’re going to have a different conversation in a few months once we have that in place. And I remember, like, there was a little like crestfallen feelings. I was like, Wait, what? I’m not creating more content. 

What would I do with myself? 

I don’t create new things. What is happening, right? And that’s I’m so like, that’s, that’s my jam, right? So I felt so like, oh, but the beautiful thing is now we have a dashboard where we collect it. 

Yeah. And you know what’s working and what’s.

I know what’s working. It’s not working right. And as I create this membership and I get to create new content every month because that’s how we go role, there’s also a process that does not change running in the background. And one of the cool things, even this is brand new offer. When I spoke to my team, we all decided we need a workflow. Go create the workflow for this by this date. This needs to be done by the state. This needs to be done like we’re not flying by the seat of our pants you entrusted upon me early on and accelerated the importance of fulfillment and the importance of processes and systems. We have that even for our new offer in its fledgling state. 

Yeah. And you’ve you’ve already proven in literally two days that the fulfillment piece, which again I talk about all the time, is being the most important aspect of the business. Whether you have a membership course, you know, coaching, whatever it might be, you do a good job. You continue to do a good job in your fulfillment. People are telling their friends. People are telling their colleagues. They’re like, this is the greatest thing ever. You’ve got to come in here. Like, that’s the best kind of marketing. 

Yeah. And I think we set a beautiful example. You just hold all of us in accelerator to ask us, like, what we wanted to see. And then you showed up and we’re like, Here are the changes we’re implementing. We’re going to test them. But we heard you. And I’m thinking now too, like as I write my inside nurture sequence, like what interval are we going to ask them? Is there something you’d like to change? What would you like to see? How are you doing? Because I see you model that so well and I’m like, Oh hell yeah, that’s how we’re going to take care of our people. 

Yeah, I love it. So it’ll be really important to you as you, as you get going here to share this, this grand vision of all the amazing things that are coming in the membership. Yeah, I don’t mean like, hey, in February this is coming. Just like getting people excited as you do of like what this big vision is and really continue to talk about that because that’s going to help like, holy cow, I’m in the right place. I’m home and people are going to stay. 

Yeah, you’re right. You’re totally right. That’s that’ll be on our to do list for this coming. 

Yes. Yes. So is it Modern Charm School? If anybody wants to go join. 

We don’t have that official yet. We’re just still operating from our normal website. So it’s Judith Buncombe Ford’s Modern Charm School opening because I couldn’t think a longer URL, of course. 

Wow, that is big. Let’s repeat that again. 

So, y’all, it’s a work in progress, right? So it’s Judith Garten, Forward Slash Modern Charm School opening, where you just click the work with me button and find the Modern Charm School button. That might also be easier. 

Judith Clayton Forward Slash Modern Charm School Opening. Yes. Yes. So for anybody listening right now who are interested in joining this amazing community, go to that link, get into Judas World. You will not be disappointed. I’m so excited to see where this goes. 

Yeah, I’m excited too. It’s going to be. 

So fun and it’s not even. It’s just starting. 

Oh, we just started to cook. Yeah, exactly. 

Yes, I love it. Well, thank you for coming back on here and being so open about what you’ve got going here with Modern Charm School. I’m so excited. 

For you now. Thank you for having me.

All right. Thanks so much for listening today, my friend. Hey, if you would like to coach with me, if you want my eyes on your business to help you scale and grow your business as well as your impact while working a whole lot less. Right. What we’re all about here in my business is working no more than 25 hours a week or less and having a successful business for you, whatever that means for you. Right. And that’s what I help people do in terms of sales and marketing systems and processes, team, etc., helping you become the CEO of your business. Shoot me an email, Rick at Rick Mullen or you can go to my accelerator coaching program page which is Rick Morty dot com forward slash accelerator. You can fill out a few questions there and apply to work with me. All right, my friend, thank you as always for tuning in today. Super appreciate you. Until next time, be well and I’ll talk to you soon.

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