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#68: How Local Businesses Can Increase Sales with Google Call-Only Ads

On today’s episode, Michael Alaniz, a local marketing expert from Local Loop Marketing rejoins me, this time to talk about Google Call-Only ads.

This is Michael’s second time on the show as he was a guest back on episode 31 talking about Google Adwords for local business.

Call-Only ads are a new-er kind of ad format within Google’s AdWords suite. Michael’s seeing some great results with them for his clients so I asked him to come on and share what these ads are all about, how local businesses can be using them, what to look out for, and best practices.

Specifically, here’s what you’re going to learn on today’s episode:

  • Behind the scenes of Google’s Call-Only ads and how they work
  • Step-by-step guide to setting up Call-Only ads and what to avoid
  • How to get the best results from your Call-Only ads for your unique business
  • The best type of ad copy to use
  • What conversion rate to aim for
  • What kind of offer and set up you want in place before starting your Call-Only ads


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Episode 31: Remarketing Secrets for Small Businesses with Michael Alaniz

Michael’s agency: and email address: [email protected]

Want to talk with Michael about your business?  Call him directly (seriously): 213-819-8341

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