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Understanding Your Target Audience Is Everything When It Comes to Ads

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Joey Kissimmee is crushing it with Facebook’s retargeting and in today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, you’re gonna learn exactly how he’s doing it.

Joey, by the way, is an online entrepreneur, podcaster, and a software developer who does iPhone apps and premium WordPress themes.  He’s the real deal.

I invited Joey on because he’s a great case study in that he’s using everything we talked about in Episode 3, with Facebook ads website custom audiences (Facebook retargeting).  If you haven’t already listened to that episode, definitely have a listen.

Today you’ll hear how Joey is making big profits with website custom audiences and how he’s found his sweet spot when it comes to changing the length of time he’s tracking users to his website.

He’s been really smart with this strategy and his results show it.  We’re going to break it all down for you today, discuss his exact strategy as well as his results.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

    • How Joey is getting huge ROI using Facebook retargeting and offering special discounts to his website visitors.
    • Insights into specific website custom audience durations that are working the best for Joey after lots of testing and how you can do the same.  Hint: one duration has been working best for sales and another duration has been crushing it for webinar registrations.
    • How Joey is using Facebook’s tracking codes and the special strategies for tracking unique sales coming from his Facebook ads.
    • The ad copy that Joey includes in his Facebook ad that has increased CTR and conversion.
    • Which Facebook ad objective Joey is using to get more conversions (this might surprise you!).

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Joey’s Site:

Rick’s flagship training: The FB ADvantage: Automated Facebook Ads Made Simple

Big Shout Out to Today’s Sponsor! ShortStack


ShortStack is a self-service software tool that allows you to build mobile-friendly, high-converting campaigns and landing pages for all of your online marketing efforts.  Whether you’re a total beginner to creating campaigns and landing pages or you like to get down with some Javascript or CSS, you’re gonna love the ease of using Shortstack.  To get started using them for free right now, just go to

Got A Question You Want Answered On the Podcast?

Every month I’m doing a Q&A episode where I answer your questions about Facebook ads and paid traffic.  If you ask something I can’t answer or I feel will be better answered by a specific expert, I’ll find that person to get an answer for you.

To ask a question to be answered on the podcast, click below and leave me a voicemail.  All you need is a microphone and Internet connection.

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