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How I Define "Impact" In My Business

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The word “impact” gets thrown around a lot these days.

It’s overused.

It’s overused because as much as it’s often used to define what we do in our online businesses, so few people actually stop and take the time to define what it actually means to them.

Myself included.

For the last few years I too have been throwing “impact” around as a way to describe one of the goals of my business.

But I’ve never shared what it actually means to me and my business.

I don’t think I’ve really truly been clear myself if I’m being honest.

Until now…

Over the last few months I’ve become super clear on what “impact” means to me and how I measure it in my business.

My team and I have also woven Bigger Impact into my Accelerator coaching program as a key measure of success — we help our students define what impact means to them and then we help them achieve it.

If “impact” is something you’re wanting to achieve in you’re business, have you defined it?

Do you know how to measure it?

Whether this is something you’re already clear about or something you’re working towards…

…this episode of The Art of Online Business podcast is something I’m hoping you find value in.

I share what “impact” means to me, how it’s woven into my business, why focusing on impact doesn’t have to come at the expense of making (a lot of) money, and more…

Here’s to More Profit, Bigger Impact, Less Hustle!

Want to jump to a specific topic within the episode?…

Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction 

2:44 What does impact mean to me? 

5:49 Ways on how to have an individual impact on somebody 

8:32 Creating impact in my business

9:32 Showing people what’s possible
11:50 Think about your impact goal at scale
13:42 Determine what kind of value you can create to meet that goal 

15:15 Impact vs. income: which one to choose first?

Are you a course creator or online coach who’s already averaging at least $7-8K in revenue per month from your online business and you’re ready to increase your profit, have a bigger impact, with LESS hustle?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, doing all the things, and you’re not sure what next steps you should be taking in your business…

Then my Accelerator coaching program may be for you. 

Click here to learn more and apply for my Accelerator coaching program.


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