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In this episode of Art of Online Business, I am digging into creating leverage in your business, and I am doing this in the context of what I believe is the most effective Facebook and Instagram strategy today. 


If you regularly listen to the show, you have probably heard me talk about the concept of “leverage” many times. It’s one of my favorite words to use when it comes to growing and scaling your business without working more than 25 hours a week. 


What I’m sharing with you today is a huge leverage point, and it’s something that is likely right in front of you: your email list.


This topic is thrown around a lot. Everyone is talking about lead generation, and while some people may say that email marketing is dead, that is absolutely not true. You own your email list and that is a massive asset to your business. 


So when you’re thinking about running Facebook or Instagram ads, you want to move your audience from the platform they’re on over to your email list. This gives you a much greater leverage point for marketing and sales. Listen closely to this episode to learn how to do it.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why leverage matters if you want to grow and scale your business
  • Why your email list is so important 
  • The ways that your email list can help you grow
  • How your email list helps you build a relationship with your audience
  • Why running ads to grow your list will cut your ad budget and increase your sales during launches


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Hey, my friends, welcome to episode number 617 here on the podcast. This is another. Quick tip episode here. On the. Show. And today I want to talk to you about. Creating. Leverage. In your business. And we’re going to talk about it through the context. Of the what I think is the most effective Facebook. And Instagram ad. Strategy today. Now, you’ve heard me talk. About this whole concept of. Leverage before a lot. Here on the show. It’s one of my favorite words when it comes to. To. Growing and scaling your business and working. A. You know, more than 25 hours. A week. In your. Business now. We’re always talking about leverage in with our accelerator members. And I have this t shirt that I got. It from one of the YouTube channels that. I frequently watch their videos and. It. Says Health is wealth. And I love that because. In this example in the t. Shirt here, like health. Is the foundation of everything. Else. In in life. If we don’t have our. Health, we’re not able to do. Other things that we want to be doing in terms of our. Personal life or. And I’m speaking in generalities. Right. Of course, there’s. Exceptions to this. But if I’m. Not if. Just as an example, if I’m not healthy, I’m not able. To. Hang out with my. Daughter Maya. Or my business. Or what have you. Right. And so simple example of leverage. Well, what I want to do here is share with you what is very likely. Right in. Front of you, which is a huge. Leverage point in growing and scaling your business. And that. Is all roads lead to your. Email. List. All roads lead to your email list. I’m going to do another episode coming up, a full length episode coming up in the show. I’m going to do a deep dive. Into lead. Generation. And today I just want to talk. About just shortly.

Here the importance of. That, because I think that it’s a topic that gets talked about. Throwing around a lot. Like, oh, you. Got to grow your email. List or, you know. Legion, Legion. Legion. Right. Well, it really is that important. And for. Everybody who says like. Email marketing is. Dead. Only this many this percentage. Of people. Open up your emails or. What have you. Like, I have. Tons of examples. That shows that. Is simply not. True. First of all. You own your email list. It sounds funny to say like you own the people. And, you know, I’m not saying that you own the list itself. Right. You don’t own your Facebook group. You don’t own your Instagram. Followers or your Tik-tok followers or what have you. Right. You own the email list can be. Exported because they they’ve raised their. Hand and said, yes, I want to hear from you. You can export that. List and take. It with you. That is a. Massive. Asset that you have available. In your. Business. And it is. One. Of the best ways to have bigger launches. Increase your evergreen. Sales, have bigger promotions, just sell more of your products. In general or your coaching programs or your mastermind or whatever it might be. Grow your your podcast listenership. Get more views on your. Videos, what have you. All starts with the email list. And so when you are thinking share a couple. Of specific. Examples here coming up in just. A second. When you are thinking about running ads for your business. I really want. You to think about in terms. Of list building, whether. That is running what. Facebook calls sales objective, basically. Conversions objective, right. Sending people. To. A landing page external to Facebook and getting people to opt in for your lead magnet. Or you’re running a leads ad where. People are doing it. The experience is right within the ad unit itself. The key here is.

Moving people. From a platform. Where they are over to. Your email. List. And on that. On that other episode I’m going to do, I’m going to talk about lead magnets, how to create them, and what. Is the best. Way to test them out. Etc., etc.. So we’re not going to dive into that right now. But the point. Here I want to make. Is to be. Building. Your. Email. List. When you do that, it’s giving you a much greater leverage point for. Making. Sales. You have a. An amazing opportunity. To build a. Relationship. With people so that they are more likely to. Take action and. Purchase whatever it is that you’re whatever it is that you’re selling. So the idea here is. Build your email list and nurture. And then you start making. Offers to. Them. You know that if. You’ve run Facebook ads to. A webinar or. To a video series, whether it’s, you know, whether. You’re doing something live or evergreen or to a challenge or whatever it might. Be, costs have gone up. Costs are not what they used to be. Ensure that. Is in terms of lead magnets and. Just. You know, conversion ads in. General. But when you. Are just. Building your. List with ads, it’s going to be a lot cheaper. Than when you’re sending. People to register for a. Webinar. Or, you know, a live. Challenge or whatever it might. Be. It’s going to be. Cheaper to build your lists. Then once they’re on your. List. You can begin to nurture. Build. That relationship with them and then make. Offers to. Them. One example, perfect example. Of this is I was. Meeting with one of our accelerator members. Last. December. At. The end of 2021, and we were doing coaching and. This is what the theme was for. 2022. All roads lead to. The email. List because. I know. That everything I’m sharing with you right now.

To be true. Once you. Build that email. List. Number one, again, you own this. Asset and you get to build that relationship. People are. Raising their hand and saying, yes, I want this from you and I want to hear from. You. And if they don’t want to hear from you, they can click that unsubscribe button, right? Not a big. Deal. So this. Person, that’s what the theme was. They were launching a new program in 2010. This year, and they had a. Whole bunch of different products and stuff to be selling. But rather than going from. Ad directly to a sale or what have you or add directly to. Evergreen Webinar. Which. Is what they were considering doing. Which they did. It was all roads lead. To the email list and then make. Offers. From there. So perfect. Example. They started out 2022. Running an ad to an evergreen webinar and. The costs were. Higher, number one for. The lead, the registration. For the webinar. And then number. Two, the sales were. Less than what they were hoping. For. So what they. Decided and so. Then what, what, what. Was happening was. They would start to. Sprinkle in, if you will, into their emails that they’re sending throughout the month. This offer to either go register for. This webinar or. Directly to sale. And they started to notice. Something really interesting. Is that more people were. Taking. Those actions. Signing up for the webinar and. Also. Purchasing this evergreen. Product direct to sale. Now these were people that were already. On the email. List, so they took this knowledge. And they said. Okay, let’s test. Something new. We are going to. Remove the. Evergreen like. Add to. Evergreen Webinar funnel and just. Strictly go add to lead magnet lists list. List graphing list, graphing list, building. List, growth list, growth list building. And then. As they started to do that and. They’re in a niche, they.

Where they get very. Very inexpensive. Leads. They continue. To build a. List, continue. To build the list. They started. Offering their. This. Evergreen program a couple of times a month. To their. Existing email. List, and they noticed this great thing. Their sales shot up. They were. They were making way more. Sales. To their. Existing audience. Because. They had taken the time to nurture and build. That. Relationship with them and then make the. Offer to them. Right. This none of this should be. Earth shattering to you. Right. Build a relationship they’re more likely to purchase from you. It’s a warmer audience versus okay, let’s try. When they tried add to Evergreen Webinar, costs were higher. And sales weren’t as. High as they had hoped. Not only does it did it increase sales. On this evergreen. Product, but by. Building the. List, it also affected the rest of. The sales in the business because they’re selling other things. Lots. Of other things. Outside. Of this main. Offer. And so by. Building this. Asset of the. Email. List now, they they’re building. That relationship with them and they can make. Multiple offers as. Time goes on. Here’s another example. And this just happened at the time. Recording this within the last day or so was speaking to a student and they were spending a couple of grand a month on on Facebook ads. But as I. Learned. Only about a third of that budget. Was going. Towards. List building. The rest of it was over to their website or video views or. Trying to grow the. Podcast. So the budget was pretty split and not a lot of. It was going. Towards. Lead generation. So I asked them, I said, Well, what is your lead cost. When you were running your lead generation. Ads? And we’ll just say it. Was less than a. Dollar. It was very, very good. And so I said, well, what.

Would happen. If you removed the traffic. Ads, remove. The video view ads? Because I understand why they were. Doing. It. Some of it wasn’t trackable. So I say, Well, we have no leverage there because. We don’t even know if that’s working or not. Sure, you’re. Building some retargeting. Audiences for your ads, but let’s tell Facebook exactly what we want. Let’s tell Facebook say, hey, we want we want leads, right? We want people to. Join our email list. So what would. Happen. If we took that couple. A couple thousand a month. Ad budget. And put it. Like 100% of that budget towards. Growing the. List at the average couple that they were already getting? Now we’re looking at thousands of new leads per month just from paid. And they also generate a ton of organic leads on the organic side. And so now. What that does, because they came. To this coaching session. With. I want to grow. I want to have a bigger next launch. Right. And I want to increase my monthly. List, building list. Building from this number. To. Maybe I think. It was like. 30% more. So it wasn’t a big jump. And so. Once I shared this strategy of, well, let’s divert this. Budget into list growth, instead of splitting that. Budget now we’re. Creating huge. Leverage because we are excuse me, three. Xingu the number of leads they’re going to generate per month. Same exact ad. Spend. And now their launch is going to be bigger when they do it. Because they’re. Pulling from, quote unquote. A bigger pool of people. Meaning. Their email list, their podcast. Is going to grow. Because. They can introduce. Specific podcast episodes. Based on whatever lead magnet somebody downloads. So if you’ve got a podcast. And you’re offering a lead magnet. Once you deliver that lead magnet. In. Your. In your in your email. Series. Why not introduce them to your. Podcast and. Let them know.

Hey, you just downloaded this, this. Lead magnet. Here are two podcast episodes that dive. Deeper into this. Topic. Link one link to now you’re growing that. Podcast while you’ve. Also grown your email list again, you’re building this asset and you’re creating massive leverage in your business. By having all roads lead to. Your email list. So I want to challenge you right now. Where are you. Splitting your attention, splitting your marketing efforts and trying to do this thing and that thing and this thing? What if you. Focused on, all. Right, list growth? Because I know. That as. I grew my email. List, which is going to be a whole lot cheaper to do. Than running. Ad. Directly to webinar. To a video series, what have you. I’m not saying don’t do that. But you could drastically cut your budget where your ad budget to those types of events because you’re. Building your email. List, thus. A bigger, warm audience and you could take some ad spend and retarget. To those people. So what you look. At your business, how can you simplify your marketing efforts? Having all roads lead to. Your email. List and. That, my friends. Will. Create massive. Leverage. And have. A huge ripple effect, snowball effect. In everything else that you’re doing in your business in terms of. Sales, because you’ve got a bigger pool of people to serve. And. To. Speak to and build that. Relationship with. All right, my friends, thank you, as always. For tuning in today. If you’ve not yet hit that subscribe button or. That follow. Button and. However you listen to this podcast, please do. That. And yes, ratings and reviews. For. The show over on Apple. Podcast still. Very much. Help. I appreciate my friend. Until next time. Be well. I’ll talk to you soon.



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