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Want to know what goes into a crazy successful launch? Let’s learn from someone who’s had one! 

This episode is actually the recording of a coaching session that I did with Antony Whitaker: entrepreneur and owner of Grow My Salon Business. 

I want to share this coaching session with you because we’re unpacking Antony’s most recent (and first ever) webinar launch, and he did really well. 

We dissect his latest launch looking for opportunities for him to optimize the next one. We’re looking at what he can double down on, what he can improve on, and what he can do to make his next launch the best yet. 

I want you to pay attention to the questions that I ask him, because I’m asking very specific questions in an effort to uncover areas of opportunity for his next launch. I think you’ll learn a lot about your own launch along the way. 

Grab your favorite drink and come hang out with us in this coaching session!


On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • The value of the online platform 
  • How Antony’s first webinar launch made $33,000
  • What went into a webinar that converted at 23%
  • The power of narrowing down your target audience 
  • Why I send four emails on the final day of a launch
  • Why you need an email nurture sequence 
  • How to figure out the best platform for you and your course
  • How to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table


Do you like the sound of a launch like this? His numbers are pretty incredible! 

Are you looking for a simple, repeatable, low-stress launching option for yourself? 

Then I want to invite you to a brand new five-day live training series coming up where I will teach you my Optimized Launch Method. By the end of this free live training series, you will have a complete plan for using it in your business, right now, with no extra effort. 

The special training kicks off November 16th so head to to get signed up. 


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