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As business owners, it can be easy to lose sight of the most common things. This means we could be missing something important for our businesses that is right in front of us. 


As a coach, it is my job to point out when I see that one of my members is missing something that could really help their business. 


The topic of this quick tip episode is something that I think people are missing: how to increase the consumption of your content and make it more accessible to more people.


Whether it be a podcast, video on YouTube, a blog post, or an audio lesson, there are things that you can do to make it more consumable. And the more consumable our content is, the more our businesses will grow. 


This is important because not everyone can show up to a live call, for example. By taking that content and putting it into another format, you are meeting people where they are and making your business more accessible. 


The idea isn’t to add a whole other step, it’s to increase the leverage of the content that you have. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the format of your content matters
  • Why it’s so important to listen to your audience’s feedback
  • How to repurpose your content
  • Things I do in my business to make my content more accessible
  • How to match the format of your content to your audience


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Hey my friend, welcome to the Art of Online Business Podcast. My name is Rick Mullaney and I’m an online business coach. I’m an ad’s expert. And most importantly, I’m a dad. And this show. Is where we help established. Online course. Creators and coaches create more profit. More impact. With less hustle. All right, let’s get into it. What is? My friends, welcome back. To the podcast. Thanks as always. For tuning in. This is another. Quick tip episode. Here on the. Show. And what I want to talk about today. Is something that. Is. Really should be known. But we often lose sight of those most. Common things, right? And so when I’m coaching my job, one of my. Jobs as a coach is to point out to people where. They might be missing something right in front of them. That. Can help them in their business in some way. And I’m no. Different, right? I have these areas where things are. I’m so close. To the business. Or what I’m doing that I need an outside. Set of eyes to. Point those things out to me. And today’s topic is. Is no different. And what I want to. Share with you is. Some. Basically how. To increase the consumption. Of your. Of your content and make it more. Accessible to more people. And how we can do that. Is to simply create content in a format that your audience wants. How do we make. It as easy as possible for the people that we are. Trying to serve in our business. To. Consume the content. That we are creating? Right. And also which we’ll talk about here. In a second. You want to think about matching the format of your content. To your audience. And so when I say content. That is really wide. Ranging. Right? It’s a podcast episode. It is a video, whether it’s on YouTube or what have you. It is a blog post. It’s an audio lesson. 

Or what have. You. And so it can really run the gamut of the different types of content. And again. I started out by talking about how this is one of those obvious. Things that we can that we can often miss. Well, that. Happened to me recently. Where. Inside. Of our accelerator. Coaching program. I did a focus group. With some members a few months. Ago. And one of the. Pieces of feedback was They’d love. So anyway, we do we do a lot of. Group coaching calls. A lot of. Different. Types. Of coaching calls and teaching calls. As part of the program. And so one of the pieces of feedback that I. Got from some members. Is, hey, you know what? It would be amazing. To get an audio. Version. Of the coaching calls that I do. And almost like an internal. Podcast. And I was like, I love that idea. And that’s. Such an obvious. Thing that I didn’t think. About. And I. Was like. Absolutely, we can make that happen. So what we did was we created a private accelerator podcast. And it. Shows. Up. You can you load it into your. Whatever podcast app. That you listen on. I have it. In. Both like Apple Podcasts. And Spotify on my phone and every week my team. Updates that are our private podcasts. With the coaching calls. So. People can listen to the coaching calls if they’re not able to make it. Live. When we’re on Zoom. And so. Why I love that is it’s. Giving people. Like look. Like I’m here to. Serve. Like it’s I want. Our members. Always to get the results that they’re. Wanting to get and what they set. Out as their goals. And so I. Realize that not. Everybody can show. Up live to our our calls. And so. I love the idea. Of giving them an additional format. That. They can consume the coaching on the. 

Go. Right? So like I was on. A walk this morning. And I was. Listening. To my coach’s podcast that I, I love to, to listen to. Now, granted, that’s. A normal quote. Unquote podcast, whereas our accelerator podcast is a private podcast. Only to members of the program. And so. I want you to start to think about. That. I want you to start. To think. About how. Can you take. Your. Existing content and. Create repurpose. It in different formats. So maybe that is an audio format. Of a video that you have or a blog post. Or something. Like that. Maybe it’s a video of a podcast, right? So you can go over to YouTube right now and watch full length episodes of this podcast. Just search on the art of online business in. Youtube and you’ll. Find. The YouTube channel for the podcast I have currently I have a. Full length. Episodes. Channel, which is exactly what it sounds like. And then I have a what I like to call like a clips channel, which is. Shorter segment videos from the different episodes that we do. I’m going to be combining those two channels here very, very soon. But a lot, a lot, a lot. I don’t have the numbers, actually. I just had a lot three times. I don’t have the. Actual consumption numbers. But but podcast. Consumption on. Youtube or people. Watching. A podcast is skyrocketing, right? Another reason why. Youtube. Is getting in the game. Of podcasting. And so that’s another format. People are like, Oh, I don’t want to listen to it. I actually want to watch. It, right? So I’m on video right now. I’m saying you can be if you’re listening to this, you’re consuming it obviously in your earbuds or in your car. Or whatever it is. Hello. If you’re watching on video, what’s up? I just wave to you. So there’s different formats, right? There’s also a transcript of every episode that we do. Over on my website and each of the show notes.

Pages. For each episode we do. A. Transcript. Some people are. Like, No, I don’t want to listen. I don’t want to watch. I want to read. Okay. And we’re. Also, by the way, and I should say this is. Especially most important, is we are making our content. Accessible to people. Who maybe cannot. Watch a video. Or maybe. Who. Can’t listen to a piece of content. Right. So you’re making it. More accessible by. Having it in a written format. For example, if and by the way, when I say video. That can be both long form. Like a podcast episode, if you will, but also short form like short form video. Whether it’s. On social media, if you’re doing social. Media and also. If and we’ll talk about this here in just a second. Also, if you do a evergreen webinar, for example, what if. What if it made sense for your audience. Anyway? What if you broke that up. Into smaller chunks so that people can consume it in smaller chunks and build momentum? Right. Rather than having a 90 minute. Webinar that people just aren’t going to go watch. And we’ll talk more about that here. In just a second. If you’re doing short form videos on social media. A great practice is to add. Text onto the. Videos. Sharing what it is. That you’re actually saying. Right. So people who. Are either cannot listen. To the video or don’t. Listen know they’re watching what the sound off they can. Still get, what’s. Going on and like what you’re trying. To. The point you’re trying to make and come. Across. In the. Video, right? You’re making it more accessible, thus. Increasing the consumption of your content. Another way you can be doing this. Is through. Text messaging. Right. Everybody’s got the phone. All right. We all have our phones. My phone is literally I’m picking it up right here. It’s right on my. Desk right here. Right. 

So if if I get. A text message, I’m going to. See it. And so that’s another. Way that we could get. Our content in the hands of. The people that we want to be serving now. Of course. Of course. This should go without saying. If you’re. Using text. Message as a way to. Get your content in the hands of people, make sure that when they are giving you their phone number that they 100%. Know what they’re. Signing up. For. Right. That they’re. Giving you their phone number. So that, you. Know, and fill in the blank whether they can, you know, for reminders. Or. Extending content to them. So that they get it right away. So my point here is to create. Your content in a. Way that makes it easier for. Your audience. To. Consume. And the other thing here, to take it one step further and just like what. I was just. Alluding to with the webinar. Is. Match the format of your content. To your audience. So for example, if your audience is busy moms. They’re probably not going to have time to sit and watch a 90 minute webinar or a 60 minute webinar. I’m not saying. That’s like. Definitely not. But what if you offered the video webinar, right? Like, like we normally. Do, but also an audio. Version. Of that webinar so that that. Busy mom, you’re giving them the content in a form that aligns. With their busy schedule. Right? So maybe they can listen to. Whatever they have the possibility of the. Opportunity, I should say, to listen to it. You’re giving them it to them in that format, right? If you have. An online. Course or. A. Membership or a coaching program, maybe. I think this works better with. Yeah. Well, if you do a private podcast for. A membership. Or your. Coaching program. Where you’re just taking the audio. From your. Video lessons, what have you. Right. Why not. 

Create a private podcast so that. People can consume the content in on their terms and in the way that aligns best. For them? And a lot of this, too. Comes with knowing your. Audience, right? I’m a broken record on that. I talk about that all the. Time, that. You have. To know. Your. Target audience. And in this. Example here. That we’re talking about on this episode, it’s no different. If you work with. I don’t know, busy doctors. They’re probably not going to have time. Probably not saying. Nobody, but that would be a great opportunity. To include a different format. Or if you. What’s another example? I don’t know. Just my point is nothing. Nothing’s coming out of my head right now. My point here is, well, here’s a perfect example. If you serve teachers. And you’re creating content during the school. Year. Right. One thing that you could do to increase consumption is to make an audio version. Of whatever. Content. That you’re putting out. Maybe you don’t have a. Podcast, but maybe. You have a prolific. Website content like blogs and. Stuff like that. You get great traffic. However, what if he did an audio version. Of that particular blog post. Again? It would be worth a test, right? I’m not saying I’m not saying like this. Is absolutely. 100% works for. Everybody. But I think. That the. The time is here and long past. Overdue that we. Are creating content to make it. As accessible as possible, which not only is the. Right thing to. Do, but also. Can increase the consumption. Of what you’re. Doing. I’m trying to think of. Who we use for who we use for our private. Oh, captivate. That’s right. Captivate FM. I’m not an. Affiliate. It probably should be. But we use Captivate. Fm. For our private podcast for Accelerator and it works out great. Again, we provide step by. Step instructions to our members on how. 

To access the private podcast. In. Apple Podcasts or Overcast or Spotify. Wherever people. Listen to. Podcasts, it’s right there. So now when it comes up and like when it says like new. Episodes, you know, it shows up right there, Oh. There’s a new coaching call. I can go listen to it now. And so I want you to be thinking about your business. How can you be. Creating content. In a way that. The format aligns. With your audience? How can you make. It easier for your. Students, your members, your. Clients, your overall. Audience. To. Consume your content? And again, this isn’t. The idea here isn’t to add a whole other step. Where can you find leverage? Right. So, for example, if you do a podcast, you can have. It transcribed, you can have it cleaned up into. A blog post. If you do a video, you could take the audio, you could rip the audio. From. The the video and create video pieces there. One last thing that is remembered I didn’t come back. To you yet is if you do a video. Or excuse me, if you do a webinar. For. Your audience. Right. And your audience is. Super, super busy. And you’re doing it and you have decent show. Up rates. One thing like decent, maybe like 20%. Right. And I’m talking on. Your well, it could be you could do it either live or. Evergreen. One thing that. You could test is creating shorter. Form. Pieces of that. Webinar. Some people do it in the form. Of a video series, but you could break. The webinar up into smaller chunks so people can consume it more. Quickly when it’s good for. Them. And then within the time frame that. You that you deem. That you want. To. But again, I. Just want my goal with this. Episode is to get you. Thinking. About how can you create your. Content in such a way that’s in different formats that can increase consumption and make it more accessible.

To more people? I’d love to hear from you. What ideas that you have. On this. Topic here. What have you tried? What haven’t you tried yet? What ideas did. You get from this. Episode here? What have you tried that’s worked really well? Let me know. Shoot me a DM over on Instagram. I’m at Rick already active in my DMS. I answer most every the end that. I get that I’m able to. So yeah, I’d love to hear. From you. If. You’ve not. Already. And you’re an established online course. Creator. Or your own life coach. Or your. Have a membership and you’re looking to scale your business and your impact. While working way fewer hours. Right? In my accelerated coaching program, we’re all. About. Scaling your business and your impact. While. Working no more than a 25. Hour workweek. And so if that is you, if. That’s of interest to you, you’re doing all the things in your business. So you’re not really sure what next. Steps to take to. Be growing your business. If you want my eyes on your business. As well as our coaches, as well as all the. Other amazing members and accelerator, I would invite. You to reach. Out. You can either email me directly. Rick. Rick Muller or you can go over. You are accelerator page. Read all. About the program right. There. Hear from current and past members right there. Rick Mul forward. Slash accelerator. And you can check. That out right there. You can also apply right there. And yes. If you did hear that, that is my daughter. Just getting home from. Preschool. Maya is here. So I’m going to. Wrap up. Go hang out with Maya. For a little bit. Thank you, my friend, for listening. I appreciate you as always. Until next time, be well. I’ll talk to you soon. 





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