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How to use ethical affiliate marketing to grow your revenue.

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Are you using affiliate marketing for your business? 

In this episode of Art of Online Business, I’m sharing some ways that you can use ethical affiliate marketing to grow your revenue for your business. I’m taking you behind the scenes of some affiliate marketing promotions I use and how I promote them. 

There are a lot of benefits to adding affiliate marketing to your business and, if done right, it really adds a lot of value to your audience’s lives. You just have to find the right products and be honest about how they helped you and why you think they’ll help your audience too. 

By using the tips I share in this episode, you can easily add affiliate marketing to your revenue stream in an ethical way and build even more trust with your audience. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of affiliate marketing
  • How to decide what products to become an affiliate for
  • Things to consider before becoming an affiliate
  • How to market your affiliate offers
  • Giving people the option to opt-out of promotional emails
  • Why you need a strong affiliate tracking system
  • What you need to know if people are affiliates for you
  • How to create really great affiliate relationships


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*Disclosure: I only recommend products I use and love and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.


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And. And. Hey. Hey. What’s up, my friends? Rick Moretti here. Welcome to the Art of Online Business podcast. And today I want to talk to you about how to use ethical marketing, ethical affiliate marketing, I should say, to grow your revenue. And the reason that I wanted to cover this topic here today, well, different reasons, and I’ll share all of them with you some right now and some coming up. Well, I’ve been doing some affiliate promotions recently at the time I’m recording this, and it’s the middle of October 2022, and it’s been a lot of fun and I haven’t done it in a lot of years. I’ve just kind of gotten away from it because I’ve been promoting my own stuff early on in, you know, coming up on nine years in my in my online business. And I’ll never forget, like right after starting my online business, people kept telling me, yeah, 30% of your overall revenue, very specific. Right? 30% of your overall revenue should come from affiliate marketing. And I was like, Oh, okay. All right. Okay, cool. I’ll go with that. And then I remember not coming anywhere near 30% for a couple of years, and I was like, Oh, man, I’m doing something wrong. It’s like, it’s so funny, right? 30% is so arbitrary. Now, in this episode here, I want to share with you. Well, first of all, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of a couple of affiliate promotions that that I’m doing. 

One of them I just wrapped up another one that I’m going to be doing here coming up in the next week or so. Also, I want to share with you the benefits of affiliate marketing, deciding on what products to be an affiliate for courses, actual products or memberships or what have you, how to market the affiliate offer that you’re doing. And then later on in the episode, definitely listen all the way through because if you are having people be affiliates for you, I’m going to share with you the number one thing that you have got to embrace. And so again, that is if you have people being affiliates for you, selling your stuff, selling your online course, selling your membership, coaching, whatever it might be. You’ve got to embrace this thing. So I’ll share with you what that is coming up here in a little bit. So as far as the benefits of affiliate marketing, I mean, it’s it’s great, right? Because you don’t have to create the offer. You don’t have to fulfill on the offer, and you have to do any of the normal things that you have to do when it’s when it’s your own offer. It’s a super high leverage activity for your business. And why can it be so effective for helping you grow your revenue and supplement your revenue? Will your audience trust you? Right? So you’ve built an audience in your business. 

They trust you, you’ve got the relationship with them. And so essentially what you’re doing is there’s so many different options for courses for physical products if that if you’re going, if you’re going that route for memberships, etc., for books and what you were doing as the trusted resource that you are to your audience is you’re reorganizing the options and the information for them by saying, Hey, this is what I recommend, this is how it’s going to help you, and this is how it’s helped me. I’ll talk more about that in a second. But this is how it can help you. And here I recommend it. And again, because you’ve built up that trust with them, they trust you. They look to you as a valuable resource, then they’re more likely to to purchase whatever, whatever that is. And so big benefits of affiliate marketing, and not to mention you can make a lot of money doing it too. And you can also do this. You can also be super successful with small audiences, whether you have got a small email list, whether you have a small podcast or a small YouTube channel or small social media, whatever it might be, you can be super effective and make a lot of money to. Even if you have a small audience. So how do you decide on what products are offers to be an affiliate for? And the the first thing that I really think that you have to I, I highly recommend is this going to align with your values. 

And so most of you, like myself, are going to be an affiliate for somebody course or their membership or or what have you. Does that person, does that offer align with your values? If the answer to that is no, you move on, go to the next thing, try to find something else. So that is number one. Do they the person that you are being an affiliate for, do they align with your values? Does the offer align with your values? And I want to add something else to this, too. And a lot of other people a lot of people don’t think about this. If you are going to be an affiliate, let’s just say you’re going to be an affiliate for a launch for somebody. And there are other affiliates that are also affiliating, if you will, during that launch. Do they align with your values, those other people, because you’re going to be associated with those people, as you know, because you’re all being an affiliate for the same one offer. And so that’s an extra level of value alignment that not a lot of people think about, number one or are willing to think about. And I want to challenge you to think about that. So I want to repeat that because it’s really, really important if you’re going to be an affiliate for somebody and it’s a launch, for example, they’re doing a launch and they have a whole bunch of affiliates.

Well, do your values align with the other affiliates, too, because you’re going to be grouped in, if you will, by association with the other affiliates. And so is that in alignment with you? If it isn’t, you may have to pass on that opportunity or I’d recommend passing. And if there is alignment, cool. Carry on. Right. The another way to think about another thing to another deciding factor is have you actually used that course, that membership, that coaching, whatever it is that you’re considering or do you use it right now? And I would absolutely recommend and I’ll talk more about this here in just a minute, talking about how to market the affiliate offer. But by using it yourself or having used it, this like you can speak firsthand. You know, you’ve experienced that offer. And so now you can be like, Yeah, this is how I used it and got the results. Or you can talk about how you are currently going through it and it is making your, you know, whatever the benefit of the course is. It’s making everything so much easier for you. For example, recently I promoted best friend Pat Flynn’s You two from scratch course all about YouTube and getting your first thousand subscribers. And so as I’ve talked about quite a bit here on the show is I’ve had trouble getting momentum going and building my YouTube channel. 

It is something I am super passionate about and it’s just kept getting pushed down and so. In the last year I bought three YouTube marketing or YouTube channel like building a YouTube channel courses thousands of dollars, and they were not very good. And then I kept telling Pat I was like, Dude, you got to create a YouTube course. I kept asking him questions. He’s like, We’re working on it, actually. And I was like, Oh, I can’t wait. As soon as that comes out, number one, I’m going through it. Number two, I want to offer it to my audience because I get asked these questions all the time. And so when I was promoting YouTube from scratch, and you can still get it, by the way, right during the promotion if you’ve been listening for I did a promotion a few weeks ago with it, and Pat was offering $50 off a coupon code and the course is very inexpensive at 499 and then there was a $50 off coupon. So for 449 and then I offered some bonuses there. You can still get the bonuses if you want. The $50 coupon doesn’t exist anymore. I mean, it’s expired. But if you want to go check it out, it’s Rick Mul Radio.com four. It’s Pat. But anyway, what I did in that promotion and I’ll talk about that here in just a minute is like I talked about how what I thought of it like my first hand experience of the course and the types of things that I pulled out of it that I’m applying to my YouTube channel creation. 

So it’s even better. My point is, is that if you’ve used the if you’ve gone through the course, if that person has coached you or whatever, it might be even better, because then you can talk about your firsthand experience and the benefits that you’ve received as a result. And then also, how can the offer or product that you’re considering help your audience improve their life? You know, save them time, make them more money, whatever it might be. That’s how all these things go into the decision of what to be an affiliate for. That’s how I look at things from an affiliate perspective and going back to YouTube from scratch. You know, right now we’re we’re doing organic October here in the show. And I had Pat on the podcast talking all about YouTube. I think YouTube is still so many people are sleeping on the opportunity that exists with YouTube I have for four years. It is one of my biggest regrets in the business. People always ask me like, Rick, what’s one of your biggest regrets? One of my biggest regrets is not taking my YouTube channel more seriously years ago. Because you can be building a long term asset of as a marketing channel for yourself. Number two, search engine. 

Right behind us, Google, which Google owns YouTube. So anyway, my point being, I know that that course can save somebody a whole bunch of time in adding a YouTube channel to your existing business and it can just save you all the time, shows you step by step, etc., etc.. So for all those reasons, I’m like, Yeah, I’m all in on promoting that as an affiliate. Now, here’s a little here’s something else with that. I know that it’s not a big moneymaker, right? Because I’m getting a percentage of the the price of the 449 price because the $50 off coupon. So it’s not a ton of money, Right. But it’s fun. Number one, for me to be able to do a promotion like that because I value and trust Pat so much. And also the work that he puts out and it’s super relevant to what I’m doing. And I get questions about YouTube all the time, so I know that it can help you as well. And I had zero expectations going in. I didn’t have a goal. You know, basically I found this out after that. A mutual friend of ours recently, mine and Pat recently promoted YouTube from scratch and they did less than ten sales. And so I later found out that, you know, my goal that I was given for this promotion was like ten sales. And I was like, I was giving Pat a hard time about that. 

I was like, That’s that’s all like, that’s all you’re giving me. Like, that’s my whole, you know, I was like, I’m joking. I was like, I’m insulted by that. And we did way more than, than, than ten sales. But again, it wasn’t a huge moneymaker, but it generated it generated really good money. You know, I’ll give you this. It generated less than 10,000 as my commission from the promotion. So, you know, which is a percentage of the overall sales. Super happy with that. Some people be like, Oh, it’s not worth my time. Well, I’ll tell you more about here in just a second. Like what I did with it. And for me, it was super. It was super worth it. And it’s going to help me buy a bass fishing kayak later this year. But anyway, those are those are the types of things I think about in terms of deciding on what to be an affiliate for and how to make that decision. Okay. So once you’ve made that decision, how do you market the affiliate offer? Well, the first thing I’d recommend that you do, as with anything that we’re looking to promote. What marketing channels do you have available to you? Got your email list? Got your social media. Do you have a podcast? Do you have a YouTube channel? Whatever it might be. You sort of like take stock of what are the marketing channels that you’ve got available to you that you can market this affiliate offer to? So that’s number one.

What marketing channels do you have available to you? And then once you get those listed out, by the way, you’re like, okay, I have a podcast, I have I’ve got my email and social media. Then you start creating a plan for how you’re going to promote it, and I’m going to take you through exactly what I did for for the YouTube from scratch promotion. But and also, I’m going to share with you exactly how you’re going to do a promotion for click click dot com formerly ten X Pro. I’ve talked about it here on the podcast. It is the system. It’s the tool that I use in my business that I wish I knew about years ago. And it I can create all I create all my funnels in there and my landing pages. It hosts my courses, it’s got an affiliate center in there which I’ll talk about more about here in just a second. I can create a quiz in there like everything is all right, sales dashboards, creating unique links, all this stuff right in. And it consolidates all the different tools that I’ve been using over the years. And I literally saved myself. I believe it was $500 a month when I consolidated the tools. No longer did I need an order form tool that I was paying a couple of hundred dollars a month for. No longer did I need this other tool that I was paying over $1,000 a year for. 

No longer did I need this and that. All these other things I just consolidated it with with click Click Newcomb and I’ll talk about exactly what I’m going to be doing with it just here in just a second. But that’s a perfect example. I use it in my business. I’ve been using it for a year and a half. People are always asking me, what do I use? What do I recommend? I’m going to be presenting this actually to my 

accelerators at our live retreat this week is consolidation of tools. You want to save yourself a whole lot of money in your business. Use the best tool that you can that consolidate as much as possible. And that’s exactly what I was doing. I mean, I saved myself like $6,000 a year by moving everything into into ten X Pro and to click it’s rebranded now. And so I’ll talk about that here in just a second. But anyway, you’ve got your marketing channels. What do you have available to you? Within your as you market this your affiliate offer. I would be doing I would demonstrate it I’d be doing demonstrations. Of whatever it is that you are promoting. Maybe you’re promoting an email CRM, maybe you’re promoting ConvertKit or Active campaign or whatever it is. Do a video showing how you use it. Show cool tips on what you can do with it to save people time. 

Like did you know this? Or little known little known tricks that can save you a bunch of time inside of ConvertKit or whatever just off the top of my head. So demonstrate the tool, demonstrate the course, show behind the scenes, that sort of thing. The other thing that you can do interview the creator or the founder. So for me, when I was promoting YouTube from scratch, I did a mini like a part one in part two with Pat Flynn, the creator of the course, and we talked all about YouTube and the benefits that it can have on your business and how to use it and the types of things. I get feedback from so many people saying, Man, those episodes were so, so good. The episodes weren’t about the course. Of course, we talked about, you know, the opportunity to get the course, but those were jam packed interviews on the podcast here that you can use and go and prove your YouTube channel or get started with your YouTube channel. So how can you interview the the creator, the founder? You know, I interviewed John Lynch, who is the founder of Click Here on the podcast before we talked about advanced evergreen strategies. And I’m going to be replaying that episode next Monday and I’ll share why I’m doing that here in just a minute. Also when you’re marketing the affiliate offer, be talking about the benefits to your audience. 

You know, I just share with you why I think that you need to click in your business. It’s a you know, I just shared all the different reasons. It’s saved me so much money. I can do everything I need to in one platform. I can literally press one button and have an entire funnel, you know, entire webinar funnel or entire video series funnel or like if you have a book click one button, the entire funnel is is populated there for you. You just go in like all the pages are right there. You just go in and customize each page for your specific business and for your specific offer. Anyway, talk about the benefits. Tell the story of how you were using it or have used whatever the offer is and the benefits that you’ve experienced as a result. I’m doing that right now, sharing with you about click. And here’s the big thing that a lot of people do not do. And I’m telling you, if you do this, you’re going to separate yourself from so many other people because your audience is going to appreciate you for it. Give people the option in your email. So like when you’re emailing your list about whatever affiliate promotion that you are doing, give them the option to opt out of those promotional emails. Let them know like, Hey. Over the next few emails or the next over the next few days, I’m going to be talking about whatever it is that you’re promoting. 

If you don’t want to hear about it, no problem. Click this link right here. It’s an opt out of these promotional emails, but you will still stay on my email list. Give people the option for that. Don’t just barrage them with promotional emails when they’re like, I don’t care about this. I don’t want this. And then you’re just still pounding them with emails. Give them the option to opt out of it. Convertkit, for example, which is what we use in our business, makes it super easy to do this. I don’t know how it works in other platforms giving. I don’t know how easy it is in other email CRMs. But if there’s no like a workaround, if they don’t have an easy option is to put a link in there and assign a tag. When people click on that link, it’s like, you know, do not email about whatever promotion. Tag. When they click on that link, when they click on the link, it just goes takes them to a standard or landing page should say just says, Hey, got it. You’ve opted out of these promotional emails. No problem. You will start back up with our regular emails very soon. Thanks so much. Have an amazing day. Boom. Done. So this is a little workaround, but ConvertKit makes it super easy, for example. And so as far as marketing the affiliate offer.

So here’s what I did from or for YouTube from scratch. So first thing I did, you know Pat and I talked about when are we going to do this? We put it on the calendar. And it was very kind of informal. You know, we were out fishing one day and I was like, hey, let’s I really want to do a promotion for your course, because, you know, number one, I love it. Number two, my audience is always asking about YouTube. And you built massive channels in a very short amount of time. You’re the expert on this. I am not a YouTube expert, so I’d love to offer it. So we we put on the date, we put on the calendar, we arranged some dates, and then from there I said, okay, let’s come on the podcast. And the original idea was to do a part one and a part two, both about 30 minutes each. And so I told Pat I was like, All right, we’re going to do a one hour interview and we’re just going to do a part one on part two. Within this hour, we’ll break it up. And so that was the idea. And then in the podcast episodes, we going to be talking about his course. And it ended up that the first interview that we did, it went the full hour. It was so good. And we got really deep on the topic of YouTube and how to use it to add another marketing channel to your business. 

That was like, We’re going to do a whole other part too, and a whole separate session. And so anyway, so we did two podcasts episodes. There was no webinar, there was no anything like that. I just simply did the podcast to podcast episodes with Pat. I did a dynamic ad insertion for the podcast here. I’ve talked about this because we use Buzz Sprout, right, mentioning all these companies that I use. So we use Buzz Sprout to host our podcast. One reason I love I love Buzz Sprout, aside from the fact it’s very inexpensive to use, is I can do dynamic ad insertion, which means I can create a pre-roll, I can create an audio promotion that goes in the beginning of this podcast for each of the episodes. And I can say, okay, I’m going to do a promotion for for, for click write for formerly ten X Pro, so I can do an audio promotion for that and say to my podcast producer Stephanie, I was like, okay, let’s put this audio promotion in between these dates. And then it runs across my entire back catalog of episodes. So all 640 episodes that I’ve done. And then when the promotion is over, we just remove it so it’s no longer on the podcast. And that’s exactly what I did for. When I was promoting YouTube from scratch. So two podcast episodes we did the dynamic insertion as a pre-roll, and then I sent some emails to my email list and I did. 

I put right at the top of the email what I just mentioned. I gave people the option to opt out of getting those emails. Put the link right there, which I got feedback from people like they’re like, Thank you for doing this. I so appreciate that. I want to stay on your email list, but I’m not, you know, I’m not going to be doing YouTube, but I’m not not interested in this right now. No problem. Cool. So anyway, so I sent. I think I sent over five days. I think I sent three. No, I think I sent four emails. I think that’s what it was. I think I sent I think I sent two emails and then I sent two emails on the final day and that was it. It was very, very easy. Again, it was emails. It was basically an email promotion along with the podcast. It wasn’t to a webinar or anything like that. I created a bonus page right inside a click that I sent over to Pat. And so again, Patton, his team are fulfilling when you purchase, he’s fulfilling. So I don’t have to do any of the fulfilling. I created the bonuses like my own personal bonuses for everybody who enrolled through my link. I just did that. We created a landing page and that was it. 

And I sent it over to Pat and his team and they put that into the follow up email when somebody enrolled. That was literally entire promotion. And we had a few issues with the coupon code for a few hours on one of the days, but we got it straightened out and people let us know. And I’m like, So sorry. Check it out now. We fixed it and it was super low stress and we did. It was really successful. I was really, really happy with it. Again, I had no I had no expectations whatsoever. Now I’m also about to do an affiliate promotion for Click because I’m using it in my business. I’ve been using it for a little over a year and a half now and I absolutely love it. You know, you can create a membership in there, you can create your online courses, you can house them in there again, you can do all your funnels and you can create a quiz in there and landing pages and your order forms and your you can create an affiliate center. And so what I’m doing to promote click right. And by the way, if you want to, I think you can start to get this now. I’m pretty sure you can. If you go to Rick Muller, Etsy.com, forward slash click click view again it’s Rick Muller, Radio.com four slash click click. You get 50% off the first five months of the tool, 50% off the first five months. 

And so anyway, what I’m going to be doing during this promotion is doing podcast episodes like this, and I’m talking about affiliate marketing. We’re talking about organic marketing here in October. Well, affiliate marketing is one of those things that you can do to generate revenue. Can you run ads to it? Of course you can run ads to an affiliate promotion. But what I’m talking about is using your existing audiences to generate revenue. So what I’m doing is I’m doing a podcast episode like this right here today. I’m doing another podcast episode on Friday, and then next week I am going to do I’m going to replay the podcast episode that I did with John Lynch, who is the CEO and founder of Click Talking about advanced evergreen strategies. And then a replay that for you on Monday because it was such a well received episode. And then the other two episodes that I’m doing that week to the Wednesday episode and the Friday episode are all going to revolve around topics that you can leverage click for, right? So it’s adding value and if you don’t want to use click, no problem. What I’m going to be sharing with you though, can be helpful in whatever platform that you’re using. So that’s the idea is to be giving, giving value. And I’m going to be teaching you whether you want to use click or not.

I’m going to be teaching it through through the lens of using click. But if you don’t want to use click, use another platform, no problem. Right? And so I’m going to send some emails during the week and again, I’m going to be sharing behind the scenes. I’m going to take you inside. I’m doing video of, Hey, here’s how to set up an advanced evergreen funnel strategy in a few clicks. Here’s how to create a quiz right inside there. Here’s how to check out the affiliate, how to use the affiliate center, all these types of things. I’m just going to 

be doing that by showing the behind the scenes of recording my screen inside of click super low stress. It’s not a ton of work on on my part, and it’s a high leverage opportunity because if you decide to join, click and sign up for Click through my link, I get a commission on the payments that you do. And again, the 50% off the first five months is a special deal that John has given me to offer you, and that’s not something that’s available to other people. Right? And so it’s an exclusive thing that can help you. And so that’s what I’m doing for a click. Like notice I’m not doing this big webinar or anything like that. It’s super low stress and I’m doing it through the lens of teaching you and adding value to you. And here’s the opportunity. 

This is how it can help you. And obviously you can decide to take that or not, no problem. And so as we start to wrap up here, as I mentioned earlier, the number one thing that you have to embrace. If you are having people be affiliates for you, you’ve got to embrace having a strong affiliate tracking system. And I know that that sounds obvious, right? Well, of course you do, Rick. There are. It’s so hard over the years, it’s been so hard to find a an accurate, easy to use affiliate tracking system. And there are some major platforms out there right now that people try to do affiliate stuff through that have a really hard time with it. And the numbers can’t be trusted if you can’t trust the numbers that you’re affiliate tracking system is giving you then. It’s going to be really hard to find affiliates to promote for you because, hey, they’re doing they’re not doing it for the heck of it. They’re doing to to generate money. Right. And so you’ve got to have accurate tracking numbers. And that is one thing I love about Clark is that they have a built in affiliate system where you can go right into there’s the sections called Affiliates, and there’s an affiliate center with affiliate clicks and affiliate sales and the commission programs and the links. And you can manage your affiliates in there. And it has affiliate ledgers, everything. Everything’s built in. 

And I have found that to be so hard to get all in one place over the years. And so when I started using Click, I was like, Holy cow, this is built right into it. This is amazing. So that is the number one thing that you have to embrace. The number two thing that you’ve got to embrace is if people are being affiliates for you, of course you have to know your numbers, right? You’ve got to let people know like, Hey, this is my average lead to sale conversion rate, this is my average earnings per lead, etc. They want to know those numbers. So when people are being affiliates for you, you have to make it as easy as possible for them to promote you. You’ve got to make it as easy as possible for them to promote you. You’ve got to give them everything that they need. If they want email copy and you don’t have it, you write it. If they need social media graphics and you don’t have it, you create it or your team creates it, You’ve got to do all the work for them. You’ve got you just got to make it so that they come to you. They get all the resources that they need and if there’s something that they want that you don’t have, you create it for them. When you’re doing affiliates, right? It’s it’s you’re really this becomes a full time role, if you will, to serve your affiliates to make sure that they have everything that they need to make it as easy as possible for them. 

Because the last thing you want to do for an affiliate is to make it really difficult, to really make it really challenging for them to do the promotion, the least amount of work possible for them to promote. That’s how you’re going to create really great affiliate relationships and make people want to work with you. And then, not to mention is your offer any good, right? And so I’m assuming that it is. So that’s how I look at if someone is an affiliate for you. Those are the types of things to think about. Now, when do you think about bringing on affiliates? You’ve got to have your numbers dialed in. You really have to. And because they they want to know that if your offer doesn’t convert, nobody’s going to want to be an affiliate for you. So you really have to have things dialed in before you even start thinking about that. And here’s one last bonus tip for you. What I recommend that you do is regardless of what project management tool that you use. What I would do is create a space in your project management tool that is specific to your affiliate promotions and have all the information about the promotion right there for your entire team to access and to reference. Better yet, create a form. 

So we use click up, for example. So we would create a form and click up where we enter somebody on the team enters all the information about the promotion, right? So for example, for for click. The login link to the affiliate center would be there. The username, the password. What’s the affiliate link that we’re using to promote it? Know what is the pretty link that we do? The pre link is like for example when I said Rick Mul radio.com forward slash click. That is the pretty link that is sending you to to the affiliate link if that makes sense. Then also what is the commission structure right for the for your specific offer that you’re doing right. All this information should really be at the fingertips of your team so everybody’s on the same page. So again, create a form if you use our table, create a form so it goes into a spreadsheet. We use click up, we create a form, put all the information in there into the form that way. And then we we can tag team members in there. So everybody on the team were all in the same page. All the information is right there. I know somebody in our accelerator, they create a one cheater, a one cheater for any promotion that they do that has all the information on there and then the whole team has access to it. The idea is to make sure that your entire team is on the same page and there’s a transference of information going on when you’re doing promotions.

So I hope this was helpful for you going through how to use ethical affiliate marketing to grow your revenue. And you’re going to watch it unfold here too, as I as I go through over the next week or so, I’m going to be talking about organic marketing, but also talking to you about click right, because I think like the deal they gave me to to offer you all as is, I mean, I think awesome. I wish I got that. When I first started out I didn’t I got a $1 trial for the first 30 days and then I bought the year right after that. And so this specific offer is 50% off your first five months. So if you want to go check it out, go to Rick Mul Radio.com four slash click again as I’ve been talking about, that is an affiliate link. So I do get a small commission if you decide to sign up for it and hopefully you can take what you’ve learned today and start doing some affiliate marketing in your business in a very ethical way to add to your monthly revenue in your business. And better yet, and I should say most importantly, be adding value to your audience. Thank you, my friends, as always, for listening to the show. Until next time, be well and I’ll talk to you soon. Okay?

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