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Coaching Call: Should She or Shouldn't She? Crafting a New Launch for Her Membership

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What would you do in your business if you knew you were going to win? If you knew that you can’t lose, how would you do it? 

In this episode of Art of Online Business, I’m sharing a coaching call that I had with one of my Accelerator members, Hallie Sherman. She already has a very successful membership program, and today, we are mapping out a new launch that she is thinking about doing for her audience. 

Hallie Sherman is a speech pathologist devoted to helping other SLPs succeed through low prep, engaging therapy options that keep their students motivated.

She, like many of us, wants to grow her business and have a bigger impact. But sometimes we, as business owners, start to think about what could happen if it doesn’t work out. There’s a mindset piece that can get in the way of our success. 

It’s important to remember, when you approach your business as if you couldn’t lose, you will win no matter what, and that’s the theme of this episode. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The type of offer Hallie wants to create 
  • The mindset work she had to do to launch it
  • Why you win no matter what when you play the game of your business 


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All right. Welcome to today’s episode of The Art of Online Business podcast. Rick Moretti here. How’s it going, my friend? Thanks for tuning in today. Appreciate you as always. So I want you to I want you to think that you’re playing a game, whether it’s a sport, whether it’s a whatever board game or something like that. And you’re playing the game and you know that you cannot lose, you know, you are going to win. So regardless of what you do, you’re going to win. Many of you know that I’m a huge hockey fan. I’m a diehard Washington Capitals fan, although it’s harder to like them this year because they’re not very good. But I used to work for them. I was their scouting coordinator for five years back in Washington, DC years and years ago, and I used to play in just bigger leagues, if you will. And when I was living in LA, when I was living in Virginia. And so if if I’m on the ice, right, and my team is on the ice playing the other team, I knew that we were going to win. Like my team. We knew we were going to win regardless of what we did. We knew that we were going to win the game. So whatever game that you are thinking of right now, again, regardless of what it is, if it’s a team sport, if it’s a board game, whatever, and you knew that you were going to win. How would you play that game? You play that game super loose, right? You wouldn’t worry about if something wasn’t going to work or if you did something wrong because you knew that you’re going to win. 

It all works out. If something doesn’t go the way that you thought it might, then you just try something new. Because remember, you know that you’re going to win. That is really the theme of today’s episode. I wanted to share another coaching call with you with one of our accelerator members, Halley Sherman Halley, who’s been on the podcast here before a few times. Hal is a speech pathologist from Speech Time Fun dot com and Halley helps other speech pathologists make their job a whole lot easier with different content and resources. She’s got a very successful membership program and that’s what we’re talking about here. On the coaching call today, we’re talking about mapping out a new launch that she is thinking about doing now. This call was recorded the middle of November 2022, and the launch that she’s referring to when this episode comes out was just just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago. And the reason that as you’re going to hear that she’s thinking about doing something different is she’s been doing webinar launches for a long time and they really they work really well for her. But she’s thinking and tell me if you if you often think this in your business, well, wait, I want to grow my business. 

I want to have a bigger impact in the business. So I must need to do something different. I must need to do something new in order to be able to do that. And maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it’s just you just keep repeating until, you know, we keep repeating what’s been working until it doesn’t work anymore. Then try something new. But remember, we can get my mindset can get in the way of that. Like what if? What if I try something new and it doesn’t work? What if I do all this work and between myself and my team and then we put all this effort in and it doesn’t work? Well, remember, we’re playing the game as if we know we’re going to win. We cannot lose. And that’s really the theme of today’s call. And so I wanted to share with you just to kind of share this thought process and the coaching that she receives, not only for me but other members in Accelerator in thinking through should she create a new launch, a challenge launch to drive sales to her membership. So I think you’re going to get a lot out of this. It’s only about 10 minutes long, but a lot of great lessons here. And at the end, I’ll wrap up with the biggest takeaway that I want you to have from this coaching call. So let’s go hang out with Hal Sherman and a few of the other accelerator members in our program.

So obviously, as you guys know, I do like promotions every month, every other month, things like that. And I wanted to do something different for the New Year for January. So in the new school year, we did a full on lunch pop up Facebook group webinars, things like that. I wanted to kind of tap into the fact that my audience is, you know, heading back into the New Year, New Year’s resolutions and I’m going to challenge would be a good incentive to like get them pumped learning, get a quick win now buy from me kind of thing. So I just I’m still like rattling my brain that had him mapped this out. So it’s not too complicated. I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible and like the plan with me session kind of thing, like five days, I’ll have everyone know if I wanted to pop up group. I was thinking of just doing it via email, delivering a video, maybe a Google form that they have to fill out at the end. I don’t know. Just trying to like, come 

up with an idea, to be honest. 

So this is for the membership, correct? 

Yes. Yes. So I’m trying to like, okay, they won with something simple that like really does not involve much brain power of my audience. Like, we might come up with like a free sample, a resource that would look like when it is inside my membership. If by signing up for the challenge they get this free sample and then they I will teach them how to design it for their caseload or like for a specific goal on their caseload. I don’t know. I’m just I don’t know if I’m overthinking it or should I just scratch it and just do my normal promotions that work when it’s already working that I had the emails were. 

What do you all. 

Think you’re all going to say? Just do it working. Yeah, I just change it up. You know, you can live in your own inner winds of their friend, but I’m curious why you want to change it up, though. I’m getting bored of it. I don’t want my email list getting bored of it. I also feel like I want to like because I do love the hype and energy I got of the webinar like field, but I also don’t have the time and energy to do that in January. So I was like, What can I do that? Like will involve little effort on my part, like recording by email or by video, as my team does the rest sort of thing. Like they write the email, they schedule it out. Well, the least amount of work is to do what’s working. I doubt it’s not an excuse to work more or something like if you’re going to have an argument about keeping your job, I’m going to have a big fight on your hands. So yeah, well, my argument is like, yes, things are working, but if I want to do more, if I want to make more, I feel like I need to spice it up and shake things up and try to show my audience like wow them even more. That’s my thought. Like, yes, I want to think what? Write more emails or run ads? Like do anything different with you or more or less to me. 

But then I said, I’m already doing all those things. That’s why I’m like, I’m at this. Like, I feel like I’m at a brick wall. Like, I know if I keep doing what I’m doing, I’m going to keep making what I’m making. But if I want to do a trajectory and, you know, that’s where I’m like, I kind of feel I kind of like, relate this to the classroom a little bit, how they understood me here. Like they’re a classroom teacher in the school. I’m going to I’m a speech pathologist in my office right now fighting. Got it. You know, And do you remember, like whenever we get evaluated, it’s like we always seem to try to do like all of these things and what the principal would say or what your co teacher would say is like, keep it simple and just change out the the skill and then the kids already know what to do. And you know, they already have those routines in place and you’re just switching things out. It’s kind of like that a little bit, you know, with what’s working like, I don’t think it would be boring because you’re switching out a little bit of the content, but the system is the same. Well, yeah, I want to like I love the impact I had during like my webinar series I did in August. I just know that I don’t have the brainpower and I know my audience doesn’t have the brainpower to sit through that. 

But if I can deliver them like a five minute long video, like five days a week to be like, hey, like the day one is to literally download this PDF and, you know, put in the pop up group, say I’m done and you can win a prize like keeping it so mindless on their part because they’re going to be fried as well coming back from Christmas break. Like that’s my thought. If I can like plan out their sessions like first 

week back. They’re going to think of me when it’s time to invest. That was my thought. So that’s I’m like, How can I keep it so simple for me but so simple for them? But then making that decision to invest in me also so simple where versus an email, I can keep doing that. Well, how can I really connect more to my audience to show them like, you know, I am the person you want to invest in versus for a million others. On teachers, paid teachers. Just can you like kind of like if I did a get ready with me video like weirdly those things do well and I always been bought fooled by them like, can you do like your version of a get ready with me, like a guest schedule ready with me, get a plan ready with me and like, just what you would already be doing because you have to do it anyway, because you’re still working in that capacity.

But then tell them what you’re doing along the way. And yes, like I’ve done yeah, I’ve done a few of those like on Facebook lives, like showing them how to use a resources, like plan, like a specific goal. So it’s kind of thinking of how I can turn that into like a challenge sort of thing. Like, Hey, vamos, everyone’s working on something different. Like, I can’t. I’m trying to think that’s why I said, if I come 

up, my team comes up with some sort of article, I can easily show them, Hey, the first day, pick the goal, second day, how we introducing it the third day, you know. Something. And in the end, they have a week, a month long of lesson plans that I help them with kind of thing. But at the same time, it’s almost giving them the framework of when I showed them my planning, getting them to do it for themselves. I hear what you’re saying, but I also think even if everybody’s working on something different, you can always say to them, I know you’re all working on something different. I’m showing you what I do. Apply it to your situation, or you can use it this way or you can use it that way. So like my getting ready routine, I have vintage style that everybody dresses like I dress. So I tell them like, your routine is going to look different. But here are some basic principles. 

So one of the questions that I had before jumped off there was. When you did the webinar launch, how many new members did you welcome? 

I’d say 75 maybe. 

Okay. And how much effort was that for you two for you to put in? 

Me, personally, not much. My team, yes, but me personally, not much. 

Okay. When you did your. 

Well, it was a lot for me. It was a lot. I ended up doing like six weather or so. That was a lot on me, but that’s the only part I had to show up to do. 

Okay. And when you did your three day promotion in October, how many new people did you welcome? 23. I have to look up the numbers here. 

Okay. And you did even more in September, correct? 

Yes. And that was just an email series. Five days. 


So that dressing like they were. It’s a matter of how can I get I’m like, how can I get the email promotions are promoting to my email list where the other ones are meeting also as a lead magnet. And we said grow the list and brand awareness at the same time. That said, my email list does convert. So. 

So I like the idea of I think you said something about coming back from from holiday break and you’ve got all the days planned out for them for a period of time. 

Well, like here, like even while they’re signing up for the freebie, like for the, the challenge, like, say, I want to press the suite while they’re all home, like, hey, in New Year’s, I can throw them freebies and free content via email. Like, Hey, while you’re waiting for the challenge to start, here’s your lesson plans planned out for you for the first week back. Here’s a two New Year’s freebies and I am ready to go. I can give them everything and then I figure the second week of January, that’s when everyone is pretty much back. At that point, I would do like, you know, five email possibly. I’m questioning whether the pop up Facebook group or not. That would be mainly for questions and building hype. Otherwise, I was thinking I’m just doing like a Google form thing, thinking of just a way to submit their answers for ways to win. I was even mapping out day one pick a goal or a group that you want to work that you want to do this challenge with. Day two. How you introducing the lesson Day three, what strategy you’re going to use to teach it differently? And like I would give them tips on an example. Then like I might model how I would do it. Day four I’m going to give them a freebie. How are you going to use that goal with this freebie? And I’m going to show them different example and day five, how are you going to wrap up the lesson and conclude it this way? I can see my framework and they can then apply it with anything. But the idea would be then you would apply it with my sample of my membership resources.

How much work would that be for you? 

I could probably in the next month wrap up. They make these five videos in maybe an hour, probably if I wanted to. Okay, so what? Why not try it? 

Because I’m overthinking it, thinking it’s going to be hard and a lot of work. But now that I’m giving that I’m giving myself time. Like I start now and I start my team now. I also want them to have a holiday season, so I want them to have is all like mapped out by mid December. So it’s a figuring and I’m going to be with my team and meeting her in person for the first time, like tomorrow. So we’re gonna have a lot of time to map out. 

It sounds like there’s no downside to this. 

No. Other than putting in the effort and in networking, not seeing the results. But I think I think I think if I give myself that runway like two weeks ahead of time, I start promoting it. And if I. 

So. So you could literally at the end of the month, if it didn’t work, you could do a three day promotion like you normally do and make a whole bunch of sales trail. 

Okay. That’s a good that me to think about it. Like, if it doesn’t work, I have another option. If my goal is I want to hit 1000 members. Yeah, but you’re at like, what are you? You’re at like 900 something. 

906 as of this morning. Yeah. 

You’re going to be at a thousand by the end of the year. It’s like 45 days away. 

No help. So that’s what I’m trying to think of different strategies that I haven’t tried yet. So I haven’t done a challenge yet. Like, I’ve done the email, I’ve done the webinars. Let me try something different. That can be something that also my audience, my other competitors or people aren’t doing. 

So yeah. Yeah. Cool. 

I like it. All right. I’m doing it. All right. With me. 

Everybody heard you. 

Okay. Hold me accountable. 

Okay, So here’s an update. Since we recorded that coaching call, Halley had one of the biggest launches that she’s ever done. And what she decided to do was at the end of the Challenge launch, she decided to do a couple of webinars because she she just kind of felt that it would just really resonate with what the people that were registered for the challenge. And if you remember, webinars were something that she’d done previously and worked really well. So what she ended up doing was combining the challenge launch through in a couple of webinars, if you will, at the end. And the launch overall did extremely well. So the big takeaway here is, as I mentioned in the intro of today’s episode, is like, look, if you’re playing the game of your business, of your launches, of launching a new offer, of putting a podcast out or a YouTube channel, whatever it might be, you’re going to win regardless of what you do, you’re going to win. You play a different game. You play it differently, you worry about it less. You are less fearful of trying new things because even if they don’t work, you know something’s going to work. So you keep going. And that’s exactly the big lesson that hopefully you’re taking away from today’s coaching call with Holly, Right? She’s like, All right, I’ll try this out.

If it doesn’t work, I can always try something. I can go back to what I’ve done in the past because I know that works. But I want to see how this goes. And because I’m going to do that and try to figure out how to make it as easy as possible, both for myself and my team. And we’ll see what happens. I want you to try to do that in your business starting today. Okay? If you want this kind of coaching, if you want my help in helping you grow and scale your business while working no more than 25 hours a week, I help establish an online course or membership creators and online coaches inside of our accelerator coaching program. You get one on one coaching from me and also group coaching like you experienced today, and then also a mastermind experience with the other amazing members of the program. I keep it small and I’d love to invite you to apply its application only. Go to Rick Mull. Ready Forward slash Accelerator a link that up in the show notes for today’s episode over at Rick Morty dot com. Thank you my friend as always for listening to today’s episode appreciate you And so until next time be well and I’ll chat with you soon. 

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