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#75: How to Determine the Real Value of a Lead

February 15, 2016

On today’s episode of the Art of Paid Traffic, we continue our mini-series on metrics and measuring your paid traffic as today, Charlie Vallely and Keith Perhac from SegMetrics join me to talk about understanding the value of a lead and using your metrics to really dial in on determining how much should you spend on your paid ads.

Now as you’ll hear during the show, the metrics platform they’ve created works with Infusionsoft but if you’re not an Infusionsoft user, not to worry, it’s totally fine. You’re still going to get a ton out of this discussion.

Also, I went to Traffic & Conversion Summit here in San Diego last week which is Digital Marketer’s annual conference. And, I picked up some resources that I wanted to share with you.

These aren’t necessarily related to our current discussion around metrics and measuring your paid ad performance, but it’s timely so I wanted to share these with you today.

  • First, if you’re looking for help with creating ad images, check out Design Pickle. It’s a graphic design company where you pay one flat monthly fee and you get unlimited graphics created. It’s not for everyone because it’s pricey, $370 per month, but if you’re creating a lot of graphics each month this might be a resource.
  • Next is towerdata.com. This tool allows you to upload your email list and it will give you a bunch of demographic data about the people on your list. Having this kind of info would be great for any kind of marketing you’re doing, especially setting up your targeting for your paid ads.
  • There was also a great session on customer retention and churn and how to indoctrinate new customers into your business. This was my favorite session of the conference and I’m going to be sharing my notes here on the site soon.
  • Similarweb.com is another resource. Similar web is kind of like alexa.com where it gives you a big demographic breakdown of any website you enter into the tool but it also gives you other websites that are similar to the site you’re searching about. I like this tool way better than Alexa.
  • And then finally Transposh — this is WordPress plugin that translates into different languages.  If you’re looking to reach markets outside the English-speaking countries, this is a plug-in you’ll want to check out.

Also, I’m not an affiliate for any of these resources, I just thought they were interesting enough to share with you.

Alright, if you haven’t already, be sure to dive into today’s episode with Charlie Vallely and Keith Perhac as we talk about understanding the value of a lead and using your metrics to really dial in on determining how much should you spend on your paid ads.

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